How To Use Gillette Styler Trimmer | Step By Step Guide

Sometimes trimming beards in and of itself is not enough. You want to go ahead and generate some styles. That is when you need a styler. Of all the gadgets of these kinds in existence, the Gillette Styler stands out.

Our discussions hereunder revolve around the use and applicability of this styler trimmer. Stay on till the end of the discussions to know how to utilize this wonderful piece of hair care product.


Step By Step Guide of How To Use Gillette Styler Trimmer

Step I: Shower Or Wash The Hair You Want To Style

Start off by showering or washing the hair you intend to style. It is no secret that wet hairs respond well to the shaving blades of the machines. They are also agile enough to allow for easy manipulation and subsequent handling.

For quick shaves, soak the hair in some water for quite some time. This will weaken the coarse strands and allow for great agility of the hair altogether. Though not necessary, you might also consider using some shaving foam at this stage.

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Step II: Brush out Your Beard

After washing your beards, you now have to brush them. The aim of this brushing is to detangle any knots which might have formed on the hair. In the process, it allows the blades of the shaver to glide smoothly and do a better job conveniently.

Use some plastic brush which has straight blades. They are the ones that are more likely to yield the required great outcomes. Insist on brushing along the grains to allow the strands of hair to stand up straight and as long as possible.

Step III: Acquire an All-Purpose Gillette Styler®

Even though you are free to use any Gillette styler, the All Purpose Gillette Styler® has been noted to generate the best outcomes imaginably. They do deliver trims that are even and consistent. That is mainly because they do possess some three guide combs.

To achieve the best trimming outcomes using this styler, pull your skin tight. Thereafter, trim the hair in a manner that is sweeping and in the direction that is further away from your face. It is this way that the strands will come out straight and fully stretched out.

Step IV: Set The Parameters

It may not normally be possible to undo any bad trimming. That is why you have to get everything right during the trimming process. To guarantee this, start out by setting the requisite parameters beforehand. Your guide comb should be longer to enable this.

As a general rule, your beards should be shorter at your cheeks and your neck. At the same time, the hair at your chin should generally be longer to leave behind some fade. Lastly, the hair should be of uniform length to guarantee some great appearances.

Step V: Brush Your Mustache

Once you are through with your trimming exercise, you are advised to brush your mustache. This should be in a downward direction. Proceed to get rid of the guide comb in order that you may buzz your hair. This should let is extend over your lips.

Use some soft brush with bristles that can pierce and run through each strand of hair. This way, you will obtain some outcomes that are consistent and great at the same time. Always insist on brushing along the grains of your hair.

Step VI: Make Some Final Touches

Even though this procedure is not mandatory, you are also advised to make some final touches. Use some pair of scissors to confront any stragglers if and when they indeed do exist. While at it, be mindful of the need to maintain some consistency.

See to it that you maintain the final lengths of the hair at the same heights as the remaining stands. This is to prevent some ghastly appearances in the process. Needless to say, you have to use a mirror to be able to attain this fair degree of accuracy.

Step VII: Apply Some Beard Oil

After you have styled your beard as need be, you have to apply some beard oil. This is necessary to maintain your beards in some soft and healthy manner possible. Do prioritize the lightweight oils as they are great at maintaining high moisture levels in your beard.

At the same time, they also make some contribution to taming unruly mustaches and beards. Be thorough in your applications. Apply sufficient amounts of the beard oil on the beard for maximum impacts.

Final Thought About Gillette Styler Trimmer

It is necessary that you adhere to all the laid down pieces of instructions that are contained in the manufacturer’s manual of your styler. This is to prevent any unnecessary hassles and guarantee great outcomes. You also want to maintain your styler in the best shape and form all the time.

Adhering to the instructions will guarantee this. Practicing every now and then will endow you with the expertise needed for best results.

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