panasonic arc 5 vs braun series 9

Panasonic Arc 5 vs Braun Series 9 – Which One is Better?

Panasonic arc 5 vs Braun series 9 – here our expert reviewed team compare both haircutting tools for you.

I think you have enough knowledge thus you need to know which one is the best among Panasonic Arc 5 and the Braun Series 9.

Both of 2 are the best electric hair clippers & shavers in the present market. So, it is very much tough to select one by checking only the price and the body cover of the hair slicing device.

As a result, here we set up a total round-up of the Panasonic Arc 5 vs Braun Series 9.


Overview of Braun Series 9

If your desire is most efficient shave in less time, no doubt the Braun Series 9 is the best. Series 9 is the latest shaver’s version of Braun that is replaced after the Series 7.


Here we mention that the series 9 is till now equaled popular to its customer’s. The truth of this series 7 you can check details from Outstanding Braun Series 7 790cc Review.


According to consumer’s demand, the brand Braun produces series 9 for you. It comes with some updated technology along with series 7 options.


The newer technology SyncroSonic head gives it lucrative design and the 5-shaving elements can slice more haircut at a time. 


The Braun series 9 is the world’s #1 foil shaver. 

Overview of Panasonic Arc 5

The Panasonic Arc5 series features a 5-blade shaving system that is the most choices by the consumers. Note that this is the award-winning series of Panasonic and the premium one. So, the cutting experience of the Panasonic Arc 5 is as good as Braun series 9.  

Panasonic arc 5 vs Braun series 9

The Braun Series 9 is the world’s most significant electric hair shaver that comes out with Sonic technology and an intelligent AutoSensing motor that reduce hair more than any other clipper in the present market.

Customer Experience of Panasonic arc 5 vs Braun series 9

The customer experience count from the reviews of the consumers and their real life. This experience counted on the average battery life, total shaving time and the shaving quality. 


The charging time of Panasonic Arc 5 is 1 hour and operation time is 45 minutes. Both have a cordless option that is better than only a corded one. 

Whereas, Braun series 9 also a cordless product and operating time of the Li-Ion battery is 50-minutes.

Shaving Time

It is difficult to counting shaving time because it depends on hair sizes and thickness. The powerful motor of Panasonic delivers 14,000 cuts per minute where Intelligent Sonic Technology of Braun Series 9 cuts 40,000 cross-cutting per minute. 

Shave Quality

Panasonic Arc 5 produces comfort shave for you but the Braun series 9 is more comfortable than previous version 7 or the Arc 5. 

Shaving Comfort

Though Panasonic offers you a close and comfort shave but Braun series 9 gives you more comfortable shave. 

Build & Design: Arc 5 vs Series 9

Design not only for eyewash but it is very much relating to shaving quality. That’s why the sleek and ergonomic design along with handy clippers slices more hair than another cutting device. For the instances, here I describe build and design comparison of both the Panasonic Arc 5 & the Braun Series 9.

Build Quality

The building design of the 2 electric shavers is well and good. In the earlier, Arc 5 made with plastic body whereas recent version made from metal. As a result, it gives a better result with longer lasting to its customers.  

The sharp foil blades of Braun tend not to direct hitting the ground with the skin. Thus, the current collection of the Braun 9 is the best electric shaver in the market and people enjoy a good shave.


Both of these two electric shavers are the best choices by the professionals and the barbers. But for the comparison according to design, obviously, the Panasonic Arc 5 is the best choice. But for Series 9, the silver color is the best option for you.


Both men’s electric shavers are features easy to hold with textured rubber grip. For the dry shaving, both devices are good but for the shower with shaving cream, the Arc 5 is the best.

Shaving Head

According to shaving head, the Arc 5 has the largest head and can easily cut a lot of hair in a single pass. Whereas, the Series 9 comes with 4 cutting elements that are the head is smaller than the Arc 5.

Cleaning & Maintenance

Panasonic Arc 5 has a unique feature that is high-quality Automatic Cleaning Station to completely clean dry hair. As a result, you save a lot of time and get a smooth shave in a few minutes.

The Braun Series 9 has an alcohol-based clean system that cleans the blades easily.

Final Thought

These 2 extra-ordinary hair shavers are the best of the best of two renowned companies Panasonic and Braun.

If you are a newer one to buy a razor and it is the popular electric shaver tools, sometimes you may be in confusing. Because both devices have same good features and qualities that are very difficult to find out.

For the longer and better performance in shaving, both have good experience from the customer’s satisfaction and reviews. 

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