Panasonic ER224S review

Panasonic ER224S Cordless Hair & Beard Trimmer Review

What makes a product popular? The brand name and the qualities of the product itself. The Panasonic ER224S review helps you to select the targeted one. This Cordless Hair and Beard Trimmer is most well-known in order to the client’s satisfaction and then for the All-in-One outstanding good quality that it bear. This particular high quality offers the opportunity. So that you can cut all types of hair that may be tiny facial beard but additionally unmanageable hairs.

Furthermore, you may use this cordless clipper both these styles- hair clippers along with a beard trimmer. The trimmer also features a water-resistant layout. Additionally, the sharp blades give you comfortable shave. Another important feature is its ergonomic design. Notably, 14 precision settings help you to cut the perfect size of hair as you choose. Even you can use the ER224S to be handy in wet/dry.


About The Panasonic ER224S Review

Panasonic Precision Blades:

​The high-performing stainless steel blades of this trimmer provides you luxury trim in every cut of your beard and facial hair. The water-resistant facial beard and hair trimmer trimming and grooming beards well clean and in a relaxed manner.

Ergonomic Design:

​The design of this trimmer is sleek and ergonomic. This model is suited for most grooming kits with regard to optimum convenience plus portability.

14 Adjustable Settings:

​The 14 adjustable settings of this hair trimmer help you to quickly adjust to any length that you desire.

​Wet/Dry Option

This individual trimmer offers you both wet and dry option for your pleasure.​


​This is 100% washable under warm water. It is totally water-resistant. So, use it without any hesitation.


This trimmer offers you both corded or cordless options. With this cordless option you can trim every time and everywhere

Precision Blades

For a comfortable hair and beard trim here you find a precision blade. This blade helps you to cut fast action for the hair slice.


This is 100% washable under warm water.


After every cleaning, use the blade oil for better performance and increase the durability of the clipper. Oiling the clipper blades is one kind of maintenance of the hair clipper and trimmer.

AC Charger

Here you find an AC charger for charging the hair trimmer as needed.

The youtube video provides the clear idea about the hair trimmer and clipper.

Design, Performance and Features

All-in-One Precision

All-in-One means the universal quality of the clippers. The precision means the accuracy of configuration settings that is very easy to set in different settings. It provides personal grooming safely and effectively both in dry or even in the bathtub.

Renowned Workmanship. The History for High-Quality.

Panasonic ER224S electric hair and beard trimmer generally used the world famous sharpened and sturdy swords which are evolving the Japanese crafting. Using this detail cutting blade method, you can get an amazing power and satisfaction. The spectacular edge helps you to cozy shaving.

14 Changeable Trim Adjustments

What types of haircut do you need? Short, medium or long. You can do all types of a haircut by this exclusive cordless hair clipper for men. This ER224S All-in-One trims your facial, mustache, and entire body shaving. Also, you can slice your child haircuts as well.

Handles Your Complete Grooming Demands

We need a trimmer that gives you the trim what I actually want. It may be the short, medium or long. The standard rechargeable Panasonic ER224S All-in-One Cordless trimmer handled all your trimming needs. It is best for hair and beard trimming. Also, you can use it for your kid’s haircuts. This offers you best beard trimming option.

Wet/Dry Handy and Totally Washable

If you are away from home or even require a swift touching up grip this wet or dry grooming clipper offers you an effective, thorough clean facial beard or facial hair as well as slice the hair. Due to the fact wet/dry option, it is made for 100 % water immersion, this works just like effectively within the shower or in the kitchen sink.

You can wash the Panasonic ER224S into the water and easily clean within seconds of time. To perfectly clean, use the brush that included in the box. So you can remove the thickest hair as quick as your desire.

At a Glance of The Product

Product Dimension

Product Weight


Star Ratings


3 x 2 x 6 inches

6.7 ounces



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Extra Information

AC with Standard Rechargeable Battery

There is a built-in standard rechargeable battery in the trimmer and including an AC charging standard charge the ER224S approximately 8 hours. Hence, it provides you to trim 5 minutes. The handy charge indicator within the handle that indicates charging improvement.


The Panasonic ER224S All-in-One Cordless Hair and Beard Trimmer review measure a light-weight design. It is 3 x 2 x 6 inches along with a weight load only 6.7 ounces. Therefore, it retailers, as well as travelers, can travel with it effortlessly.

What’s inside the Container?

  • Panasonic ER224S Cordless Hair and Beard Trimmer (All-in-One)
  • AC charger with stand
  • Blade oil
  • Brush for Cleaning the trimmer

Maintenance of This Panasonic ER224S Review

Cleaning and maintenance for this Panasonic beard trimmer are simple and quick. For a new look and new working capability, clean the trimmer with brush and wash in warm water after every use. The Panasonic electric hair clipper included clipper blade oil for performing well and long lasting.

Use clipper or trimmer oil to maintain these types of clipper cutting blades looks like fresh new. In addition to functioning just like a brand-new trimmer as well.

To clean the blade and comb uses if possible warm water but not mandatory.

Moreover, learning adequate knowledge about the maintenance of the trimmer, go through the link hair clipper maintenance.

Simple FAQ

  1. Question: Are you thinking about while you are in a big hurry or in a rush, how can use it?

Answer: Yes, this trimmer offers you both corded or cordless options for you. Also, the super-sharp blade provides you a quick trim with cozy.

  1. Question: What types of volt use it?

Answer: The supplied transformer is perfect for 110vac. In addition, it is suited using the USA plug.

3 Alternatives of Panasonic ER224S Review

Here listed 3 alternatives products available on the market.

  1. Panasonic wet and dry Cordless Electric Beard and Hair Trimmer– The color is black and mainly for Men.
  2. Braun Silk-épil 9 9-579 Wet and Dry Cordless Electric Hair– with Removal Epilator, Ladies Electric Razor for Women
  3. Panasonic ER-GB40-S 19 Precision Hair and Beard Trimmer– It is for wet and dry wash. 

Simple comparison table of these 3 products


Panasonic wet and dry Cordless Electric Beard and Hair Trimmer

Braun Silk-épil 9 9-579 wet and dry Cordless Electric

Panasonic ER-GB40-S 19 Precision Hair and Beard Trimmer


precision honed

self-sharpening steel blades

Stainless-steel blades

Best for

Ideal for complete Beard Grooming

Hair Remover

Beard and mustache Trimmer


Best for Beard & Hair trimming

Facial Remover

Beard and Mustache Trimming

Product Dimensions

2 x 1.6 x 7.1 inches

10.2 x 3.7 x 7.8  inches

1.8 x 1.8 x 6.7 inches

Product Weight

12.8 ounces

1.7 pounds

12.8 ounces


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Check when buying

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2 years

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Final Word

Finally, we can say that the Panasonic ER224S review hair and beard trimmer is smooth, light-weight design and style suits perfectly right into almost all men’s grooming kits to make it straight forward to carry to operate, a fitness center or even whilst moving. In addition, you can check the top-rated professional grade clippers for getting best one for your future use.

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