Braun vs Philips Shaver: Which One Should You Buy?

I think you are searching a best shaver for you not a brand. But it must be consider when you buy an especial shaver for special purpose. Here I have get a chance to introduce about the design, performance and style of the 2 renowned brand shavers Braun and Philips. Now, the topic comes in braun vs philips shaver: which one is the best and which one should buy?


Short Description about Braun Series

The Braun is the best foil shaver company that produces smart products for hair removing and caring since 1921. Mainly the shavers are two types- one is foil and another is rotary. From the view of the brand and cutting technology you can buy Braun one without any hesitation.

Also, noted that Braun design 100% waterproof razor up to last 8 years and make the blades with titanium coating. The Braun brand offers you series 9, series 7, series 5 and series 3.

Now the question, what series is adjustable for you and what series you have to buy.

Well, here I briefly describe about all of series of Braun brand.

New Technology of Series 9

This is the latest one that comes with latest technology with a lot of features. The efficiency of this hair shaver is extremely good with high performance. The main features are:


The autosense technology of Braun series 9 is very innovative and synchronized system of it can read your beards as well as the power motor of this shaver automatically adjust with the thickness of beards.

SyncroSonic Technology

It works automatically where to force less power or where to effort. The SyncroSonic Technology of Braun’s will provide you with to forty thousand cross-cutting activities per minute.

Opti Foil

If provide you perfect cutting with long lasting of the product.

The most recent and good performance of Braun are listed below depending on their design and features.

  1. Braun Series 9 9295cc: This Braun 9 is basically suitable for men’s hair shaving and the type of this shaver is electric foil. The precision trimmer comes with Pop Up options and it is fully use at wet and dry opportunity. You get with it cleaning tools with charge station plus travel case.

Design, Performance and Features of Braun Series 9 9295cc

The Bruan series 9 accompanies a MultiHeadLock that is totally versatile with electric razor head inside 5 positions to acquire a substantially more correct shave to you. This is especially gainful for you at whatever point expelling hair testing to various zones simply like underneath the jawline and additionally beneath the nose or year.

Grip for Secure Taking Care Of

The rubber treated, finished hold zone includes Braun’s mark speck design. It guarantees sheltered and certain taking care of even in wet conditions.

100% Waterproof

The Braun products are basically comes in the market with German technology and for your kind information all Braun shavers are waterproof.  So after each and every use you can clean it under water for better performance in the next shave and for a good maintenance of it.

Shave Wet or Dry

By using Series 9 you are able to having a shave dry or utilize water, froth or even gel for surprisingly better coasting along with a better skin tone and it is time to think yourself what’s the feeling now.

50min Cordless Shaving

The best in class Li-Ion battery hardly ever loses execution and completely revives in 60 minutes. The superior LED show tallies down the rest of the minutes of shave time.

LED Display

Now a day, the LED display is most important part of a product to show all information at a glance. This indicator shows you about the battery and hygiene status along with the indicator of travel lock.

Running/Charging Time

After a full charge of the Braun series (60 minutes), you can shaves up to 60 minutes. For any urgent moment when you need to shaves by taking only 5 minutes quick charge you can use it for a single shave.  

What’s in The Box of 9295cc?

Series 9 chrome Wet & Dry

Clean & Charge Station

Cleaning cartridge (1x)

Smart plug

Travel case

Cleaning brush

  1. Braun Series 9 9293s:This is another best shaver for Men and it is Electric Foil Shaver. This electric shaver also have the Wet and Dry option along with Pop Up Precision Trimmer. For your convenience, it comes with Charging Stand and for smooth travel there is a travel case for you.  The color of this electric shaver is Chrome.

What’s in The Box of 9293s?

1. Series 9 chrome Wet & Dry

2. Clean & Charge Station

3. Smart plug

4. Travel case

5. Cleaning Brush

  1. Braun Series 9 9290cc: The Braun Series 9 9290cc is one of the best Men’s Electric Foil Shaver along with Wet and Dry option. This shaver is offers for you a Pop Up Precision Trimmer and comes with Clean & Charge Station.  You can easily travel with its travel case and the color of this electric shaver is Silver.

What’s in the box?

1. Series 9 chrome Wet & Dry

2. Clean & Charge Station

3. Cleaning cartridge (1x)

4. Smart plug

5. Travel case

6. Cleaning brush

  1. Braun Series 9 9260s:You also like Braun Series 9 9260s Men’s Electric Foil Shaver. The Wet and Dry and Pop Up Precision Trimmer gives it ultra-look and it comes with a Charging Stand along with travel case. The color of this shaver is Silver.

Maintenance of The Shaver

It is a regular duty for you to long lasting of your shaver. For more information you are welcome to see the article about how to maintain hair clippers and trimmers.

Description About Philips Electric Shaver

Why people buy electric shaver?

The answer is that it offers you a close cutting and smooth shave within a short time. It is user friendly as well as positive for the skin.  For comfortable shave you have choose the Philips series 9000, for sensitive skin use the series 7000 and for classic along with effective shave use the series 5000. For your kind information, according to the series, series 9000 comes out with a new and latest technology. So, the price is higher than series 7000 and 5000.

If you like rotary shaver then Philips shavers are best for you.   Best electric hair clippers and trimmers able to give you a smart look that anyone desired.

Here I describe some latest series of Philips electric shavers.

  1. Philips Series 9000:This Philips series 9000 generally popular to the people for a comfortable shave.

The main features of this series are given below:

  • V-Track Precision Blade System
  • 8-direction Contour Detect heads
  • Personal comfort settings
  • Wet and dry option
  1. Philips Norelco 8900 [Review]This Philips Norelco 8900 hair clipper offers you desired look with the following options.
  • V-Track Precision Blade System
  • 100% Waterproof
  • 30% closer shave
  • 8-direction technology
  • Wet and dry option
  1. Philips Norelco Hair Clipper 7100 [Review]The main features for love are given here.
  • Lithium Ion cordless power
  • Self-sharpening Blades
  • Dual cut technology
  • Fully washable

Braun vs Philips Shaver: Which is Best?

After reading the total article you have to understand that which one is best for you. Here you find 2 types of shavers that are unique for different shaves. 

For all kinds of products, whatever the shaver, the main goal deals on optimal output. So, do this at much easier, faster and smoother, no doubt you might go through the electric shavers. If your choice is rotary, Philips electric shaver is the best. And on the other hand, the Braun shaver is best both for foil or rotary.  

Final Verdict 

In final words, the most important news for you is that the shavers are of rotary or foil type.  Both of the 2 shavers are demanding with its best features and technology. 

For the instances, you can buy any of them according to your choices and personalities. Also, it can depend on your budget i.e. the most recent brand generally demands more price as well. 

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