Conair Vs Revlon Hair Dryer

To enable you to make the most appropriate purchasing decision, you have to know just how two of the major brands compare. In this section, we are going to compare and contrast the Conair vs Revlon hair dryer brands for your consideration.

We are going to look at how they measure up in terms of the various parameters which define a good hair dryer. This we hope shall grant you the head start you badly require to be able to do a good and informed purchasing decision.

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Comparison Between The Conair and Revlon Brands

Below our expert team produce a lot of features that may help you to understand the comparison between these two hair dryer machines. 

Heating Technology

This refers to the mechanism by which they generate the required heat energy. The Conair exudes heat in the form of the Ceramic Technology. This gives off uniform heat which in turn allow for faster drying outcomes. At the same time, it poses limited damage to your hair.

The Revlon brand, however, makes use of Infrared Heating Technology. This technology produces too much heat which similarly delivers great outcomes. The hair appears shinier and greater to behold. However, the heat output is so hot as to inflict dryness on your hair.


The Conair brand is for the experienced and more endowed users. That is because it is only intended for those professional applications regardless of where exactly you might want to utilize them. You want to stay away from it if you lack the necessary skill.

As for the Revlon brands, their use and applications require no expertise at all. That is because they are intended for the starters who might never even possess any prior experience. You just have to refer to the manual if you are uncertain of your way forward.


As has already been hinted, the Conair brand of hair dryers is mainly suited for professional applications. This is regardless of where exactly you might prefer utilizing them. They are hence great for use in the salon environment as that is where those professional outcomes are necessary.

If all you want is to undertake the simple day-to-day applications, you have the Revlon brands for your use. Being simple and straightforward, it will certainly do you some good in the process of so doing. You also won’t have to possess too much skill.


Versatility is the sum total tasks and chores that these dyers can perform. All factors considered, the Conair brand of hair dryers is more versatile than the Revlon counterpart. This is evidenced by the number of attachments they can pair and communicate with.

It hence follows that your purchase of this brand will guarantee you some unconstrained convenience not to mention higher value for money. What’s more? It is also possible for you to handle all of your hair-related needs at a time.

Energy Rating

By being able to discharge a whopping 1875W of electrical power output, the Conair brand is the more powerful of the two appliances. However, their energy consumption is above average. This translates to higher utility bills on your part.

The Revlon brand consumes limited energy but at the same time yields low power output. You should hence strike a balance between these two parameters as you look for your dryer of choice. The thickness of your hair matters most.

Control Settings

To be able to handle these appliances accordingly, you will have to engage some controls here and there. These controls vary in sophistication and also call for different levels of expertise to engage. By all accounts, the Conair brand of appliances is the more complicated of the two.

This brand has 3-heat, 2-speed settings, true cold shot button, and Rocker switches toggle. The Revlon brand, on the other hand, possesses the 2-heat, 2-speed settings, and the cool shot button only.

Drying Times

With the Conair brands, your drying times stands to be a whopping 50% faster. That is explainable due to the high heat output which takes shorter to bring about the desired outcomes. You will not have to wait for too long to enjoy the accompanying benefit.

Given the longer drying time of the Revlon brand, be prepared to stay on for quite some time. This is not so great because the longer you stay, the more exposure shall there be between your hair and the heating element of the dryer.

Final Thought About Conair vs Revlon Hair Dryer

When the two brands are objectively evaluated, the Conair clearly stands out as the better of the two. It may be expensive and complicated, granted. However, the outcomes are indeed very great. If I were the one searching for the right appliance, I would definitely give it a topmost priority.

Having done a good job in letting you know about the differences between these two appliances, we leave it up to you to now purchase your most desirable one. Drag not your feet because the longer you wait the more you will delay accruing the benefits they bring along.

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