Best Vintage Straight Razor Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

Are you a man that is truly worth his salt? Would you rather that your hairs and faces are shiny completely? If you nodded to these questions, you badly need a vintage straight razor for the job. This is a special kind of razor that is sharper.

It is also well suited for eliminating all unwanted hair from off the chin and head. Finding the most suitable one for the job is undoubtedly the most significant step towards enjoying what they potentially bring along. We devote the entire length and breadth of this article to just that.

You can check this one- Zertone Straight Razor Natural Wood Scale.


At the moment, the following five are the best straight razors that money can buy at the moment:

1. DOVO Inox Straight Razor

Dovo is largely known for expediting the wet shaving experiences. That is also because it doubles up as a manufacturer of wet shavers worldwide. Its making entails the use of 80 unique steps and procedures.

2. Feather SS Japanese Straight Razor

This razor is mainly famed for heat resistance. Other than that, it can also generate styles and other vital functionalities pretty easily. It is generally recommended for professional barber.

3. Parker SRW Stainless Steel Straight Edge Barber Razor

Searching for a razor to use repeatedly for an extended duration of time? Choose this one that bears stainless steel makeup. It is similarly stronger and better placed to take you further than usual.

4. Feather DX Folding Wood Handle Razor

For your own long-term use, you want a razor that is highly resistant to many of the common damages and agents of deterioration. Look to no other than this one as it fits the bill perfectly.

5. Classic Samurai CS-102 Stainless Steel Professional Straight Edge Razor

Worry too much about your own safety? Why not pick and use a razor that is similarly optimized for matters of safety like this one? It indeed does contain all the trappings you need to enhance and uphold your own safety.

Let's a video for beginners buyers guide of straight razors.



This is a brand that is mainly intended for the professional user. It is richer in quality, stronger and longer-lasting. Its distinctive 100 premium derby blades clearly separate it from the rest of the blades.


Also meant for professional applications, Equinox too is tougher and more durable. Due to its extremely high-quality blades, it does come about at a cost that is on the whole pretty high and somewhat unbearable.


If all you are looking for are long-lasting blades, the Parker is the one to pick and use. Its blades are heavy duty and are subsequently longer lasting. This is besides the weight of 2.3 ounces only.


As its name implies, this line of razors is lighter and easier to handle around. As such, it is appropriately suited for the light and common everyday tasks like keeping your chin shorter and to the skin.


Could it be that your hairs are stronger and stiffer? Well, we invite you to this one that is slightly stiffer and sharper than your average razor. The brand has consistently performed well insofar as the mitigation of rougher hairs are concerned.


Do you run a barbershop? If you nodded to the above question, we advise against using any other razor taken randomly. Instead, choose this super strong and highly specialized alternative.


Follow the procedures below to disinfect the straight razor:

  • Wipe the blades of the razor with a clean cloth
  • Soak the blade in glycerin or vinegar
  • Alternatively, immerse the blades in hot water and leave for some time
  • Pour some alcohol on a fresh clean cloth
  • Wipe the blade to sterilize it and get rid of all germs
  • Place out in the open to dry completely



Many manufacturers are engaged in the production of these razors. They use different techniques and produce products that similarly vary in scope and vitality. You want the best for yourself, don’t you? That is why we emphasize you prioritizing the most reliable best vintage straight razor brands.


To shave your hairs, these razors rely on blades. A good one has to possess very sharp blades that are similarly stiff and resilient to all forms of damages. As a golden rule, the blades must also be highly resistant to rust, corrosion, and other forms of premature damages that potentially arise.


Scales are the mechanisms by which the blades of a razor are protected from external interferences and harms. They form a protective barrier that encapsulates the blades to make this possible. Your razor of choice must have a foolproof scale to be able to prevent any unnecessary damages.

Post Purchase

For your own maximum peace of mind, it is important that the razor you settle on be backed by reliable and comprehensive post-purchase regimes. These include a warranty, after-sale services, and a generous return policy. Check out the product details to find out how.

Cleanliness and Maintenance

In between any two incidences of use, you will generally have to clean and maintain them. These procedures, however, ought not to be strenuous. It is hence incumbent upon you to narrow your search to that razor that is simpler in scope. Chances are high that it will similarly be easier to care for and maintain.


Like their brands above, these razors also come in varying shades and sizes. It is imperative yet again to find that one whose size is well within your own sphere of influence or control. That can only happen if you ascertain the size of your chin before proceeding to settle on the right one.

Wet vs. Dry Shave

These razors are designed for use in varying circumstances. Some are strictly for dry environments yet others for wet. A few though are suitable for both the dry and the wet conditions. Make your choice wisely based on your own preferences. If you can get a multipurpose one, the better for you.


As a last consideration, you ought to factor the costs of the razors themselves. The best razor has to be friendly to your pocket. It has to be cheaper and well within your easier affordability. Take your time to compare the prices of the many razors that may be available for your consideration to achieve this.

For alternative use of razor now a days you can use the latest version of hair clippers and trimmers for smooth appearance. 

Product Reviews of Vintage Straight Razor in 2020

Below are the top vintage straight razors that money can buy at the moment:

1. Zertone Straight Razor Natural Wood Scale Handmade

Fancy nature and the elements thereof? This is the best old school straight razor to set your eyes on. It is wholly made of wood and is hence emblematic of everything to do with nature. That notwithstanding, the razor is also sharp and powerful enough to guarantee smoother outcomes. Its stainless steel makeup is highly responsible for this.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Below you get the full idea from this Zertone Straight Razor reviews. 

Blade Pre-sharpened Manually

Unlike the many alternatives that exist out there, this one is pre-sharpened manually. Its shaving mechanism is manufactured using the quality solid carbon steel material that stands tall to the various elements of weather and use. Then, its edge is tightened to minimize fidgeting and ensure the longevity of use.

Mahogany Wood Makeup

As we have already alluded to above, this razor is manufactured using wood. However, the wood used is not the ordinary one. Instead, it is the legendary Mahogany that is stronger and pretty resilient to the various forms and natures of damages. Its natural polish negates the use of paints and artificial coloring.

Hollow Design

Lastly, it does come about in a hollow design that makes it pretty conducive for easy drying after a spate of use. Thanks to this hollow design, the razor is also light enough to carry around as the need may so determine and dictate. You won’t have to hassle to have your way with it at all.


  • Hard enough to endure repeated spates and incidences of use
  • Its blade is pre-sharpened and comes ready for use
  • Imbues a nice touch feeling
  • Uniquely looking to add to your own aesthetics
  • Delivers excellent value for any amount paid for


  • Disparages nature due to the use of wood
  • Does not last truly long and reliably
  • May require frequent repairs and maintenance

2. Black Straight Razor Blade - Shave Ready Vintage Straight Razor

Cherish matters of the past? Use this antique wood as it is a stark reminder of the good old days when the wood once ruled the whole world. It is also sharper and well able to handle all of your hair cut and sharpening stunts with absolute levels of reliability.

This razor is the best gift for men as well as you give the hair trimmer

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Durable and Tactical

This razor is overall durable and tactical at the same time. On account of this, it is able to handle many of the strenuous chores and purposes well without having to be repaired and maintained all the while. With it, you will indeed be able to go far and last a fairly long duration.

Heavy-duty Straight Razor

Its structural and material makeups are both heavy duty. On accounts of these two, they are more resilient to the common agents of damages. They also see to it that you do not suffer the possibility of inflicting any dangers on your head or chin while shaving the same hair.

Perfect Gift

Apart from the bare minimum task of shaving off your beard, the razor can also play the secondary role of serving as a gift to the special someone you love. That stems from its elegance and breathtaking appearances. A travel case exists to expedite your own use of the same gadget.


  • Delivers an irresistible face
  • Manages professional outcomes when engaged
  • Comes with everything that you need to do a good job
  • Delivers truly close shaves on your chins and skins
  • Enjoys a lifetime warranty and backing


  • Be prepared to spend a lot to afford it
  • May not be easy to reverse once damages
  • Requires some spacious and special storage space

3: Kingsland Straight Razor 

Is your search for the right razor dictated mainly by professional applications or ends? You similarly have to lay your hands on a professional razor of this kind. It contains all the trappings that may be needful for commercial applications and uses. Choose it for your professional barbershops.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Carbon Steel Blade

At its core is the Carbon steel blade. As its designation implies, this blade is strong and pretty reliable. It can thus endure repeated incidences of use and applications. These blades are also highly resistant to corrosion. It also looks great to the eyes and is hence aesthetics in nature.

Hand Sharpened

Unlike many of the razors we have in place, this one is easily sharpened by the use of hands. You do not have to possess extensive expertise or machinery to do the job. For this reason, you will rest assured of effective outcomes whenever and wherever the need may require that you access the same.

Natural Wooden Scales

Some natural wooden scales also round up the list of the many goodies that the razor has to provide. They add some fervor to the entire structure and tone of the razor. Then again, they do not at all demand excessive spates of repairs and cleanliness as is the norm with many other razors.


  • Boasts of some of the finest blades
  • Comes at an affordable price
  • Comes with a case to store and protect the blades
  • Makes for a great gift for your peers
  • Hardly sustains any rust or damages


  • Only for the expert user
  • Takes time to master and comprehend
  • May disparage a simpler user

4. GOLD DOLLAR straight razor wooden scale vintage one

Do you want to enjoy the various shaving outcomes without necessarily making use of a stabilizer? This is the one we would ask that you pick and utilize for your job. It is also strong and stable enough to handle professional applications and outcomes. Count on it also to save your time and effort.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

No Stabilizer

As we have already stated, this razor does not require a stabilizer at all. Thus, it is cheaper and simpler to make good use of. On account of this, it also delivers the relevant outcomes at a pace that is faster and better than that of the many alternatives that exist at the moment.

Sharp Blades

Its blades are generally sharper than the many you might try around. Thanks to this sharpness, the razor will take far less time and effort to be able to yield the most desirable end results you might be looking for. Take care though that it does not in any way cut or incise your skin.

High Hardness Carbon Steel

It is on the whole manufactured using the high hardness Carbon steel material. This gives it some strength and vitality that is lacking in other kinds of razors. Also, it tends to act very reliably in prolonged periods of time. Have we also stated that it takes shorter to deliver the necessary ends?


  • Manages a comfortable weight balance
  • Gives off a comfortable feel for your hands
  • Enables a better shaving experience
  • Guarantees your maximum satisfaction and wellbeing
  • Stays sharper for longer


  • May not manage professional outcomes
  • Does fall short of many other vital parts and accessories
  • Requires many other co-operant tools to operate

5. SmoovGroom Professional Vintage Straight Edge Barber Razor

Want to enjoy salon-quality haircuts at the comfort of your own home? This is the razor we would recommend that you consider making good use of. It is not only sharper but also appropriately equipped to handle the most strenuous chore that can possibly come its way.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

100% Rust-resistant Stainless Steel

On the whole, the razor is manufactured using the stainless steel material that resists rust wholly. This material is also strong and tough enough to avoid bending or breaking apart a bit easier when engaged. With it at your fingertips, count on it to take you further for a longer time.

Premium Straight Razor

It boasts of only premium material construction and is hence longer lasting and reliable in equal stature. Thus, you will find it a truly convenient companion as it also delivers a comfortable grip and balanced weight. Have we also stated that it minimizes any vibrations that can possibly come along its path?

Fine-quality Natural Wood

A fine-quality natural wood material also adorns the structural makeup of the razor. Thanks to this use of material, the razor is also able to add to your beauty and overall elegance. Wood is also environmentally sound and is hence well able to spare you from the hardships that come along with repeated use.


  • Enjoys an exceptional money-back guarantee
  • Gives you the best shaves imaginable
  • Good enough for use at the barbershops
  • Impresses friends and family members alike
  • Withstands rust and other forms of deterioration with ease


  • Demands some expertise on your part
  • Slightly complicated to the average user
  • Care and maintenance are both strenuous


To be able to arrive at the most suitable razor, you have to factor some issues at your fingertips. These are:

Nature of Use

What kind of use do you plan to devote the razor to? Is it for home or professional salon use? It is important to match the use with the kind of razor to prevent any mishaps from arising unnecessarily. Then again you have to figure out your own expertise as they also vary significantly.

Desired Longevity of Applications

How long, on the whole, do you plan to use your razors? Is it for one-time use only or for a longer duration of time? Make your choice wisely to be able to reap the most desirable benefits that you may possibly derive from the razors on the whole.

Operational Expertise

As we have already hinted, these razors demand varying degrees of expertise to be able to operationalize. You have to pay some keen attention to your own area of expertise to guarantee complete mastering and engagement in times of use. Be honest and fair to prevent any over-assessments.

Material Construction

Finally, the materials that make the razor up also count. To be on the safe side, the material you have to set your eyes on has to be stronger and more resilient to the various agents and effects of damages. Stainless steel and carbon fiber are two of the most reliable materials.


1. Question: What are the best vintage straight razors?

Answer. Some of the best vintage razors are the Imperial, Waterville, Case and Wester Bros. They have been noted to do a good job not to mention lasting longer than most of their peers around.

2. Question: How often should you strop a straight razor?

Answer: Preferably after3 or 4 shaves. It is this frequency that will maintain the alignment straight and guarantee that you will shave your beard exceptionally reliably.

3. Question: How much does a good straight razor cost?

Answer. Generally, you should be prepared to part with $40 to $100 to be able to lay your hands on the most suitable one. You may spend less or more but the price range we have given is what your ordinary razor will generally fall in.

4. Question: How do I know if my straight razor is sharp enough?

A. Hold it with its cutting edge facing the upward direction. Attempt to cut your own hair with it and observe how it responds. If the hair doesn’t cut well, it could signify the bluntness of the razor.

5. Question: What angle do you sharpen a straight razor?

A. The preferred angles are 7-8° as this is the one that has been noted to yield sharper and more enduring outcomes. You have to be mindful of the circumstances of use as well as they also determine the angle.


Our long and laborious look into the best vintage straight razor comes to an end there. We now trust that you have the armory you need to make the right selection. Pay some keen attention to your own unique preferences as they also come in handy.

A good razor for the job has to be simple enough for you to operate. It also ought not to come at too great a cost as this might disparage you considerably. You may have to carry out some test runs to be able to narrow to the most appropriate choice for your liking.

6 Best Hair Cutting Shears for Professional Barbers

When it comes to best hair cutting shears, barbers know that there are some ones that are better than others. It's just like in any other business where you really do get the hair cutting tools with certain brands.

Also, the lines of professional shears that manufacturers design are completely different than what you can get in the mainstream. You cannot just walk into a drug store and expect to get the hair cutting shears that professionals would actually use. 

This article will explore everything about the hair cutting tools including how to find the best ones.

Comparison Table of Best Hair Cutting Shears

Product Name



Check Prize

Equinox Professional Shears

Japanese stainless steel

6.5 inches

Utopia Care Professional Barber Scissors

Japanese stainless steel

6.5 inches

Utopia Care Hair cutting Shears

100% stainless steel

6.5 inches

Kovira Hairdresser Scissors

Japanese stainless steel

6.5 inches

Barber’s Choice Shears

Japanese stainless steel

6.5 inches

HHR Professional Hair styling Scissors

Stainless steel

6.5 inches

What Are The Best Scissors?

The best professional hair cutting shears will be found in beauty stores. These professional-level stores are not just places that anyone can walk into. They usually require a hairstyling license or at least an apprentice card to purchase the hair cutting scissors types. This means that only professionals in the business get access to the best self hair cutting tools.

These scissors are sharp and require regular sharpening to keep the edges sharp. This is just like any other profession like skating or cooking. These scissors are usually made out of Japanese steel. The blades are so sharp that you cannot run your fingers along the edge without getting cut.

However, hairstylists and barbers are trained to handle the hair cutting scissors types with care. When you hold them with proper technique, you can really prevent them from cutting you. You can keep your clients safe and deliver a top-quality hair cut with the shears.

The Difference Between Scissors & Shears

The terms scissors and shears are used interchangeably. They both represent the same tool essentially. However, scissors are generally all-purpose and are not used for hair. These are the type of tools that you would use to open a cereal box if you're being neat.

You would not use your hairstyling shears to ever do anything but cut hair. The reason behind this is that the premium quality shears are expensive. You can get scissors for five dollars, but you will not be finding any good quality haircutting scissors types for the same price point.

If you want to keep your hair cutting shears in good condition, you will only use the on human hair. This will prevent damage to the blade. Also, you will store your shears in a protective case away from other objects. Ideally, the case should be hardcover and padded.

In this instance, if you transport your shears, the bumps along the way will not cause actual damage to your shears.

Things To Consider When Purchasing Hair Cutting Shears

When it comes to purchasing the best performance shears, you will want to look at five components. I have broken the list down into five components. You will want to consider A to E as a comprehensive guide in purchasing your cutting tools.

A. Size of The Shears

The size of your shears matters very much. I usually will want between a five inch to seven-inch pair of shears when it comes to haircutting. The general rule of measuring your main pair is that it should fit from the top of your middle finger all the way down to the middle or end of your palm. You can see that what you purchase will depend on the size of your hands and your comfort level. You want to get a blade that cuts a lot in a sweep so you don't have to keep going over the same area as you would have to with smaller shear blades.

B. Type of Shears

There are many brands that people associate with quality. You can go into a beauty store and see the main contenders for the professional cutting shears. Also, you can get them at a trade show for hair. Some people really swear by Cricket. Other top contenders include Dannyco, JOHN, Equinox, MACS, Matsui, and Jaguar.

Just because it's not listed here doesn't mean though that you shouldn't consider it. The brands that come out with new and innovative shears change all the time.

C. Material

This is an easy one. You will want to look for Japanese steel. The stainless steel on these scissors will be rust free. It is a good idea to always dry, clean, and oil your shears after each use to keep them fresh.

D. The Handle

When it comes to the handle, you will need to get a feel for what you like. It's best to go into the store and hold them. Make sure you use the proper technique when doing so. Also, you will need to get ones fit for the hand that you are using. If you are right-handed, you will need to use right-handed shears. Use the opposite if you are left-handed.

E. Tension System

Tension matters when it comes to shears. You can get them tightened too, so don't worry about them being too loose or too tight. You generally want to be able to close them without a lot of pressure. However, you don't want them so loose that the blades flap open. This can, in fact, be dangerous. Always get a professional in the store to help you with the tightening process. Don't be afraid though to go with what feels right to you though as you will be the one that is operating the shears.

6 Best Professional Hair Cutting Shears & Scissors Reviews

1. Equinox Professional Shears Razor Edge Series

The Equinox brand has a reputation for quality in terms of the best professional hair cutting shears. This particular brand is well priced and is one of the best hair cutting tools. These shears are easy to hold and are designed to be ergonomic. They are of course made with Japanese stainless steel.

The blades are sharp and designed so you don't get hair stuck in between the blades. This means that you can motor through your cut without encountering any hiccups. They only weigh 4.8 ounces, so they are quite lightweight. You can easily adjust the tension yourself with the screw.

This is especially important for stylists that like to get the tension just so. The design is patented so you know when you buy Equinox shears; you are getting a one of a kind experience. Take note though that these scissors are designed for right-handed users.

There are not any finger inserts to use for these scissors so make sure that they fit well to your fingers. The blades are sharp and ready for usage. Everyone that has used these scissors is impressed by the fine cut and that they do not leave any split ends behind.


  • Japanese stainless steel
  • Great for Salon Workers
  • Ergonomic Design


  • Some one complaints about it lifetime

Let's a video on Equinox Hair Shears Reveiws.

2. Utopia Care Professional Salon Razor Shears

This is another very well priced brand for the quality in terms of these hair cutting scissors types. They are made with Japanese stainless steel as are most of the best professional hair cutting shears. The blades are two and a half inches, so they are great for precision cutting.

These scissors might be ones that you want to use with your touch up's and for children's hair. They do come with inserts for the fingers as well. This helps with the convenient positioning of the fingers. The inserts are rubber for the ultimate comfort in styling. These scissors also have an ergonomic design so they are comfortable to hold while cutting. The blade is smooth and cuts very well. 

Due to the J2 240 Japanese stainless steel, you will find that these shears will stay sharp for five times longer than regular shears, according to the manufacturer. The scissors weigh 2.88 ounces so they are lightweight as well as comfortable.

Despite their low price point, some professionals swear by these scissors. They remark that they are the best pair that they have ever owned.


  • Removable Rubber Finger
  • Japanese stainless steel
  • Reasonable Price


  • The middle of the blades are more sharper than the tips 

3. Professional Barber Shears by Utopia Care

Another Utopia Care scissor has made the best-of list. These blades are handcrafted to ensure that each pair has an excellent fit.

The handles are no-slip and they also come with rubber inserts to fit all sizes of fingers, larger or smaller. The blades are razor sharp. The Japanese stainless steel on these is also J2 420 so that you can be sure that you are getting a type of steel that stays sharp for a long time.

These shears only weigh 1.6 ounces, so if you are looking for a pair that is light, this is your one to buy. People who buy Utopia Care shears end up being lifelong customers with a desire to continue repurchasing this make.


  • Tempered Stainless Steel
  • Hand-crafted Blades
  • Comfortable Grip 


  • Good but not for professionals

4. Kovira Barber Haircutting Scissors

Moving onto another worthy brand, Kovira delivers a solid performance shear for the best barber scissors. The blades are sharp and are made from Japanese stainless steel. You also get a black leather zip-up case with the shears, which is an excellent perk.

The shears are secured by an elastic band in the case so you know that your shears are well protected when in the case. The 440C Japanese stainless steel is a solid contender when it comes to materials.

Your shears will stay sharp for a while after purchasing. There are also removable rubber finger inserts for those who like a very close fit with the shear.

You can easily adjust the tension with the middle screw that is designed for easier adjustment due to the knurled knob. It's hard to imagine how the manufacturers can sell these scissors at such a reasonable price with a well-made case as well.


  • Sharp blades gives you proper hair cut
  • Perfect for both wet or dry  hair
  • 100% Stainless steel


  • Not good for long time use

5. Barbers Choice Professional Hair Cutting Barber Scissors/Shears

You get a lot with these shears because they are one of the best professional hair cutting shears. You will get a comb and a carry case. It's everything that you need to get started with your hand cutting. The Japanese stainless steel is 420. They are extremely sharp and easy to do your haircuts with.

The ergonomic design will help you to avoid straining your hands and your wrists while you are involved in a busy day of hair cutting. You can use these shears at home or in the salon. They are a little bit on the heavier side at 3.2 ounces. Some hairstylists like heavier shears because they feel they are easier to control.

These are made for right-handed individuals, so lefties will have to shop for left-handed pairs made specifically for them. You can take out the yellow inserts if you need more room for your fingers. Most people that have used these shears give them a perfect score. This is high praise for scissors at a reasonable price.


  • 420 Japanese stainless steel
  • Razor Sharp Edge
  • Adjustment Tension Screw


  • Screw parts are not so high quality

6. HHR Professional Hairdressing Hairstyling Scissors 

Best for Dog, Cat & Pet Grooming Barber Salon Shears.

There are no complaints when it comes to HHR as well. They have inserts for the fingers that are removable. You will always get the best fit possible. The handles also have an ergonomic design.

The blades are sharp and they have an anti-corrosion finish. These blades are a little different as they are made from high carbon. This is precisely what makes HHR blades so unique in the world of shears.

They have a satin finish to them and cut like a dream. The edges are convex to prevent knicking the client when you are maneuvering the blade. You can use these scissors for both wet and dry cutting. They also work great for mustache and beard trims.

They are 2.4 ounces, so they are within the mid-range in terms of weight. Some people swear by these scissors and others are more accustomed to Japanese stainless steel.

For alternative you can check Saaqaans Professional Hair Cutting Scissors for the target performance. 


  • Light Weight
  • Ergonomic Thumb Rings
  • Stainless Steel


  •  Not bad according to the price 

Buyer’s Guide

When it comes to buying the top-rated hair cutting shears as well as scissors, you want to make sure that you are getting everything that you want. You can try different materials if you want to experiment. Although most shears are made with Japanese stainless steel, others have experimental materials.

Here we cover it by their attractive features-


The HHR has a solid choice in the high carbon design. It is still one of the best hair cutting tools. They even coat it with a proprietary material to prevent against corrosion.

When it comes to weight, this can be in the hands of the user. Some hairstylists don't like a shear that is so light that it will fly out of their hands. On the other hand, you can get to the point where the blade simply feels too heavy. You can actually feel like it is putting wear and tear on your muscles.

What you purchase depends on preference in terms of weight? It can also depend on where you are working. If you are working at a high output salon, you will probably want to get used to a mid-weight or low weight shear. You will want to look for 2.5 ounces and under.

However, if you are just cutting at home or you take your time with cuts in an expensive salon, you can afford to go with what feels right. When you are shopping, you will want to keep weight in mind as one of the key elements of design features.

Rubber Grip

Those with small fingers will really want to look for those rubber inserts. They can make a huge difference when it comes to handling the shears. If you have the ring size of 6.5 or under, you will certainly want to look for these inserts. Some of them stay in better than others. The rubber ones seem to mold to the finger rings. You will want to keep that in mind. Other inserts are not designed to be so cozy in the finger rings. This is certainly a consideration you need to keep in mind.


Another element to look out for in the best hair cutting scissors is the blade sharpness. You will want to go with a higher quality grade of the Japanese steel if you are looking to not get your scissors sharpened as often. The good news is that there is sharpening available.

You shouldn't just discard your shears if you feel that you are not getting good cuts anymore. This service might set you back $10, but you will be saving the environment. Don't be one of those lazy stylists that just get a new pair of shears when you just need yours sharpened.

In a world of increasing environmental consciousness, it pays to take that effort and get those shears into a professional. Your salon should have a regular technician that comes in and offers their services to you in terms of getting your tools looked after. If you don't have that, the first place you should call is your local beauty store.


You will want to make a note of what length of shear that you like. Most of the ones in this guide are 6.5 inches. Just know that you are can get yours shorter than that if you prefer. You will have to make more cuts per haircut, however. This might not be what you prefer.

You might want to get a blade where you can just do longer sweeps. Be careful when you are navigating the blade as well, especially around the client's ears. You will always want to use your comb to protect your client every time you cut.

The comb is meant to navigate the hairs but it's also meant to be a shield from the client's scalp. Remember, it's always better to cut yourself than to cut your client. With that said, try to work safely and avoid accidents either way.

You should never be cutting past your middle knuckle of your fingers even with the best barber scissors. This should be your guide for you to protect you when you are doing all your cuts. Always make sure that you are comfortable with various clients before cutting their hair.

It's especially important to know your limits. If you feel a child is too squirmy, it's better to pass off this person to a stylist with more skill in handling children. Also remember to always give your best when you're cutting, whether the client is a toddler or a senior. Every client counts and you will make better tips by being courteous with all your customers.

Simple FAQ’s

1. Question: How often do I need my blade sharpened?

Answer: You will probably need it sharpened at least once a year if you are working in a salon. If you are just doing home cuts, then you may only need to sharpen it every five years. It all depends on frequency of usage.

2. Question: What is the proper way to clean your shears?

Answer: You need to do this in parts. First, take soap and wash off the surface of your blade. Then dry it. Lay the blade down and spray it with blade disinfectant. Let’s sit for the recommended amount of time. Remember to get both sides of the blade.

Finally, dry your blades and then oil them. A couple of drops should do. Now you are ready for the next client. You need to clean your blades after each client.

Final Words

When it comes to haircutting, you can have a long career in the field with the best barber scissors. It is a fun, rewarding job to obtain. However, you should make sure that you are going about it the right way.

Make sure that you research the best professional hair cutting shears before you buy them. Pay attention to everything that you learned in this buyer's guide today. It's quintessential that you get the training and tools that you need in order to perform a great cut.

You want to enjoy your work, so make sure that you know what you're doing. Have fun with your cuts and pay attention to client safety and desires for the best results.

6 Best Barber Neck Duster Reviews & Guide In 2020

Are you looking for incredible barbershop supplies?

You're in luck! During this article, we'll be reviewing the best barber neck dusters that you can buy to keep your customers satisfied, ensuring they'll return!

These products offer an incredible set of advantages every time you use them. From a comfortable grip to high-quality and soft bristles, they make sure there isn't unwanted hair left around the neck or face of your clients.

In this list, you'll find a variety of neck duster brushes, each offering an exclusive design for you to decide which one you like the most.

Why Diane Neck Duster is Barbers Top Pick?

Diane Neck Duster offers you not only a very good reviews but also the low price gives you desired outcome. The 5-inch length brush works well in your neckline.

If you need large size can check this one- Diane Large Neck Duster.

Let's a video for you.

Comparison Table of Barber Neck Duster Brush

Product Name




Diane Neck Duster

5 x 2.5 x 2.5 inches

2.56 ounces

Anself Large Neck Brush


4 ounces (Shipping)

Perfehair Duster


2.88 ounces

HairDay Care Premium 

1.5 x 1.5 x 5.5 inches

4.8 ounces (Shipping)

Denman Duster

6 x 6 x 8 inches

1.6 ounces (Shipping)

Perfehair Face Cleaning Brushes


3.84 ounces

6 Best Barber Neck Dusters Reviews

Here are our top six picks for this indispensable barbershop item. Be sure to check them all out to choose the most suitable for your purposes.

1. Diane Neck Duster

This barber neck duster comes to prove that you can do more with less. Even though it is a small size, its performance is outstanding, and will leave you free of loose hair after a haircut.

It measures 5-inches of length, which makes it one of the smallest we'll review. Nonetheless, there's no denying how good it is, and whether you use it at home or the barbershop, it doesn't disappoint.

For the bristles, it uses soft nylon. This material is comfortable and won't cause skin issues after shaving, which already is a process that leaves your face and neck irritated.

Herein, this duster gets rid of that hair without causing trouble, and using it is pretty comfortable too.

That's because it features a plastic handle that blends well with the bristles while providing a firm grip. However, this material is not the most durable, and it might break if it falls to the ground. You ought to keep an eye on it as you work.

Fortunately, the stand-up base allows it to remain at one place where you need it, preventing it falls off.

Overall, it is a neck duster that will make your haircutting easier without spending too much time cleaning afterward. A worthy addition for any barbershop or household!


  • Soft nylon material for the bristles
  • Successfully removes neckline hair
  • Plastic and ergonomic handle
  • Convenient size
  • Stand-up base keeps it in its place


  • It is not the most durable neck duster

2. Anself Large Hair Cutting  

The best feature this cleaner has to offer is, undoubtedly, the beautiful design. This wooden neck brush will add a unique and classy style to your barbershop or home, regardless of where you want to use it.

By using wood material, it provides a comfortable grip for you to use regularly, and it is soft too. It feels natural in the hand.

Although the brush itself is quite soft to the skin, we noticed that it might not be the best when it comes to removing loose hair. The brush doesn't dust hair. Instead, it wipes it off, which could leave traces behind if you like leaving a perfect finish.

Like most other hair cleaners, this one doesn't take exhaustive measures to clean it. After you finish, take some time and put it underwater for a moment. Then, it will be ready to use once again the day after for another round of clients.

People mention that they have issues with the size, but to us, it is more than convenient. If you use it at the barbershop, the stand-up base will give you quick access to grab it and put it down as needed.

However, you have to keep in mind that it is not the most practical neck duster brush. If you're looking to give your barbershop a classic look, then, by all means, you should go ahead and get it. But don't expect it to do wonders.


  • Beautiful wooden design
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Soft brush
  • Stand-up base


  • Doesn't dust, but rather wipes hair
  • It leaves loose hair

3. PERFEHAIR- Soft Cleaning Face Brush for Hair Cutting

Looking for the best barber neck dusters leads us to many options, and it's up to you to decide which one suits your needs best. To give you alternatives, we've selected this next pick, which is a little different than most.

It features what they call a fan design. What does that even mean? Well, it is a large horizontal line of bristles that covers plenty of your neck area quickly. But here's when you notice an issue; it is too soft. You'll need to do a couple more strokes to remove the loose hair completely.

The bristles use nylon material, giving a comfortable feeling without scratching or irritating the skin. Also, this material prevents the bristles from shedding off, taking one concern off your shoulders when you want to have quality accessories.

It is a large duster, which means it must have a comfortable grip. Fortunately, that's not an issue either. By including an ergonomic handle, every barber will have complete control without becoming uncomfortable to hold.

We also liked its weight. It is pretty light considering its size, and that was a welcomed surprise that we enjoyed.

This barber neck duster brush is the perfect choice for barbershops. If you're a professional that takes pride in being a quick barber, this product will help you cover large areas quickly, providing the best finish.


  • Covers plenty of space
  • Soft nylon bristles
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Doesn't irritate the skin


  • It requires a couple of strokes to get the hair off

4. HairDay Care Premium – Self Standing

This barber neck duster uses high-quality soft bristles to keep those unpleasant loose hairs away from your skin and clothing. Like most care supplies, it ensures the materials are high-quality, giving you a long-lasting barbershop item to keep you satisfied.

It displays a sleek black design that matches everything and everyone. If you like having gorgeous barber supplies, then this duster won't disappoint.

After taking care of many customers, you'll also notice how easy it is to clean. It is washable, and provides bristles that won't cling to your hair. After use, it doesn't take more than submerging it into the water for a couple of seconds.

The gentle soft touch is another benefit that people will enjoy. It is highly comfortable after shaving when the skin is most delicate. That's possible because of the goat hair used to produce it, which prevents irritation or unpleasant discomfort.

The weight is a little heavy, and the handle is not the most comfortable. Nonetheless, it works well considering the base that allows it to stand up providing easy access when you're going through treatment or cutting hair.

Professional barbers with a salon will enjoy all the benefits that this brush has to offer. It is an incredible improvement that customers will appreciate.


  • Soft bristles brush away every loose hair
  • Sleek black design and stylish look
  • Easy to clean
  • Goat hair natural material prevents irritation or discomfort


  • A little heavyweight
  • Not the most comfortable handle

5. Denman Neck Brush

While not as popular as the others, there are many benefits of using this neck duster brush. It is suitable for cutting hair at the barbershop, or at home, depending on what you need.

The most noticeable feature of this duster brush is the curvy design. It allows you to grab it firmly, and apply enough pressure to remove every trace of loose hair around the neck or face.

It is an ergonomic handle, which provides comfort to use it in many directions.

The bristles are an incredible feature too. It uses the extra soft nylon material that won't cause irritation or scratches, especially near the face area.

An interesting fact that you might appreciate, just like we did, is that this neck brush is sanitizable. Denman, its manufacturer, is one of the only few compatible with Barbicide, improving its performance at the barbershop. That is, of course, if you want to use it at a barbershop.

When you compare it with other brands in this review, you'll notice that this hair cleaner is not the most professional-looking available. It gets the job done, there's no doubt about it, but it doesn't add or contribute to anything else to improve the professional appearance of your barbershop.


  • Curvy design
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Soft nylon bristles


  • It looks poorly made

6. PERFEHAIR- Barber Hair Brush

You've seen pretty similar neck dust brushes so far. But what if you're looking for a more cosmetic and professional accessory to keep loose hair in check? Well, we might have what you need.

This accessory is a precise neck duster that removes hair off your face and neckline easily. Furthermore, because of its structural design, you'll be able to access those tricky areas without getting too close for comfort to the client.

Here's when the handle comes into play. It is quite large, giving you complete control over the brush while cutting hair. Also, it is comfortable, and you'll be able to use it with high accuracy to prevent any loose hair remains nearby.

The base is a little different than others, which is something that got our interest as well. It is not a typical stand-up design. Instead, it features a special magnet that keeps it in place. Or at least that would be the case, but it doesn't stick properly.

Unfortunately, it is not as durable as we'd want. It breaks off easily. If you're working on a high-demand barbershop, you better keep the thing close to you to prevent it falls.

But other than that, there are no issues. Every barber looking for cosmetic products will have a reliable ally with this neck duster brush. The soft bristles, comfortable handle, and sleek design make it one of the best.


  • Gorgeous sleek design
  • Soft bristles
  • Large handle for more control


  • The magnet at the bottom doesn't seem to work properly
  • It breaks easily

Things to Consider While Buying

What should you keep in mind before buying a barber neck duster brush? Here are the essential considerations explained briefly;


For professional barbers, a duster brush of large size provides many benefits. It allows them to clean both neck and face in less time, finishing up the customer and moving onto the next one.

If you want one for home, though, either a big or a small one could work.

Bristle Material

After shaving your face or neck area, your skin remains irritated. Using a rough brush might make it worse pretty quickly. Fortunately, these neck duster brushes have soft bristles to make it less harmful for your skin.

One of the best bristle materials is nylon, and that's the one you might want to buy.


Standard, Wooden, or Sleek. Deciding between these three models will be an essential choice to make your barbershop look better and more professional.

Ergonomic Handle

If you use it regularly, you need to have a comfortable grip. Ergonomic handles make the hair cleaners easier to use, especially in those high-traffic days when the customers don't stop coming in the barbershop.


To keep it secured, you better look for a neck duster brush capable of standing up by itself. If it doesn't have a base, make sure at least has a magnet.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can you use neck duster brush with talc?

Yes, you can. It is a standard procedure to remove hair off the face and neck successfully.

2. How to clean neck duster brush?

More often than not, it doesn't take more than putting it underwater to clean it up. Naturally, you'll want to check it out afterward and see if it requires another dive.

If it doesn't work, try rinsing with soap and water.

3. Can you use these brushes after shaving?

Yes. However, make sure you use a super soft brush, as it will prevent irritating your already sensitive skin after shaving.

4. How to store the neck brush?

Most of these brushes feature a stand-up base that allows you to place them over a counter easily.

5. What is a proper neck brush for barbershop? 

Each one of the products listed in our reviews is suitable for barbershops. Some might work more than others, but it depends on your preferences.

Final Words About Barber Neck Brush 

After having a haircut, being able to stand up without a pile of hair around your neck is quite pleasant. With the best barber neck dusters, you'll be able to achieve that.

For your kind information, a lot of good quality barber clippers are here that ensure value for money. 

Top 6 Best Rotary Shaver Reviews For Men In 2020

As 2020 comes to a close and the holidays are rapidly approaching you may be looking for the perfect gift for that special guy in your life. We took the time to review the top 6 best rotary shavers for men in 2020 to take the hassle out of shopping for your next shave.

The shavers that we reviewed include cordless shavers, rotary shavers, and foil shavers. We learned which shavers offer the best value for the price and give the inside scoop on Remington electric shavers, Philips Norelco 4500 and Phisco shavers.

Keep reading to see which rotary shavers made the cut.

Types of Shaver's

At first, you have to know about the types of shaver that helps you to take the final decision easily.

Electric Shaver

As the name suggests, the electric shaver derives its power from mains electricity. It possesses an oscillating or rotational set of blades. These are subsequently attached to a metallic guard. Owing to their electrical power, these shavers are super powerful and reliable enough. They can rid the body of the dreads and other tough strands of hairs. They also exude comparatively smooth and consistent outcomes. This is not to mention that they do not diminish in reliability or efficacy with time.

Rotary Shaver

The rotary shavers have their blades mounted on an axis. In most instances, it has three blades at a time. This kind of shaver is mainly used to get rid of medium coarse hair as it is not too tough as to be able to handle extremely thick hair. It is also used for occasional hair shaving applications. It requires fewer cleaning and maintenance when compared to other kinds of shavers.

Here a video of foil vs rotary shaver review.

Foil Shaver

Lastly, comes the foil shavers. These kinds of shavers have straight heads that have blades that oscillate back and forth. They are also called cutters and are mainly used to get rid of thin hair. This kind of shaver is also designed for everyday use owing to the durable and easy to use design. If you are looking for one to rid your beards of hair, this is it. You will, however, make arrangements for regular cleaning and maintenance.

Now that we have known some basic facts regarding the three kinds of shavers in vogue today, we now want to go ahead and explain them in finer details below. We are going to consider their advantages, downsides, uses, and relevance alongside all other pertinent issues in the proceeding segment of our discussions.

Product Name






MAX-T Electric Shaver

6.2 x 2.9 x 2.4


Philips Norelco  Electric 2100

3.5 x 5 x 9.6


Philips Norelco Shaver 4500

2.2 x 2.2 x 5.8


Phisco Electric Shaver



Remington R5100 Electric Shaver

2.5 x 2.5 x 5.8


SweetLF 3D


3.2 x 4.3 x 7.5

12 ounces

Why People Use This Shaver?

Smoothen Cheeks

The shaver smoothens the cheeks. Its finer blades soften the skin that is located in and around the beard region. This leaves behind soft, tender, and healthy outcomes. It further enhances the state of the health of your skin.

Remove Residual Hair

As noted, the shaver also gets rid of residual hair from the skin. Its blades are capable of getting into too close a contact with the skin. This also enhances the appearances of your cheeks in the long run.

Fine-Tuning Your Grooms

You may also use the shaver to fine-tune your grooms. Being compact and light, you may carry it around and use it to groom your beard just before attending an interview or a meeting.

Benefits Of Using This Rotary Shaver

The following benefits you can take from this rotary shaver reviews.

Cordless and Battery-Powered

These shavers are cordless and battery-powered. This is to mean that they are not constrained by the electric cables as is the case with the electric shavers. They, therefore, give you the leeway to use them just about everywhere you might want. This design also allows for use in remote locations.

Compact Size

Generally speaking, the rotary shavers are compact in size. They are small and can fit just in every other available storage space. This expedites the process of transportation and handling. By reason of this, you will yet again be able to handle it conveniently and without much hindrances.

3-in-1 Blades

As stated, the typical rotary shaver has three blades that are independently mounted on the head. These blades are further designed in such a way as to rotate about an axis. This arrangement allows the shaver to conform to the contours of your face. This leads to smoother and more reliable outcomes.

Simple To Operate

On the whole, the rotary shaver lacks any sophisticated parts and components. As such, they are easier to master and comprehend. You do not have to possess any technical skill and expertise to be able to operate them at all. This is yet another reason why you badly want to incorporate it into your armory.

Close Shaves

They too are able to bring about extremely close shaves. This is because their blades are shorter. This arrangement is great as it leaves behind no residual hair at all. It is also great for ridding the skin of any unnecessary dirt and debris. This is yet another reason why the rotary shavers are great for grooming.

Several Kinds of Hairs

With this rotary shaver, you can get rid of just about every other kind of hair. These range from the short, thick, thin, and coarse hair, to mention but a few! You will not have to acquire numerous hair removal tools and will hence enjoy higher returns on investments.

Why Philips Norelco Takes First Place?

The Philips Norelco Shaver 4500 with Frustration-Free packaging tops our list of the best electric rotary shavers on the market for men in 2020.

This shaver stands out from the crowd compared to similar foil and rotary shavers in its class. The Philips Norelco 4500 provides men with wet or dry shaving options and a built-in pop-up trimmer for precision styling of beards, sideburns, and mustaches all in one. The dual precision heads are specially designed to be able to tackle shaves for both long and short hair making this an ideal choice for all around shaving.

The Philips Norelco 4500 is great to use if you have sensitive skin or problems with shaving. The built-in Lift and cut shaving systems lift hairs from the shaft for a gentle shave that doesn't cause irritation or razor cuts and burns like foil shavers and other similar shavers can and still provide you with the close clean cut that you're looking for.

1. Philips Norelco Shaver 4500 (Model AT830/46)

-Frustration Free Packaging

Best Features of the Philips Norelco 4500

Pivoting Heads allow for close shaving along the hardest to reach contours of your face.

Pop Up Trimmer for quickly detailing sideburns, mustaches, and beards

Smooth Shave with the built-in dual precision shaving system for a close smooth shave

philips norelco rotary

Wet or Dry Shaving capabilities for flexible shaves in or out of the shower or bath

3-minute Quick Charge for 1 cordless shaves on the go when time is of the essence

Dual Precision Blade System for cutting long hair and short stubble resulting in reduced skin irritation

Pivot, Flex, and Float System for contoured shaving

Frustration-Free Packaging for easy opening and getting right down to business

Replaceable shaving head

Battery Life: The Philips Norelco 4500 provides fifty minutes of shaving time per eight-hour charge

What's Included In The Packaging?

  • Lithium Ion Rechargeable Battery
  • Included Accessories
  • 2-year manufacturer warranty
  • Accessories: Popup Trimmer, Protection Cap, Power Cord, Cleaning Brush


FAQ's About This Rotary Shaver

1. Question: Does this shaver require shaving cream or powder for best use?

Answer: For best results, you will want to include cream or powder in your shaving regimen.

2. Question: What is ​​​​frustration free packaging?

Answer: Frustration-free packing is just that! Easy open, no muss no fuss.

3. Question: Does this shaver come with self-sharpening or replaceable blades?

Answer: Yes. This shaver comes with easy to replace blades that could be found at most department stores or online for an easy replacement.

Downsides of This Shaver

This shaver takes 8 hours to charge for only about 50 minutes of use. The shaving heads are replaceable and the manufacturer recommends replacement every 12 months.

If you're looking for a smooth shave using a popular budget-friendly shaver that is able to get the job done on wet or dry skin without the need for additional products and precision trimming, this shaver is definitely your best bet.

2. Phisco Electric Shaver For Men 2 in 1

Coming in at a close second is Phisco Electric Shaver Razor for Men 2 in 1 Beard Trimmer Wet Dry Waterproof Men's Rotary Shaver with USB Quick Rechargeable Shaving Razor.

This Phisco shaver is probably the most highly rated rotary shavers in its class and boasts a whisper quiet motor for a pleasant shaving experience.

The shaver comes equipped with fully functioning LED indicators that let you know when your shaver needs charging, cleaning or is unlocked and ready for use. Its stylish sleek design makes this shaver look and feels like a million bucks in your hands while providing you with a smooth precision shave.

This razor can be utilized with regard to wet or dry shaving and comes with a few major new age features like the built-in LED indicator and USB charging port making it perfect for home or business travel. The best feature of this shaver is that along with clean precision shaving the built-in USB port means that you can literally charge and shave anywhere! You can connect your shaver to any compatible USB port for a quick charge and groom on the go.

This razor is great to use for precision shaves as it comes fully equipped with a pop-up trimmer and extended battery life that lasts up to 120 minutes per one hour charge.

Best Features of the Phisco Electric Shaver Razor For Men

Waterproof for shaving in or out of the shower

Sleek and Stylish Design makes shaving fun as you can admire your shaver while grooming

Lightweight 14.4 ounces makes it easy to carry this portable plug and charge shaver on the go

phisco rotary shaver

Extended Battery Life means that you should never unexpectedly run out of battery

USB Charging Port - Best new age feature, this shaver is keeping up with the pace of technology

Precision Shaving Heads let you get an ultra close shave without irritating sensitive skin

Budget Friendly - This is one of the best budget-friendly rotary shavers in its class


What's Included in the Packaging?

  • Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery
  • 15 Month Warranty

Downsides of this Shaver

You may need to buy shaving gel or foams to get the closest possible shave.

FAQ's About This Shaver

1. Question: What are the benefits of the LED display?

Answer: The LED display keeps track of your shaves and alerts you to when your shaver needs charging, cleaning, or is unlocked and ready for use.

2. Question: Why would I need a waterproof shaver?

Answer: Having a 100% waterproof shaver gives you greater flexibility in your grooming routing by allowing for shaving while bathing or in the shower.

3. Question: What makes this shaver the best option for me?

Answer: If you're looking for a stylish grooming tool with a whisper quiet motor that you can literally take anywhere and charge using your USB port this is the shaver for you.

3. Remington R5100 Series Electric Rotary Shaver

Next up we have the Remington R5100 Series Electric Rotary Shaver with Quick Charge Capability & Titanium Blades, Gray/Black, PR1362 that comes in at number three on our list.

This Remington electric rotary men's shaver boasts dual titanium blades that are intended to give you the closest shave possible with its precision cutting system and Power Flex 360 contouring system that allows the shaving head to reach even the hardest to reach areas of the face and neck for a close clean shave.

Best Features of the Remington R5100 Series Electric Rotary Shaver

A lot of features we shows below:

Quick charge It has a quick charge option (5 minutes)

Self-Sharpening Titanium Blades -ideal for close shaves

Quick Shave on a budget with the 5-minute quick charge feature

Power Flex 360 - allows for close shaving at any angle with close shaving for hard to reach areas

Anti Microbial - additive to prevent the growth of bacteria preventing or reducing skin irritation and inflammation

Easy cleanup this Remington shaver comes apart making detailed cleaning and maintenance a breeze

Good Battery Life - 90 minutes of charging time provides 60 minutes of use

Included self-sharpening blades extend the life of the blades and reduce the need to buy replacement blades saving you time and money.

What's Included in the Packaging?

  • Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery
  • 2 Year Manufacturer Warranty
  • Accessories: Popup Trimmer for precision grooming of beards, mustaches, and sideburns
  • Battery Life: 60 minutes of shave time per complete charge



This shaver has a seemingly extended charge time for the amount of use that it provides compared to the similar shavers in its class. While this shaver is capable of proving a clean bacterial free shave one of the major downsides of the shaver are that it doesn't include some of the updated features like USB ports or extended use that other rotary shavers in its' class provide.


1. Question: What are the benefits of the antimicrobial additive?

Answer: The antimicrobial additive prevents the growth of bacteria preventing skin irritation or infection while shaving this is an ideal feature for groomers with sensitive skin needs that are prone to inflammation and irritation while shaving.

2. Question: What are the best features of this shaver?

Answer: The built-in antimicrobial features and titanium blades make this one of the best shavers around for a completely clean and bacteria free shave.

If you're looking for a shaver that provides a clean, close cut shaves that require minimal blade maintenance then you'll definitely want to consider this Remington shaver. This shaver may be short on technology but makes up for it by providing a close cut shave and self-sharpening blades to reduce the amount of time that you spend getting ready to shave and increase your grooming time to make sure that you're putting your best face forward.

4. SweetLF 3D Rechargeable IPX7 Electric Shaver 

Wet & Dry Rotary Shavers for Men Electric Shaving Razors with Pop-up Trimmer, Blue 

The next mens shaver up for review in the lineup for the best men’s rotary shavers of 2020 is the SweetLF 3D 100% rechargeable waterproof shaver.

The Sweet LF rechargeable waterproof shaver is a cordless men's rotary shaver that promises to deliver a smooth and quick shave. This shaver features a USB quick charging port and 5-function LED informational display.

The Sweet LF comes fully equipped with 4 direction floating heads and touts itself as a 3D shaver for one of the closest and smoothest shaves around. One of the coolest features of this rotary shaver is the one-hour fast charging capability for quick charging and shaving on the go!

Best Features of the SweetLF 3D Rechargeable Shaver

100% Waterproof - can stand being fully submerged in water for up to thirty minutes

Sleek Design - easy on the budget and on the eyes

Quick Charge USB - gives up to 120 minutes of use per one hour charge

LED Display - provides important information and alerts you to when your shaver needs charging

4 Direction Floating Heads - for close shaves and full coverage close shaving in any direction

Wet/Dry Shaving - allows for shaving in the shower or bath with a fully submersible capability

Quiet High-Speed Shave - provides you with a quick, quiet, clean and pleasant shaving experience

Self-Sharpening Blades - make it an ideal candidate to outlast other blades and reduce blade replacement costs while saving you time on running to the store or shopping online

Universal Voltage - means that you can take it anywhere and charge using your USB port for a 5-minute quick shave whether traveling domestically or abroad.

3D Floating Head - provides 360 degrees of contoured shaving capability ensuring the cleanest shave for face and neck

What's Included in the Packaging?

  • Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery
  • Accessories: Popup Trimmer, USB Charging Cable, Cleaning Brush, Portable Bag, User Guide
  • 15-month Warranty
  • Battery Life: The SweetLF provides you with one hundred and twenty minutes of shave time per one hour fast charge.



In order to achieve the closest and cleanest shave with this feature-filled shaver, the manufacturer recommends that you add shaving gels or foam to your grooming regime for the best shaving experience.


Simple FAQ's About This 

1. Question: What are the benefits of the Extreme Shaving System?

Answer: The Extreme Shaving System is designed to extend the life of your shaver and blades by including a self-sharpening feature so that you spend less time shopping for replacement blades and more time shaving.

2. Question: Is this shaver good for close shaves?

Answer: Yes! This shaver is ideal as it includes a built-in close to face cutter which increases the amount of contact time that this shaver has with your skin without causing irritation.

3. Question: Can this shaver be used while plugged in to charge?

Answer: Yes! This is one of the few shavers in its class that allows you to charge and shave simultaneously

5. MAX-T Electric Shaver USB Quick Charge Rotary Shaver 

with Pop Up Trimmer 100% Waterproof Wet & Dry Electric Razor (7109 with USB Cable)

Rounding out our next review of the best foil and rotary shavers for me is the feature-packed MAX-T Electric Shaver USB Quick Charge Rotary Shaver with Pop Up Trimmer 100% Waterproof Wet & Dry Electric Razor with included USB cable and charging capability. This shaver comes with an eye-catching 5 Function LED display that indicates when your shaver needs charging or cleaning at a glance.

Best Features of the MAX-T Electric Shaver

3 Floating Heads - that allow for 4 directional shaving and close contouring of the face, neck, and jaw without pulling or causing unnecessary irritation of the skin while shaving

1 Minute Quick Charge - allows you to complete a full shaving session when using the USB one-minute quick charge feature. This is excellent for unexpected shaves or quick touch-ups on the go.

Advanced IPX7 Waterproof System - provides 100% Waterproof capability allows for shaving in the shower and bath and deep cleaning as this shaver is fully submersible in water

max t

Detachable Heads - make for ease of cleaning

Extended Battery Life - provides 120 minutes of shaving time per one hour charge making this ideal for long-term or extended shaving use. The in-use shaving time is relatively long compared to similar rotary shavers in its class and is one of this shaver's very best features

Bonus Feature: The USB charging functionality included with this shaver means that you can charge your shaver with the same charging cable that you charge your cell phone with so you'll never be without a charge!

What's Included in the Packaging?

  • Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery
  • Accessories: Popup Trimmer, USB Charging Cable, Carrying Case, Cleaning Brush, User Guide
  • 15-month warranty
  • Battery Life: 120 minutes of shaving time per one hour charge



While the features of the shaver make it a great choice this shaver is not quite as sleekly designed as some of the others that we've reviewed. What it lacks in beauty, it makes up for in usability.


1. Question: What is the benefit of Deep Shaving?

Answer: The deep shaving feature of this razor allows for closer contact with your skin using the 3 floating heads that rotate in 4 different directions. This system is sure to leave you with a closer, cleaner cut.

2. Question: Does this shaver have self-sharpening blades?

Answer: Yes! This shaver is designed with automatic grinding and shaving technology that will allow for extended use of the blades and cut down on the cost of buying replacement blades.

3. Question: What happens if I lose my USB Charging Cable?

Answer: The great news is that this shavers USB port is universally compatible with Android devices, so if you lose your cable you can simply grab the charging cable for your Android device and get back to the business of grooming!

6. Philips Norelco Electric Shaver 2100, S1560/81

The Philips Norelco Electric Shaver 2100, S1560/81 is in a class all it's own compared to other rotary and foil shavers for men. This is the last shaver on our list of the best electric rotary and foil shavers for men in this year.

While the Philips Norelco 2100 is last on the list it is certainly not least. This entry-level rotary shaver offers the best in shaving simplicity and promises to deliver a clean close shave for a reasonable price. This shaver features self-sharpening blades which further adds to its desirability and holds its own as one of the best shavers for close shaving in its class of entry-level rotary and foil shavers.

Best Features of The Philips Norelco Electric Shaver 2100

Close Cut Blade System - This shaver promises to deliver the closest electric shave - based on comparisons of similar models in its class

Self Sharpening blades - reduce the amount of time spent on maintenance and replacing used blades

4 Directional Heads - for contoured shaving to make sure that you reach all of those tricky curves along the face, neck, and jawline

philips 2100

One Touch Open - for easy cleaning, rinsing, and daily maintenance

Corded or Cordless Operation

Optional Replaceable Shaving Head Available

Charging Indicator - tells you when your razor is in the process of charging and has completed a charging cycle

Battery Life: 35 minutes of cordless use per 8 hours of charging time.

What's Included in the Packaging?

  • Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery
  • 2 Replaceable AA Batteries
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Accessories: Popup Trimmer



This shaver comes with a battery life of 35 minutes of use for an 8-hour charge. It also doesn't include a docking station compared to similar shavers on the market and also requires 2 AA batteries for use.

While this trimmer doesn't boast some of the fancier features of the other rotary shavers reviewed like built-in USB charging or extended battery life, this shaver holds its own and is manufactured by Philip Norelco that touts itself as being "America's Number One Shaving Brand."

Simple FAQ's

1. Question: Is this shaver ideal for wet or dry use?

This shaver is water resistant and shower proof so while it can be used near water it is mainly intended for dry use.

2. Question: Does this shaver come with replacement blades?

This shaver comes with self-sharpening blades that extend the life of the blades that are included with the initial packaging. Replacement blades are available if needed.

If you're looking for a close and quick shave on a budget this shaver is able to meet your basic shaving needs by providing you with the basics of a quality rotary shaver and simplicity of use that has come to be synonymous with the Philips Norelco brand of rotary shavers for men.

Final Thought About The Best Rotary Shaver

We hope that you've enjoyed our review of the best rotary and foil shavers for men. Now that we've provided you with some insights into the best shavers available you should be able to make an easy comparison to determine which shaver is the best for you and your special guy.

We've learned that there are some really great shavers available out there this year. Who knew that a rotary shaver can be charged with an Android cable or fully submerged in water and still work? Close shaves, long hair, contoured shaving, these shavers have it all.

The shavers reviewed here have earned their place as being heads above the rest and this is why we chose to review them. 

We want to acknowledge all of the manufacturers for putting together excellent products and making our list of the best shavers for men in 2020.

Top 5 Best Barber Clipper Blade Case For Storage Blade

Which is most important? Best Barber clipper case or travel case or the carrying case. For your instances, we make the list of such types of clipper case hair that works for both storage's as well as travel purpose.

We ensure to make the list about the quality of the product and what about the customer’s review on that product.

So, from a large number of quality products that are available on the present market, we sort out the top 5 picks like the VINCENT Master travel case for barber or the APROCA for Wahl Magic clip.

Why People Buy This Hair Clipper Case

People buy something to achieve the maximum outcome and whenever it is the hair clipper they desire the optimum result for a long time. To ensure the longer durability of the clipper, you need a good maintenance. The first option goes to the clipper storage case that keeps your slicing tool well and good.

Comparison Table of Best Hair Clippers Storage

Product Name




Vincent Master

11 pounds (shipping)

19 ¼” x 6 ¼” x 15″ 10 lbs


12.5 ounces (shipping)



221 g

8.25 * 5.9 * 2.2 inch

SRA Cases

1 pounds

18 x 5.9 x 13 inches

AACASE Trolley Luggage

1.1 pounds (shipping)

15 1/4 L x 9 W x 14 1/4 H

Top 5 Reviews of Best Barber Case

1. Vincent Master Travel Case (Black)

This travel and storage clipper case is the best for the stylist barbers. The size (19 ¼” x 6 ¼” x 15″) of this barber travel case Amazon is larger than others and contains 6 tall and 12 short pockets.

The leather finishing makes it durability more with user-friendly conveniences. For ensuring security, you can lock it.

Main Features:

  • Perfect for Stylish Barber
  • Size: 19 ¼” x 6 ¼” x 15″
  • Weight: 10 lbs
  • Shipping weight: 11 Pounds
  • Customer Ratings: 5/5

So, as a barber, you must have this item to the salon shop for design and hair in different styles and that might need a lot of tools. I think this Vincent barber case will be perfect for storing all the required tools as a good maintenance works.

vincent case


  • Best for travel
  • Perfect for Stylist Barbers
  • Leather finished with large size


  • Zipper pocket are not so wide

2. Aproca Storage & Travel Carrying Case

This is an excellent and sturdy barber carrying case for clippers that is highly developed for the consumers. The notice for you that the Aproca travel carrying hard case perfect for Wahl Professional 5-Star Magic Clip #8148.

The case features enough room to get more equipment and the reviews are positive.

aproca case


  • High-Quality with long-lasting performance
  • EVA substance
  • Semi-Waterproof
  • Best for Wahl 5-Star


  • Costlier than other one

3. co2CREA Hard Travel Case 

- Best for Philips Norelco and Pro type​​​​​ electric trimmer shaver

co2CREA is both uses for storage and travel carrying case that is fully waterproof and perfect for traveling if there is a rough weather. Moreover, this travel carrying bag confirms all types of proof like- shock, dust, etc. that protect your clipper tools from any scratches.

hard travel case

Like Aproca, Co2CREA also use EVA material that ensures the quality. The external size of this black color bag is 8.25 * 5.9 * 2.2 inch along with the weight is 221 g.


  • Low Cost
  • Perfect for Norelco Oneblade


  • Not perfect for Travel

4. SRA Aluminum Hard Case

SRA produces products since 1962 with a good will. All the spare part and accessories are more durable and efficient.

The handle of this SRA Cases is very handy to catch it and reinforced the metallic edges. Moreover, the handsome customer ratings prove its quality.

The product dimension of the clipper case is 18 x 5.9 x 13 inches along with weight 1 pounds.

sra cases


  • Easy to Handle
  • Reinforced Metallic Edges
  • Foam Block Included


  • No foam on bottom

5. AACASE Barber Beauty Salon Case

All in one clipper too​​​​ls case

A lot of features come with this AACASE Trolley Luggage Case and all are essential for you. The Trolley Luggage body made of PVC with fiberboard construction and large opening with regard to quick access. In addition, here you find 2 appliances holders for hair irons as well as a hair dryer or blower machine. Also, you find another 4 holders for additional equipment’s.

The temperature proof panel remains the case cool that helps to ensure the products quality.

aacase barber


  • PVC body (Black)
  • Temperature Resistant Panels
  • Heavy Duty Handle
  • Fiberboard Construction


  • Not perfect for barber tool

Final Words about Barber Clipper Case

Best Barber clipper case is not only an essential product for barbers but it is same crucial for maintaining you grooming tools at home. Smart men must have traveled here and there and need shaving regularly. That's why they need travel carrying case along with a hair clipper case. 

Moreover, it is usable for all types of hair clippers and trimmers that provide you a quality haircut at home and salon shop.