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Panasonic ES8103S Arc3 Electric Shaver Review For Men

According to Amazon’s previous choice, the Panasonic es8103s best buy hair cutting tool that is mostly known for its electric shaving performance. Also, it introduces the wet/dry option as well as nanotech blades of ultra-sharp that slice hair smoothly. Moreover, Panasonic Arc 3 Review delivers the main features and performance in a brief that make a clear concept for you.

Panasonic ES8103s Arc3 Electric Shaver is a wonderful shaver for men with 3 blades system and wet-dry comfortable.


Things To Consider Before  Writing Panasonic arc3 Review

If you don’t have previous experience on electric shaver so you must read the following reviews. Because you need to know design, performance, and features of the shaver.

In addition, you have to check why and how Panasonic es8103s is best suited for you and for your family. Besides this, you might be considered the options wet/dry along with skin friendliness.

Those who have need a current and more better shaver with more value can check the Panasonic Arc 5 Electric Shaver that fulfill your professional taste. 

What’s in the Men’s Razor Box?

In a razor box you find a lot of accessories that helps to maintain the clipper as well as countable like features. 

  • Panasonic ES8103S Arc 3 Wet/Dry Electric Shaver
  • Foil Shaver Cover
  • Travel pouch
  • AC Adapter for recharge it


If you want to know about the product at a glance then specification is the easy process.

Specification of the Panasonic Arc 3 are:

  • No of Blades-3
  • Display Type- 10 stage LCD
  • Pivoting Type- Flexible
  • Wet/Dry Option-Yes
  • Washable under water- 100%
  • Warranty- 2-years
  • Product Dimension- 10.2 x 4 x 5 inches
  • Product Weight- 6 pounds

Features & Benefits

The Panasonic Arc 3 review offers you a huge number of features that makes it as a beneficiary hair shaver for you. This Arc 3 is not only an electric shaver but also cordless with 3-blades system that gives you smooth shave every time. 

Motor Drive

How much faster can cut a clipper mainly depends on its power drive performance? In this Panasonic arc 3 es8103s motor offers 13,000 CPM (cycles per minute) that assures a quick trim, eradicating, yanking and tugging.

Nanotech Blades

The Panasonic Arc3 models are built with nanotech floating blades that have 3 in number (Multi-Fit Arc Blades). Also, it comes out with an arced foil system that gives you close cut with comfort shaving. A 30-degree position of the razor blades flipped easily to close cutting.

Here is an unboxing ES8103S Arc 3 electric shaver review for you.

Pivoting Head

The pivoting head of an electric shaver is crucial because its flexibility carries out your facial curves to get a fantastic shave.

Pop-up Trimmer

The Panasonic ES8103S Arc3 electric shaver has a pop-up trimmer and that is ideal for male grooming. It is easy to use just tuck away like above picture.

Wet Dry Electric razor

Take pleasure in the ease of a fast shaving device working with both functions wet or dry. For your instances, you can use foal or gel to get a softer shave.

Completely Washable

For washing in a good manner remove the foil from your electric shaver after that turn on turbo mode to wash. To obtain additional cleansing energy just switch on the Sonic Vibration.


The Panasonic es8103s price is in mid-range about $63 but the average performance is greater than the value. Within this cost, you get an electric cordless hair shaver with 3-blades of foil type. That can easily cover the total facial area and you get a smooth shave.

Another video for Panasonic ES8103S Arc 3 review.

Social Proof

People like the Panasonic for its better performance and for its long lasting blades quality. For more better like upper grade, you can check the Panasonic Arc 5 review

If your choice is cordless, this is a good one for you- Panasonic ER224S hair and beard trimmer.

3 Alternatives

  1. Panasonic ES-LV95-S Arc 5 Electric Shaver–  Best choices of Panasonic brand electric shaver.
  2. Braun Series 7 790cc Cordless Electric Foil Shaver– Known as best electric foil shaver for professionals and barbers use.
  3. Braun Series 9 9090cc– Trim hair in order to density and thickness. 

Final Words About Panasonic Arc3 Review

Finally, I think that Panasonic WS8103S Arc3 electric shaver review achieved it’s all criteria for you. In an absent of cleaning and charging dock, Panasonic could maintain the selling price low of the shaver.

Electric shavers are an asset for both men & women. Here’s a good look on best shavers for women

Moreover, the ES8103S features a 3 blade shaving system that guarantees to reach all the difficult areas like- chin or sideburns. This is another reason for people to buy it.

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