How To Dye Men’s Hair At Home in Easy Steps?

Are you wants to be a smart? You need a new look with different styles.

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But the question how to dye hair men and the easy techniques we discuss here.


Tools and Materials Required

  • 30% volume developer
  • Powdered bleach
  • Application brush
  • Purple shampoo
  • Gloves
  • Mixing bowl
  • Spatula

Step By Step Procedure

Follow the procedures below on how to dye your hair with professional products:

Step I: Prepare The Various Ingredients

Definitely, you have to start out with the preparation of the various ingredients. Before commencing on this exercise, you have to gather all the ingredients and the tools you will need. After that, you will have to put on a pair of gloves. Then, follow the procedures outlined below:

  • Pour some water in a bowl
  • Mix all the ingredients stated above
  • Stir thoroughly using a spatula until smooth and consistent texture is generated
  • Leave the ingredients undisturbed for some time
  • You are now good to go!

PS: The exact procedure may vary from one dye to another. You have to read through the instructions contained on the label of the dye before doing this. You will also have to rely heavily on the mixing hair color chart for proper outcomes.

Step II: Put On Some Protective Gears

After you have mixed the dye, you now have to prepare your body for the eventual process of applying it on your hair. Put on an apron atop your shirt. In case you do not have it, you may also put on an old t-shirt or dirty clothes which are awaiting laundry.

This is necessary to catch the spills of the bleaches. These, when left unhandled, may often spoil your decent clothes and even inflict some permanent bleachers. Take particular care of the neck region as this is the most vulnerable of the entire body.

Step III: Apply The Dye On Your Hair

This is the crux of the dying process. Apply the dye on your hair. Start out at the tips of the hair down to the roots. See to it that you miss not out of any sections. Vary the amount accordingly depending on the thickness of the hair. Thicker hair requires more of the dye while thinner hair, less of it.

While so doing, check out for any breakages or issues which might require special attention. Multiple bleaching may be needful if the hair is thicker or require some special attention. Leave the hair untouched for some two hours or so. This is to let the dye sink deeper into each strand and fiber of the hair.

Step IV: Shampoo The Hair

After the expiration of the two-hour timeframe, you now have to shampoo the hair. This procedure is needful as it rids your hair of all the bleach. Leaving the bleach on the hair might damage your scalp, break the hair, and also soil your garments and pillows.

Pour some generous amounts of the shampoo on the palm of your hands. Rub the shampoo onto your palms to spread them. Then, apply the shampoo on your hair. Rub thoroughly to impact every length and breadth of the hair. Wash using some clean water to rid the hair of all the shampoo. Dry your hair using some clean towel to rid it of the last trace of shampoo.

Step V: Tone The Hair

You would definitely want your hair to look shinier and healthier. The toner shall come in handy at such a time. Mix your favorite tone with the developer. Apply it to the entire head and strand of the hair. Rub thoroughly to ensure that every strand is impacted for maximum outcomes.

To see to it that you obtain the outcomes that are desirable, comb your hair thoroughly. Thereafter, apply more of the toner and then brush again. Look at the mirror as you do this to ensure that only the best outcomes are achievable at any given time.

Step VI: Deal With Any Issues

Perhaps there is no better time to deal with other issues which your hair or face might be confronting. In particular, look out for any hair breakages, skin issues, pimples, and other problems which might require your intervention at this stage.

The exact course of action to take depends exactly on the issue which you will have identified. If it is a skin breakage, handle it as per the problem at hand. If the hair is broken, you might repair it by bringing in an expert and so on.

Step VII: Style The Hair

Lastly, you have to style your hair accordingly. This is especially essential if you are a lover of styles or a woman worth her salt. The choice of the style is largely left to your discretion. This is to mean that it is you to determine which kind of style you desire.

Needless to say, the choice of the style determines the procedure you have to follow to actualize it. You, therefore, have to find out the procedures applicable to your unique circumstance and then adhere to it fully.

Generally speaking though, you will usually require a mirror, a comb, and a brush. The exercise is also meticulous. As such, you will have to put in much attention and focus to be able to come up with the right outcomes.

Final Thought About How to Dye Men’s Hair

After reading the article I think you already known the process of How To Dye Hair Men. Though the steps are fully applicable for the men but a little bit is applicable for the women. They have long hair and it may be plain or curly and it must take some other styles with colors. 

If you’ve need any hair dryer so check the contents that will help you.

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