Panasonic Er-Gb40s Vs Panasonic Er-Gb80s

Panasonic is a great brand. The company is involved in the manufacture of lots of electronic products. Panasonic ER-GB40s and Panasonic ER-GB80s are among the greatest clippers on the world. There is no doubt that many people are interested in choosing between Panasonic ER-GB40s vs Panasonic ER-GB80s. If you are finding it hard to choose between the two great products, this review information will be of great value.

We have dissected the two products, reviewed all its features, and functions. These can assist you in making a decision as to which of the products is the best. Several factors make good clippers such as reliability, quality, comfort, and even cost. These two products are to be compared using these great attributes.


Panasonic ER-GB40s vs Panaso​​​​nic ER-GB80s​

Here our experts describe the main basic difference of both hair cutting tools.

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Body and Design

The cordless trimmer is for dry and wet mustache and beard. It is for easy grooming of beard right in your home. You can adjust the trimmer in a way that suits you most. It features an adjustable dial and the settings are 19, 0,5, and so on millimeter.

The settings include 1-10 mm and the aim is to prevent the use of many clipper combs attached to it. Furthermore, it is a question of removing the comb attachment and having a good trimming in your arms, chest and so on.

The trimmer is to make you look very good and you can do that right in your home. Its design is such that it can cut at 45 degrees and it can cut very well. The blade is equally durable and designed with a good quality stainless steel material. It is also composed of hypoallergenic blades.

Clipper equally features a cordless and corded design. If you want to use it cordless, it will not go beyond fifty minutes, but if you want to use it for an extended use, then you can use it corded.

Furthermore, it features three combs attachment. Both the trimmer and clipper are for adjustment, you can adjust it the way that suits you most. The design is such that you can use the product as a hair clipper and facial trimmer.

It is a question of adjusting the setting appropriately. The trimmer was designed with non-rustic materials. After use, it is easy to maintain and clean. Even if you run it or wash it under running water, it will remain clean and it may not rust.

The Basic Difference Besides Design

It appears that there are no much differences between these two products in terms of design. They feature almost the same items, but ER-GB80S looks good for more than one use. ER-GB40S is a compact design and you can use it in such a way that you avoid putting those accessories like combs and so on.

From all indications, these are great products and records, it looks like these products have won great awards in the past for their superior performance.

Blades and Motor

Panasonic ER-GB40s consists of super sharp and durable blades. From the design, it appears that the blades are good and efficient mustache trimmer and a precision cutting. It appears that the blades are efficient and cuts fast.

The system uses a battery that does not charge fast. It can take more than fifteen hours for the battery to be charged fully. If the battery does not charge full, it cannot serve below an hour. The blade of this product is very light. Because of the lightweight, it can be considered a perfect beard trimmer and works very fast.

On the other hands, Panasonic ER-GB80s is another precision based clipper, and that can be attributed to its precision blade. Furthermore, many people use it for their eyebrows and even their hair. It works on a battery, which many users observe is light. Once you charge the battery, it can last for a long time, and you can use it anywhere you go.

Furthermore, many users reveal they are happy with the voltage, as you do not need to worry about the voltage rating. It appears that the product uses universal voltage.

Comparing Panasonic ER-GB40s vs Panasonic ER-GB80s it appears the later has an edge in terms of blade and the cutting efficiency. Though the blade is light, it takes plenty of time for the battery to charge.

Noise and Heating

Both Panasonic products do not heat very fast. This is because they are both cordless. However, ER-GB40s does not remain cordless most of the times. If you want to use it for less than an hour, you can use it cordless. If on the other hands that you want to use the cord, this means that you have to use it for an extended period.

Because of the extended use, it can easily heat and it can make more noise. In the same way, ER-GB80s is cordless and you can use it on the go. It does not make a lot of noise and because it is cordless, which means that it is not always connected to electricity. It does not heat up easily.

One can infer from discussions above that these seem to be good products in their own rights. There are great benefits of using them. They are portable and you can use them on the go, but if you are looking for a product that can you can use for a long time without connecting to the power source, then you have to think of the latter. On the other hand, the former can be cordless, but if you want to use it for a long time, it can be connected to electricity.

Price and Accessories

ER-GB40s is cheaper than the ER-GB80s counterpart. The cost of the product is $39.99 as against ER-GB80s price of $69.99. The difference in price is understandable. If you are looking for better value for money, it appears that you will be better off with ER-GB80s. When you order ER-GB40s, it comes with important accessories such as electric trimmer, AC charging stand, cleaning brush, mustache and beard trimmer as well as the power source.

ER-GB80s as you are already selling for $69.99 and it comes with all the necessary accessories you require to use it such as three comb attachments, AC adapter, and charger, as well as universal voltage and so on. ER-GB80s is more expensive than the other. It is also more durable and can clean faster and cleaner. It tends to be quieter and eco-friendlier.

If you are more interested in fast, trimming, and shaving, you can consider the product. If on the other hands that you are budget conscious, you can opt for the ER-GB40s. One thing is certain and that is that you can get value for your money for any of the items you buy.

Which One is The Best?

These are great products in their own rights. The products as you can see from the reviews above perform very well in all departments of review. In terms of design, it appears that they are fantastically designed and they look attractive. You have seen that the two Panasonic models are affordable, as they are within reach. However, ER-GB40s is more cost effective. If you are strictly on a budget, you can consider ER-GB40s as it is cheaper than the other.

The other aspect is the noise level and heating. ER-GB40s is both cord and cordless. When you plug it to the electricity source and use it, it can generate heat and the noise can be disturbing. ER-GB80s on the other hands is not corded, it is cordless, and this means that you need not plug it to electricity before you begin to use it.

ER-GB80s makes less noise and it does not heat fast as the ER-GB40s counterpart could do. It appears that ER-GB80s is more user-friendly. When it comes to noise level and heating ER80s seems to have an edge. If you are more interested in performance, you can consider ER80s. It takes ER-GB40s longer time to fully charge compared to ER-GB80s. Moreover, if it is not fully charged, it will not last beyond one hour.

Final Words

Panasonic products are leading brands as most of its electronic products are rated high. Two of the highly rated clippers and trimmers on the market today include the ER-GB40s and ER-GB80s. These products are not only cost effective they are cordless as well. Furthermore, they are designed to provide efficient trimming services.

The models under review here are cordless. ER-GB40s is corded and cordless. Once you charge the product, it can serve for at least one hour. In addition, they come with the necessary accessories. These are great hair trimmer products, you are going to derive a value for your money.


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