Panasonic ER430K Vs ER GN30 K Ear & Nose Hair Trimmer

Hair is essential for the head but some other places sometimes good and sometimes not good like for nose hair if it comes out our nose. That’s why we need to trim it but normal hair clippers and trimmers are not suitable for that trim. Moreover, we need the trimmer that is specially made for nose hair trimming.

If you need a versatile hair trimmer that will serve the multipurpose actions like- ear, eyebrow, and nose hair trimmer, so Panasonic ER-GN30-K is perfect for you. Moreover, you can pull out your mustaches and beards with this versatile trimmer.


What Contain into The ER-GN30-K Box?

The box contains the following devices:

  • 1 Panasonic ER-GN30-K nose and ear hair trimmer
  • Vortex Cleaning System
  • 1 Protective Cap
  • 1 Cleaning Brush

What Contain into The ER430-K Box?

  • 1 Panasonic ER430K nose and ear hair trimmer
  • Smart Vacuum Cleaning System
  • A Travel Pouch
  • 1 Cleaning Brush

Panasonic ER-GN30-K vs Panasonic ER430K

Serial No


Panasonic ER GN30 K

Panasonic ER430K


Battery Performance




Vacuum System



Blade Type

Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel


Dual Edge Blades












Cleaning Unit




Power Source

1 AA Battery

1 AA Battery

Panasonic ER430K vs ER-GN30-K According To Its Features

Our expert reviewed team try to jointly describe the following features that ensure the performance of these 2 Panasonic Nose Hair Trimmer reviews.

Wet/Dry Shave Convenience

Yes, the good news is that the Panasonic ER GN30K offers you both wet and dry shaving convenience. As a result, you can trim your nose hair if necessary in the busy period dry option.

The Panasonic ER GN30K and the Panasonic ER 430K support this Wet/Dry option.

100% Washable

The extraordinary and multi-dimensional ER430K and ER-GN30-Kear and nose hair trimmer are completely washable under water.

Cordless Battery Operation

These 2 trimmers are operated by 1 AA Alkaline battery and can run 90-minutes of cordless use. If there no battery in your trimmer box you have to buy it.

Precision Trimmer

The awesome trimmer cuts your nostrils area such a way without skin irritation. The curved hypo-allergenic stainless steel blade makes it easy and you get the highest trimming experience!

Panasonic Er430k and Panasonic Er-Gn30-K Ear & Nose Hair Trimmer maintain this clean and precision trimming.

Blade Types

The blade types of these two special ear, eyebrow, and nose hair trimmer are stainless steel.

Cleaning Unit

There is no cleaning unit in Panasonic ER GN30 K and you can find it in Panasonic ER 430 K


  • Wet & Dry Accessibility
  • More Battery Life
  • Cordless Use
  • High-Quality Blade


  • No cleaning system in ER GN30 K

Social Proof

The Panasonic nose and ear trimmer GN30-K is socially well-accepted proof nose hair trimmer. In addition, if you see the customer reviews that are more than 13000 that are incredible.

So, the popularity of the Panasonic GN30-K increases day by day.

On the other hand, the Panasonic ER430K also a one of the best nose hair trimmer in the market and it is as like GN30-K. The customer reviews of this ear and nose hair trimmer more than 5000 that’s enough to prove its quality and overall performance.

Final Words About Panasonic ER430K vs ER-GN30

In general, these 2 multi-purpose ear and nose hair trimmers have enough positive reviews with good star ratings. Also, people like both trimmers because of some brilliant features that really proof them the best one according to the market research.

In this ER430k vs ER-GN30-K nose hair trimmer, we suggest you buy the Panasonic Nose and Ear Hair Trimmer ER430K because it has all the features of ER GN30K. Moreover, the ER430K has another feature that is a Vacuum System. Other than both of them are a great product to its customers.

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