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Oster Fast Feed vs Wahl Senior-The Basic Difference

You have heard much about the best clippers on the market and you are finding it hard to choose between Oster fast feed vs Wahl senior, which one will you choose?

If you do not read the review, it is likely you make a wrong choice. The two popular products look familiar. We are sharing information about two most popular models on the market today, which is the OSTER Fast Feed Adjustable Pivot Motor Clipper 76023-510 vs Wahl Professional Senior Clipper #8500 – The Original Electromagnetic Clipper with V9000 Motor – Great for Barbers and Stylists – Perfect for.


Body and Design

Perhaps the most striking differences in the Oster feed vs Wahl senior comparison is in terms of body and design of the two products.

If you watch closely at the two products, you will notice that Wahl Senior is slightly bigger than the Oster fast feed counterpart. It weighs 1.3 pounds, which is bigger than the Oster Fast feed which weighs 1lbs. This makes Oster lighter and many people who will be traveling with this kind of product always consider the issue of weight. Some people could prefer to use it because of the less weight and this makes more portable. Moreover, ergonomic design of Oster makes it perfect for your cutting purpose.

From the shapes, the producers want to make it easy for cutting. Furthermore, its textured housing is to ensure good and easy gripping. The design is such that you may not find it hard to use it. It is tailored to delivering efficient cutting. The clipper also measures 6 by 3 by 10.5 inches, and as pointed above, it doesn’t weigh more than 1 pounds. This makes it balance and perfect for your hair cutting. 

The Wahl senior clippers on the other hands measure 2.5 by 2 by 7 inches. It weighs 1.3 pounds and this makes it heavier than Oster product. The product is chemical resistant because of the type of materials used to produce it. It equally uses the chemical resistant cord. To ensure that it is fast and efficient, it uses V9000 electromagnetic motor. Furthermore, it operates at 120 volts and 60 Hertz.

Because Oster has less weight, it looks like it has better and more vantage look compared to the Wahl senior counterpart. If you look both of them from the outside, they may not look awesome, but they both appear solid. Both are powerful clippers and deliver fast result in no time as you will see in the course of this review.

The two clippers appear durable and can cut fast. Oster fast feed for instance is a product of steel blade. When you order the product, you get cleaning brush, lubricating oil as well as blade guard and three guide combs. This means that they arrive with the most important accessories.

Blades and Motors

Another interesting aspect of this review that can assist you in knowing the difference between Oster Fast Feed vs Wahl Senior is the blades and motors.

Wahl senior uses the most powerful V9000 electromagnetic motor which is the best suited for the barbers & stylist. Because of the power, it can cut through hair very fast. Even it can cut most difficult hair with ease. Moreover, it is efficient; it doesn’t pull nor choke the hair when you use it.

Most importantly, it uses all-purpose blades, and to enhance the efficiency, you can easily adjust it, and you can do that by pushing its slide lever.

This lever controls the clipper’s cutting length. Furthermore, the blade is very sharp and it can glide very well. When you use it, you are sure of achieving a smooth and superb cut. For those seeking to achieve zero gap close cut, it appears that the machine is good at that.

Oster Fast Feed on the other hands is a powerful product but it is not as efficient as Wahl senior counterpart is. The motor is efficient and more powerful than most other clippers on the market. It uses a whisper pivot motor, which is very quiet.

The product is more powerful when compared to any magnetic motor clipper. It has other blade sets, which you can use it and they include the #76913-506 as well as the #76913-536. It also uses an adjustable blade. Many people consider the blades strong and durable. The blades are equally stainless. If you want to cut any type of hair whether it wet or dry hair, this product is a perfect option for you.

Noise and Heating

While Wahl Senior is more efficient because of the motor capacity, Oster Fast Feed, on the other hand, is more users friendly and it is more environmentally friendly. In terms of noise level and heating efficiency, it appears that Oster clipper has an upper hand. One big challenge that accompanies high capacity motor is that it can heat up fast. This is what you expect because of the fast moving parts.

You should expect that the motor is going to heat very fast and this can impede the cutting efficiency. There is also the problem of heating noise. This is not the case with the Oster Fast Feed counterpart. Oster hardly makes noise. In terms of noise and heating, Oster has an edge.

Another thing that can impede the heating efficiency is the metal chrome in its bottom part. It can burn your hands because of the way it transmits heat. Bottom chrome can transfer heat to your body. Many users prefer Oster when it comes to safety. If you know this minor deficiency, you may not find it hard to use Wahl Senior.

Oster uses pivot motor, which is less powerful. Apart from that, the body is plastic materials. Because of this, it does not heat so fast. Wahl motor is very powerful and when it heats, you can expect a loud noise from the system. Oster counterpart does not heat that way, and you do not expect to get that kind of loud noise.

Price and Accessories

Oster Fast Feed sells for $59.37. This is affordable compared to $77.33, which is the price for Wahl Senior. The variation in price is understandable. Wahl product appears to be rugged in terms of design it is heavier. It could be that more materials were deployed in producing it compared to feed counterpart. 

Oster Fast Feed has the following accessories: they include blade guard, three guide combs, lubricating oil/ as well as a cleaning brush. It appears that it has everything you want to use the clipper. Furthermore, it contains 8 feet power cords.

Wahl senior clipper sells for $77.33. This is a bit higher than Feed product. For ease and convenience of use, it arrives with the most important accessories needed to use it. Here are some of the accessories it comes with and they are as follows: three attached combs, cleaning brush, oil, instructional manual, as well as a red blade guard. You can see that these accessories have those things that can assist you to use in using the clipper.

In terms of accessories, these clippers come with the needed accessories. All these make it easy for you to use them. If there are other accessories that you require, which are not available, you can procure them yourself.

Which One is The Best?

Between Oster Fast Feed vs Wahl Senior, which is one of the best? It depends on what you are looking for. When it comes to the conveyance, it appears that many people will rate Oster product higher because it is the weight is lighter than Wahl senior. If you are looking for the best performing clipper, consider the motor efficiency.

Wahl Senior uses a more powerful motor and this can translate to better cutting efficiency. Wahl can deliver faster and quicker results. Many people rate higher in cutting efficiency. 

If you consider the noise level, Oster makes less noise and you may feel safer using it as it does not transmit heat to your hands. This model makes less noise and it cuts fast as well. If you consider the noise level above any other factor, then you can opt for Oster Fast Feed clipper. 

Affordability is a critical factor in using this kind of product. For many users on a strict budget, they have to consider the cost. Oster Fast Feed is cost effective and cheaper than Wahl. Oster Fast feed is the winner in this aspect.

In view of the analysis above, Oster Fast Feed seems to be better Wahl Senior clipper. If you are looking for a product to recommend between the two, it may be wiser selecting Oster fast feed. For more about top 10 best hair clippers you can check the clippers list here.

Final Words

It will no longer be difficult for you to make a choice between Oster fast feed vs Wahl senior. You have seen the features as well as the good attributes of both clippers. In the same way, you have seen the negative aspects of these two products. One can easily tell which of the product is better.

You can see from the reviews above that these are two front-runners and they are good for the purpose you want to use it for. It appears that many people are satisfied with the products. You will get real value for your money for any of the products you buy.


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