How To Oil Hair Clippers | Complete Guideline For You

Knowing just how to oil hair clippers or how to oil a Wahl beard trimmer can be rather tricky the first time or so! I know I certainly had no idea how to do so when it was my first time. The good news is that after my own pain and struggling I can walk you through the entirety of how to do so, as well as essentially just about everything you need to know about hair clippers.

​First, we will walk you through what products are the best to use. Second, we will go over what you shouldn’t, as well as how to best approach this process to fit your own personal needs. Also certainly of some importance, we will also be discussing clipper blade maintenance.

How To Oil The Hair Clippers


First of all, use a brush to clean the accumulated hair out from between the blades assuming your clipper has been previously used. Then use the Wahl blade cleaner to make sure your blade is nice and clean both inside and out. Brush more to remove any and all remaining hair. Then use a paper towel to wipe off any excess oil – you don’t want to over oil it.


​Knowing how to use clipper oil properly is needed to get the most out of applying it. Use the Wahl blade cleaner to make sure your blade is nice and clean both inside and out by applying a few drops of the oil. Brush more to remove any and all remaining hair. Then use a paper towel to wipe off any excess cleaner. Excess cleaner left on could possibly negatively affect the effectiveness of applying oil to your clipper.

​Wahl Clipper Oil Substitute/Alternate Oil:


When substituting for regular hair clipper oil using one of the oils listed later in this article as potential substitutes or using your own kind you have found will work, you will likely find that there is no dropper provided with oils that are not directly intended for being used as hair clipper oil.

In this case, leave the motor off before applying oil. This is due to the fact you will have to be applying the oil with your fingers. Oil up one of your fingers and use your fingertip to spread the oil all around the cutting surface to spread the oil as best as you can with the hair clippers still off. Then turn on the hair clipper for twenty to thirty seconds to allow the oil to soak deeper into the blade covering the surface area you could not reach with your finger alone just as if you were using regular hair clipper oil.


Next, turn off the hair clipper before applying a few drops of Wahl hair Clipper blade oil. The oil will not really be able to work itself into the blades unless it is on. Also, the vibrations also cause by it being on will allow the oil to be better dispersed throughout the hair clippers blades.


Leave the hair clipper on for around 20-30 seconds to allow the oil to fully soak deep into the blades. After that, use the brush once again to check and make sure that the oil has fully coated all of the blades.


Trim away! You should be good to go with these instructions.

What Should I Utilize?

When it comes to actual hair clipper oil meant only for this purpose, Wahl hair clipper oil comes highly recommended as one of the best on the market for your clipper. Really, this oil should work just fine for just about any kind of electric shears you may have as well. Some other brands that should also work just fine and come with positive reviews are:

  • Wahl Hair Clipper Blade Oil 4 oz. #3310-300
  • Best Pre-Shave Oil, Sandalwood, Premium Shaving Oil
  • Oster Blade Lube Premium Lubricating Oil for clippers
  • Andis Clippers Clipper Oil 4 oz
  • ​Wahl 3310 118ml Clipper Oil.

But when it comes to how to oil hair clippers the major key for determining whether or not an oil you may just happen to have on hand already will work is that it simply needs to be a low viscosity type of oil.

In other words, whatever oil you use needs to at the least not be very thick and should flow faster rather than slower. This level of viscosity allows the blades to move both easier and faster with less resistance from friction. Another important key to making sure you have oil that will work as hair clipper oil is that it must also be able to resist high temperatures.

Household products such as even Vegetable oil or olive oil will even do for oiling your trimmer. Pure olive oil however will actually not work out as it is not able to withstand the high temperatures that are given off by the trimmer.

What Shouldn’t You Utilize?

How to oil hair clippers can be a tough job and will most definitely not come out right unless you use the right type of oils.

As stated earlier, make sure to stay away from heavier or more viscous kinds of oils. These oils will prevent the hair trimmer from moving as freely as it should be able to. Obviously, you should definitely not use something as crazy as motor oil. Also stated earlier, make sure whatever oil you use can resist high temperatures. Again, do not use pure olive oil.

How To Approach The Best?

Ultimately, make sure not to run out of oil and you should be in good shape with your hair trimmers! Also, it is worth noting that while some alternative oils will get the job done, they are still not necessarily ideal and best results will come out of using real hair clipper oil.

The Wahl clipper oil ingredients are what they are for a reason. But in regards to your own personal needs and what the best hair clippers, best beard trimmers, or best hair trimmer may be for your own personal situation, there are a few things to consider.

If you only trim your hairs or beard occasionally, it may be best to use a kind of hair clipper that is more affordable than and not as expensive as some of the higher quality one out there. For example, the Philips Norelco Multigroom is relatively affordable but also has very positive reviews. If you trim often, it would make sense to maybe investing in a higher quality as well as more expensive hair trimmer, such as the Wahl Clipper Elite Pro High Performance Haircut kit.

Obviously, the best hair clippers for barbers would have to be a high-quality kind that can accommodate to all different kinds of hair they may come across.

On the cheaper end for options for a barber, you would have Wahl Pro Lithium Cord/Cordless Hair Clipper 8546. On the more expensive end, you may want to say a MOSER LI+PRO 1884 Professional Cordless Hair Clipper.

Clipper Blade Maintenance

If you make sure to take care of your clipper well, you will find you will end up saving a lot more money than if you chose to neglect it. Therefore, knowing just how to maintain hair clippers can be very useful.

First of all, make sure to not let the blade get too far out of place. Use a screwdriver and remove the screws to allow the blade to move more freely so you can re-position it. Also worth doing often, is to just vibe it a good brush to get the hairs.

Allowing excess hairs to stack up will not work out well for your hair trimmers condition. And as you probably already know at this stage in the article, oiling regularly is a necessity.

But how often should you oil your clippers? In fact, Wahl recommends oiling with each use.

How long do hair clippers last?

According to Wahl, with regular maintenance, the batteries should last anywhere between 2-5 years.
How long do clipper blades last?

This will vary entirely upon the frequency you use it, but you can always get them sharpened.

​Final Thought about How To Oil Hair​Trimmer

When it comes to cutting hair, it is best not to mess around and be sure that you are doing it the right way. Hair is often the first thing people notice about us and is therefore in that sense part of most every first impression you make. Taking care of your hair clipper or beard trimmers is vital for getting a good cut.

Knowing what oils to use, how to apply them, and what maintenance routines you should take up are all important parts to getting the best cut you can. I hope I was able to shed some light on the subject for anyone new to it, or perhaps just looking for some more tricks!

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