oster fast feed vs andis master

Oster Fast Feed Vs Andis Master: What You Need To Know?

Those activities need a man regularly for smart appearance; regular shaving is the first of them. Nevertheless, right now you pass the tight busy time, so you must do the shaving activities easy and quick to be able never to slow down the daily routine.  The best way gets shorter and tighter the time having a shave is by using the electric shaver. But for best hair clippers here you get a complete idea about Oster fast feed vs Andis master.

In fact, all the loving matter of these two clippers increases its popularity at home users as well as barbers as well.

Here we try to briefly describe what things make these 2 extra-ordinary hair clippers differ from each other. This post is not enough about these two clippers. So, you must go Oster Fast Feed vs Andis Master reviews and also check for gather more knowledge about the best hair clippers.


Quick Comparison of Oster vs Andis 

Price Value

The price of Oster hair clippers is near about sixty dollars and the price of Andis master is near about hundred dollars. But Oster is suitable for budget-friendly and Andis is perfect for barbers and professionals.


Maintenance comes first for long lasting of any device. So, this is equally true for hair clipper maintenance of Oster beard trimmer and also Andis Master Hair clipper. All types of maintenance should be required for these two extraordinary hair clipper and trimmer. No neglency permit for the best performance comes from it.

Here is an excellent video for you that describes the total difference with these two extra-ordinary and best professional hair clippers easy way.

Body and Design

The body of the Andis Master made of aluminum. The heavy body provides a great cutting experience.  Applying this clipper, you will make dry cutting simple and relaxed. The uses of these hair clippers are very easy and offer good results in a hurry.

On the other hand, the body of the Oster Fast Feed Adjustable Pivot Motor hair clipper is not so lucrative but a powerful pivot motor work with it.

Blades and Motor

It is lightweight and the price in the mid-range that is near about $60. Moreover, the design is very sleek and the blades are adjustable. The ultra-durable blades offer you a long lasting guarantee. The stainless steel blades of Oster fast feed are marvelous. Here, you should bear in mind that the adjustable blade size of this clipper is 000-1.  Really, the blade is perfect for any types of hair. So, this blade gives you not only the smooth and smart looks but also known as a great money saver tools.

On the other hand, the motor of this hair clipper is pivot that is Whisper Quite mainly known for its powerful hair cutting. This is the main reason for people to like this hair clipper. The power cord that comes with it is 8 feet.

The blades of Andis Master blades are carboncoated steel that provide an extra hair cutting people generally expect. Though the blades are well equipped it should be oiled before and after each and every cut. This is generally as unbreakable. The lightweight design of it is another good choice option.

Final Thought about Oster Fast Feed vs Andis Master

The above two clippers both are familiar with its design, performance and work activities. Between these two the Oster is much better for one’s budget and also excellent if you’re searching for a simple to operate and easily maintain the clipper.


Alternatively, The Master is actually an out-and-out barber tool because of its powerful motor that provides extra haircutting and durability.

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