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Wahl Magic Clip Vs Wahl Senior | The Basic Difference

Wahl Magic Clip Vs Wahl Senior hair clipper demonstrates how these are associated with one another and the fundamental distinctions between them.

For the instances, we describe in a brief the Wahl magic clip cordless and Wahl Senior Cordless separately. And then we make an effort to show the basic difference side by side as you can catch it easily.

Absolutely, the 2 Wahl Clippers are excellent for practical use but here you find the main reason exactly why and how they differ from each other.


What Experts Demand?

Before produce products, Wahl thinks this basic demand of the customers and that’s why people love Wahl very most. For your instances, the Brand Wahl makes this Senior Clipper 8500 for the professional use only. So, it is a great choice for the barbers.

This stylish hair clipper uses a V9000 motor that is electromagnetic and cutting faster than a standard trimmer. Moreover, it offers you heavy-duty and no risk of overheating.

On the other hand, Wahl Professional 5-Star Magic Clip #8451 is also the V9000 motor and a great device for stylist and barbers. Also, it is the best for professional use. 

The main difference between these 2 clippers in their price that is the price of Senior 8500 is higher than Magic Clip 8451. Besides this, you can find the other difference in the comparison table below while you read. 

I think these 2 Wahl brand hair clippers fulfill the demand of a professional and a barber. If you have no depth idea about hair trimmers and clippers these two is perfect for you and for your salon shop.

Why People Love the Cordless Magic Clip?

The first cause is that the price of this Wahl Professional 5-Star Magic Clip #8451 reasonable price.

The hair clipper comes with Precision Fade that offers you different types of hairstyles quickly. In addition, the blade of this clipper is adjustable with zero overlaps. Moreover, it uses a very powerful motor that is V9000 and very cool when to use i.e. not heat easily compare to other available clippers on the market.

Also, the movement of this clipper is easy that slices hair more in a short time. That’s why 5-Star Magic Clip #8451 is the best choices of the people and the stylish barber.

Why People Love the Cordless Wahl Senior?

People like the Wahl Professional Senior Clipper 8500 because of its professional quality design and overall performance. 

The Wahl Senior 8500 use the most recent powerful V9000 motor that offers highest number of haircut daily. In addition, the shunt electric motor helps to do it easily. 

Moreover, the razor-sharp blades make it easy to close and precision haircut that the professionals and barbers first priority. 

Finally, you can trim all types of hair using this Wahl Professional 8500 Senior Premium Hair Clipper.

Compare between these 2 Wahl Cordless Clippers

Below we describe the main features, specifications, accessories of the container box, pros and cons of the 2 cordless Wahl brand hair clipper Wahl Magic clip vs Wahl Senior 8500.

Wahl Magic Clip 8451

Wahl Senior 8500


The 5-Star Magic Clip (#8451) size: 

·        6.5” long and

·        Weighs 1 lb.

·        Cord: 8-feet,

·        Professional grade #2191 blade Electromagnetic V9000 motor

·        Operates at 120 volts/60 hertz.

·        Dimensions: 8 x 2.8 x 3 inches


The Senior Clipper (#8500) size:

·        6.5” long and

·        Weighs 1 lb. 3 oz.

·        Cord: 8-feet 

·        Blade #1005 

·        Electromagnetic V9000  motor

·        120 volts with 60 hertz

·        Dimension: 2.5 x 2 x 7 inches

What’s containing into Box?

You find all the necessary equipment and the main are-

·        The clipper

·        8 attachment combs

·        Necessary Oil

·        Cleaning brush

·        Guide Book and

·        A red blade guard

What’s containing into Box?

It comes with all necessary add-ons and the main are-

·        The clipper

·        3 add-on combs

·        Essential oil

·        Cleansing brush

·        Guidelines

·        A red-colored blade guard


·        V9000 Motor

·        Lightweight

·        Ceramic Blades

·        Rotary Motor

·        Powerful Battery

·        Cordless


·        V9000 Motor

·        Close and accurate haircut

·        Extra sharp blades

·        Wahl shunt electric motor

·        Cordless 


Motor torque challenges

Battery indicator should be needed


Make some vibration

May heat Prematurely

Best For:

Barbers and Stylists

Best For:

Professionals and barbers


Maintenance is a routine work for any tools basically that uses motor. But for the hair clippers where use motor, blades, and combs must be maintenance need for better performance as well as long lasting of the clipper. For more details about maintenance go through- How to maintain hair clippers.

Final Words about Wahl Magic Clip Vs Wahl Senior

Finally, it is easy to find which one is the best for you because after reading this article you acquire a vast knowledge of this 2 clipper.

The #1 brand Wahl produces their tools thinking about the betterment of their customers. So, both can the best choices for you and they offer you outstanding performance.

For more about cordless hair clippers you can check the top 10 best cordless clippers and trimmers. 

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