How To Use Coconut Oil For Acne Scars?

To get exact result you must follow the rules of how to use coconut oil for acne scars. People who have the acne must use coconut oil for better result. 

You’ve to follow the following guidelines:

Wash your face first then use 1/4th tea spoon coconut oil or see the manual or your doctor’s prescription. Moreover, the coconut oil gives you natural moisture and you’ll be benefited day after day.

Please read the step by step guidelines below.


Tools and Materials Required

  • Towel
  • Mirror
  • Coconut oil
  • Essential oils
  • Steam faucets

Step By Step Procedure

The discussions below pertain to how to use coconut oil for acne scars:

Step I: Exfoliate the skin

It is necessary to start off by exfoliating the skin. This is to get rid of any hardened dirt and debris which might compromise the efficacy of the coconut oil. The facial scrub is, by all means, the most reliable tool for the accomplishment of this job.

Wash your face with water only. Go ahead to apply some generous amounts of the scrub on your face or skin. Leave it to settle for around 5 minutes or so. The scrub shall harden within the pores.

Thereafter, scrub the face thoroughly using your bare hands. This shall remove the hardened dirt and also open up the sweat pores.

Step II: Steam Your Face

Begin the entire process by steaming your face. This is to soften the skin around your face and to open up the seat pores. At the same time, steaming also gets rid of the debris that may have settled and hardened in the pores to let the sweat flow out unhindered.

First and foremost, you might consider shaving your beard and face for the sake of faster penetration of the steam. Follow this by getting rid of any makeup which might slow down the absorption of the steam by the skin.

Ideally, you require a steam faucet to do this. However, it might not always be that this jet is available. You may hence consider making use of a towel as an alternative. Drape the damp towel over your shoulders and head. This shall create some humidity tent of some kind.

Leave the towel draped over your head for a certain duration of time. Thereafter, lean over the bowl that contains steamy water for quite some time. Remove the towel and then leave your skin to dry naturally, without the use of a towel.

Step III: Apply The Coconut Oil Onto The Skin

You now have to proceed to apply the coconut oil for acne scars onto the skin. For this role, you will have to pour some coconut oil onto the teaspoon. Thereafter, apply this oil onto your face’s skin and then spread it using the palm of your hands in a circular motion.

If you so wish, you might also incorporate some essential oils which fight acne like the clary sage, juniper berry, lavender, and tea tree. These will generally expedite the process of combating acne not to mention that they also minimize the side effects of the coconut oil.

After applying the coconut oil and the attendant essential oils, you ought to leave them intact on your skin for some time. This is to let them settle into the skin and allow for proper interactions with and impacting of the acne scars.

Lastly, you have to massage the coconut oil and the other essential oils which you will have applied to your skin. Do this to all the areas that might be impacted by the acne. These include but certainly not limited to the chin, nose, cheeks, forehead, and the neck region. Leave for some time yet again to settle.

Step IV: Place A Facecloth Atop Your Face For Some Time

Now that you have already rubbed the oils on your face, you have to remove them. You will have to make use of a facecloth to do this. Soak a facecloth in some hot water. Leave it soaked for around 1 or 2 minutes.

At the expiration of the two minutes, remove the cloth, wring it, and then place it on top of your face for around a minute. The purpose of this is to let the hot water suck out the oils and in so doing, expedite their removal altogether.

You might have to repeat the procedure a couple of times for complete outcomes. Do this especially if the amount of the oils you applied were too many. You do not want to leave behind any trace of oil on your face, do you?

Step V: Soak Up Excess Coconut Oils

Chances are that even after the step above, some traces of the oils you will have applied on your skin may still persist. You want to get rid of such oil as well. To do this, use some facecloth in order to soak up any extra coconut oil and its use.


In case your skin feels rather oily, you might have to splash some lukewarm water on the face. Wash the face using some facial cleanser and mild soap. Alternatively, if you can afford a shower gel, by all means, make use of it as it is great at ridding your skin of any oils. Once you are through, pat your face dry using some clean towel.

Final Words-Wrapping It Up

Those have beard in their face, can also use this coconut oil. The natural product will help you to get the smart look along with smooth face. 

If you have any acne in your face, for trimming your beard you must select the best beard trimmer otherwise it may cause to happen destroy your valuable skin.


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