Top 7 Benefits Of Using An Electric Shaver-Buyer’s Guide

It is so natural that we grow hairs on the body skin. However, some hair might be just a nuisance currently considering that we way past evolution stages when it actually had a purpose, protecting our delicate skin and keeping us warm.

Here our expert team shows you the features and benefits of electric shaver that you must need to know.


Features of The Best Electric Hair Clippers

The best electrical shaver should have several features. Such include:

Power Options

Most electric shavers either use batteries or are plugged directly to the power out. The best one should marry the two ideas and be able to run on batteries, preferably rechargeable batteries as well as power from the mains when possible.

The Shave Should have Multiple Uses

Despites being purchased for a specific purpose; say the best men’s electric shaver that can be used for shaving women legs too or a foil shaver for pubic hair that can double as a foil shaver for bald heads.

Handling Capability

A good hair clipper should be capable of handling a wet shave. This is important, especially when trimming any sensitive areas such as the beard such as using foil shaver the public areas. Using a shaving cream or wetting the areas is important for a comfortable shave.


A good rotary or foil shaver should come with an easy to clean routine such as detachable blades that permit a quick cleaning or carry out self-cleaning process. This helps in cleaning of any oils and bacteria that may cause acne or infect open wounds acquired during the shave.

Ergonomic Shape

Many people may overlook this simple factor, but it affects many aspects such as comfort while shaving and the execution of the delicate techniques that might just prove costly when you end up bruising your skin in the end.

Top 7 Benefits of Electric Shaver

Shave Faster

This is the main reasons for the choice of the people to buy an electric shaver. It is much better than a manual one and saves a lot of time. Like, the manual one, you don’t need to consider about the wet/dry or availability of water or shaving cream or gel.

This is the major appeals of these types of shavers.

Save Money

When you go to shaving you have to check the pocket or the wallet if it is sufficient or not. In the traditional shavers you need water, cream or gel and some other related items. You buy them not in a single day but in average you spend a lot of money for them.

On the other hand, when buy an electric shaver though you have invested at a time but it is longer invest than the traditional shaver system.

Reduce Cutting Experience on the Skin

Whenever you go through by using traditional shaving system, you must have a cutting experience of your face. I have the same experience also at the first time of my shaving.

After that I change my shaving razor to an electric one. Now I am shaves easy and comfort with painless operation and ensure close shave.

Control Your Stubble

The controlling options are absent in a traditional razor whereas an electric shaver do it easily according to user desired size. As a result, you can easily control the stubble of your face. For doing it exactly there is no alternative of buying an electric trimmer.


The longevity of an electric shaver is 3 to 5 years if you maintain it properly. But the traditional one has no guarantee when it not works properly. Moreover, the cheaper razors can use only for 3 or 4 times for shaving. So, you have to take the decision for investing one time and use for a longer period.

Versatility of The Shaver

The wet and dry facilities of an electric shaver make the shaving easier than other shaving system. Water availability doesn’t work in this instance. So, the charging and cleaning box gives you more opportunity to using the Braun electric razor.

User Friendly

Of course, the electric shavers, clippers and trimmers are user friendlier than other clippers or trimmer or shavers. The first time cost is higher but the final cost according to performance is better than others. For your conveniences, company produces electric shavers for men, women or for legs and face. As a result, price cuts low due to different types.

Final Words About Electric Shaver’s Benefits

If you need a shaver which must have the quality of close shave, it must go to the electric shaver. That’s why depending on quality, performance, and other opportunities, electric shaver is the best.

For the first time it seems to be costly to you, after use you never buy another one without electric options. The cartridge based razors are gives you more convenient shaving.

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