How To Use Panasonic Wet Dry Shaver

The Panasonic wet/dry shaver, by its sheer nature, scope and construction, may be used to get rid of hair both while wet or dry. We are therefore going to break down the procedures and discuss them one at a time.

Below the process about how to use Panasonic wet dry shaver that you need to know.


How To Use Panasonic Wet Dry Shaver

A. Wet Shaving

Wet shaving basically means getting rid of the hair while they are damp and the skin is similarly wet. The shavers have to be pretty resistant to corrosion to prevent them from developing wrinkles, pimples, and other ugly marks. Below are the steps to follow:

Step I: Cut Your Hairs Shorter

Start off by trimming your hairs shorter. Use some pair of scissors to do this job. The aim of this procedure is to prevent your hair from jamming the blades of your shaver. Be sure to trim them as short as you possibly can.

Step II: Soak Your Hair or the Portion to Be Shaved

Next, move on to soak your hair or the portion of your skin to be shaved. Simply dip it into a bowl of water for some time. Alternatively, you might sprinkle some water there and let the water stay in for several minutes.

This one softens the hair. Though not a must, you might also condition and shampoo the hair. This is advisable if the hair is coarser or denser in thickness.

Step III: Apply Some Shaving Foam

As part of preparing for shaving, you have to apply some shaving foam on the hair. Squeeze some dollop of the shaving foam on your hands. Thereafter, work it into some lather by rubbing against your hands.

Step IV: Allow For Some Time to Settle

After applying the foam on the area you intend to shave, you have to leave it intact to let it settle. This is to allow the foam to yield the highest levels of impacts possible. You want to make your shaving a breeze.

Step V: Shave the Area

You have now come to the most crucial component of the entire process. It is at this stage that you shave the area of your body you are interested in. The exact approach you will use will depend on the exact portion of the body. Below are some recommended steps:

  • Shave the legs in some long strokes and against the grain
  • As for your face, use some long up-and-down strokes. While at it, conform as nearly to the contours of your face as possible.
  • For the armpits, use the side-to-side strokes to shave in short up-and-down steps.
  • The pubic areas are impacted in upward strokes for best results.

NB: At all times, hold the shaver at angles of 45° for best outcomes. Do not forget rinsing the blades of the shavers from time to time during the shaving process. You might have to immerse them completely in water to rid it of all the dirt.

Step VI: Rinse, Dry and Pack the Shaver

After you are completely through with shaving, rinse your shaver, dry it and then pat it to rid it of any debris. Thereafter pack it and return it to the charger for future use.

B. Dry Shaving

Dry shaving is the elimination of unwanted body hair when the skin and the hair are both dry. It is mostly useful in events or circumstances in which there are water shortages. Given that the hairs are shaved dry, this technique is most suited for the extremely coarse or short yet stubble hairs. It is also great for frequent and repeated shaving.

Step I: Dust the Area to Be Shaved

Dust the area of your skin to shave. Use some shaving foam or baby powder to cover the area prior to the dusting process. These two items soothe the skin and also ensure the smooth gliding of the shaver’s blade across the skin.

Let’s a video for you- how to use Panasonic wet dry shaver. 

Step II: Shave the Area

You have now come to the crux of the entire exercise. You have to shave the area to be impacted. The specific approach you use depends mostly on the exact portion of your skin to be impacted. Below are the steps to follow:

  • Shave your legs in some long strokes and typically against the grain
  • Use some long up-and-down strokes to shave your face. Be certain to follow your face’s unique contours for finer outcomes.
  • As for the armpits, do some side-to-side strokes which ideally should alternate with some short up-and-down strokes.
  • Upward strokes are best for the public areas

PS: At all times, hold the shaver at some 45° angle.

Step III: Clean the Shaver When Done

When you’re completely done with shaver your shaving, clean it completely. Brush it to eliminate all chaff and dirt. Thereafter, use some clean towel to wipe off excess hair from its blades. Return it to its packaging for future use.

Step IV: Eliminate the leftover baby powder

After you have concluded the shaving exercise, eliminate the leftover baby powder or the shaving foam. Use some towel. While at it, refrain from rubbing the skin too much. You do not want to irritate your newly shaved skin. Conclude the exercise by applying an after-shave to your skin.

What is The Best Panasonic Shaver?

You can choose Panasonic Arc5 Electric Razor ES-LV65-S or the later version for getting your desire look.

Moreover, you can check Braun or Philips electric shaver to serve your demand.

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