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Are you searching to comprehend the distinction between a trimmer and shaver? Yes, here is the place that serves your main purpose for looking for information about Trimmer vs Shaver.  Also, the smart reviewers of our team try to clear the basic difference between shaving and trimming.

Those have enough patience can check the top 9 list of best electric hair clippers and shavers for men in this year. 


What is The Purposes of Shaver & Trimmer

In a word, it can be said that trimmers and shavers are used for cutting hair. But shavers are only for shaving purpose and different types of trimmers are for hair trimming purpose.

Men’s always prefer a close shave and also fulfill the demands of the office, lovers or the family. So, he must be neat and clean in his everyday life. To ensure it he must use an electric shaver for his regular shave. Moreover, he must grow smart looks with his hairstyle and thus he has to need a trimmer.

A lot of trimmer of different types are available in the market. But before purchasing one, you might be considered actually what purposes serve by the trimmer. Are they cover your grooming needs or not?

What are We Looking for?

Before buying a product, we must be considered about the products some features and quality. To serve this purpose we make a short list here.

  • It should be user-friendly
  • If it is suitable for a proper shave
  • It must be skin friendly whatever it takes
  • The price should be reasonable

A good clipper or trimmer must meet all the above points that make it popular to its customer’s.

What is Trimmer?

A trimmer is simply a slicing tool that’s a basic function of cutting and neatening hair.

A trimmer is a hair cutting tool that slices sizeable hair without injuring your sensitive skin. Compare with hair clippers, it is small in size and handy tool that makes it user-friendly. To obtain raunchy and macho beard shape of you, the trimmer is definitely the best selection.

Additionally, it can also be utilized for multi-functional use like- trim pubic hair, underarm & chest hair.

Types of Trimmers

The main categories of the trimmers are described in a brief here.

Hair Trimmers

Hair trimmer mainly recognized for its versatility of cutting hair from every area of the body and can utilize for men and women.

Beard Trimmers

Beard trimmer is the valuable product for those men who have extra-look beard and if he is very much conscious about his beard. A good out looking beard makes men respectable along with crazy.

Therefore, beard trimmer gives you different classy beard styles together with cut the beard at the same time.

Pros and Cons of a Beard Trimmer


  • It is your pleasure to any shape of your facial beard
  • Smooth & Comfortable Shave
  • Blades are skin friendly and not to harm or cause any injury.


  • For a clean shave it takes too time for carefully use of the trimmer.
  • For different length settings try to use different length blades and combs.

Ear And Nose Trimmers

Ear and nose trimmer generally work for the same purpose that is you can use it for both purposes.

Bikini Trimmer

Bikini trimmer is the best solution for shaving and trimming the pubic hair of women and girls. For getting a better result for a longer period, the electric trimmer is the first option for you that keep your bikini area neat and tidy. 

What is Shaver?

Presently, shaver means an electric razor. This razor mainly categorized into-

Shaver head and

Spinning blades. 

Shaver Head: Maximum shaver head comes with foil type and works well than other shaver. 

Spinning Blades: The spinning blades places two or more at a time and cover a large area that could slice more hair.

What is Clipper?

hair clipper is a device that is mainly cut hair of the human head. The Clippers are different in colors and functions along with lucrative features. You can find it available in the salon shop and barbers are happy with trim hair with this slicing tool.

Hair clippers are a good asset for men because it is an essential cutting machine that has the quality named- “do it yourself hair clipper” techniques.

Pet Clippers

Pet clippers are specialized for pet hair grooming and it is mainly used for dog. 

What is Epilator?

Epilator is a device that pulls out hair from the body like waxing, but not to harm cells. Basically, the Epilator is used by women to pulling out their unwanted hair.

Reviews list of Trimmer & Shavers

Here a list of Best beard trimmer for you with review.

  1. Remington PG6025
  2. Wahl Beard and Mustache Trimmer #9918-6171
  3. Panasonic ER224S
  4. Remington PG6250

Best Electric Shaver

Below a list of best electric shavers review for you.

  1. Panasonic ES8103 Arc 3
  2. Panasonic arc 5 ES-LV95-S
  3. Braun Series 7 790cc
  4. Braun series 9 9090cc electric shaver

Pros and Cons of an Electric Shaver


  • A smooth shave within a minute
  • Any type of length can be possible


  • Sometimes seems to be costly for some people
  • Blades should be altered after a certain period

Best Electric Shaver For Women

Electric shavers come with an electric motor that is more powerful than another manual one. Also, provides a quick shaver less than 2 minutes that can’t do by the other standard clipper.

It is costlier than normal shaver but skin-friendly and you get comfortable to shave each day.

For the concern about the lady, best electric shavers for women give you the solution.

Final Words About Electric Trimmer vs Shaver

Finally, I think the article is enough to give a total concept of trimmer vs shaver. Trimmers are of different types and trim any types of hair from the body. 

Shaver’s are basically well-defined for shaving purpose. Electric shaver’s are skin-friendly and saves time though the price is higher than manual one. 

At the last, I will say enjoy trimming and shaving in your whole life. 

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