How To Use Coconut Oil For Beard Growth & Its Benefits

Those have beard and they love it must know about how to use coconut oil for beard growth.

In the present day, the demand of coconut oil increase day by day. Moreover, people like the natural foods for their better health as well as hair therapy. 

This coconut oil really works well for beard growth with proper vitamin.


Tools and Materials Required

  • Coconut oil
  • Brush
  • Mirror
  • Comb
  • Towel
  • Mild soap
  • Essential oils

Step By Step Procedure

This is how to use coconut oil for beard growth:

Step I: Clean Your Hands

Obviously, you have to prepare for the application of the coconut oil as a first step towards using the coconut oil for beard growth. Clean your hands to remove any stains and dirt which may have accumulated and settled there. After cleaning your hands, dry them clean using a piece of towel.

Do the same to your beards. Clean your beards using warm water and mild soap. Rinse using very clean water. After you are through, wipe off the beard using some clean towel to rid it of any extra moisture. You might also have to comb the beard to make the strands straight for the sake of easy absorption of the oil.

Step II: Melt the Coconut Oil

For the sake of easy spreading and faster absorption, you will have to melt the coconut oil. You might achieve this through a variety of ways and means. You might rub it in between your hands. The heat that is so generated shall melt the oil and make it more fluid.

Alternatively, you might also place the container out in the sun to have it melt using the heat of the sun. Lastly, of course, you may also hold the container which holds the oil atop a stove and let the heat melt the oil. If you opt for these two approaches, take care that the coconut oil is not excessively hot.

Step III: Apply The Oil

You now have to apply the coconut oil on your beard. Pour some oil on the palms of your hands. Rub thoroughly to spread it out evenly on your hands. Apply the oil on your beards. You are advised to start out with the tips of your beards. Leave the oils to settle for some time before proceeding.


While at this stage, be mindful of the thickness of the hair strands. Those areas that are too thick will definitely want more of the oil and vice versa. You will have to pour in more oil at such places. Work the roots of the hair and the skin as well.

Step IV: Massage The Oil

Now massage the oil for a couple of minutes to be certain that the entire beard is impacted. Use the palm of your hands to accomplish this task. Rub thoroughly to see to it that the entire skin is reached and taken care of. You might yet again have to add some more oil at this stage.

After the first round of massage, you are advised to leave the skin untouched for quite some time to see to it that the facial hair receives adequate nourishment and hydration. This should take around five minutes, give or take. Thereafter, massage the beard to allow for proper impacts.

Step V: Condition The Hair

Though not a must, you might also want to condition your beards. This procedure is necessary though as it makes your beards easier to comb and handle later. It does so by minimizing friction and making each strand of hair stand apart from one another.

You need not necessarily buy and use a separate conditioner for the job. You may as well use this same coconut oil as the conditioner. Massage some modest amount of it onto your beard. Thereafter, comb it thoroughly using a comb or a beard brush.

Step VI: Smooth Your Skin

After you have already handled your beards well, you might now want to take care of your skin. This requires the application of a couple of relevant essential oils. Top examples of these include the almond, jojoba, coconut oils, or peppermint oils. Simply pour some on your palms and rub thoroughly on your skin. These essential oils smooth the skin, unclog the hair follicles, prevent dryness, and itchiness.

Step VII: Treat Some Beard Issues

In case of your beard issues, it is also necessary to tackle them at this stage. The unrefined virgin oil is your best bet for this role. Apply them using the very same steps and procedures outlined above. Pour a little of the oil on your skin and then rub gently to spread out.

After doing this, apply the oil on the beard and then massage thoroughly. Leave the oil to settle for quite some time to let the oil have the maximum impact on your beard and skin. It is also at this stage that you may have to style your beard if you have to.

Step VIII: Put The Final Touches In Place

After you are entirely through with the processes mentioned and outlined above, you should lay the final touches. Comb and brush the beard consistently using the most suitable brush for the job. This shall pull out the dry and brittle hair while at the same time leaving behind healthy hair.

Final Words About How To Use Beard Oil

Finally, we can say that oil is very necessary for grow hair and you must use coconut for the better performance and longer outcome. 

Coconut oil works same as for the acne of human face

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