How To Oil Hair Clippers | Complete Guideline For You

Knowing just how to oil hair clippers or how to oil a Wahl beard trimmer can be rather tricky the first time or so! I know I certainly had no idea how to do so when it was my first time. The good news is that after my own pain and struggling I can walk you through the entirety of how to do so, as well as essentially just about everything you need to know about hair clippers.

​First, we will walk you through what products are the best to use. Second, we will go over what you shouldn’t, as well as how to best approach this process to fit your own personal needs. Also certainly of some importance, we will also be discussing clipper blade maintenance.


How To Straighten Hair At Home with a Straightener?

I’m going to walk you through how to straighten your hair at home with a straightener so you can immediately apply these steps with the straightener you already own and have the knowledge to do this with any straightener you come across while traveling or with friends. I will add how to keep your hair healthy through this process without having to buy expensive products as well.

Step 1

The first step to straightening your hair is to have freshly cleaned and dry hair. Some straighteners advertise that they can straighten wet hair but this is extremely damaging and will lead to split ends and eventually hair loss.

Step 2

After your hair is completely dry, if you want to protect your hair from the heat you may simply drop a dime size amount of coconut or vitamin e oil in your hand and spread throughout your hair. This amount is sufficient for any length of hair as it spreads easily and is absorbed quickly.

Step 3

Once you’ve placed the oil in your hair then you may separate the top half of your hair with the bottom half just above the ears and clip in place.

Divide a 1 inch in width piece of hair from the rest of the bottom half and hold between your first finger and thumb.

Step 4

Open and place the straightener as close to the scalp as possible without touching it so as not to burn the skin. Release the straightener and immediately start moving downward away from the scalp toward the end of the hair. Count one thousand one, one thousand two and so on as you move the straightener down so that you will heat the hair enough to straighten it.

Step 5

Repeat this process until the bottom half of the hair is straightened, and when the hair is cool you may place a hair tie loosely around the nape of the neck to hold the hair in place, away from the top section you are about to straighten.

Repeat the above process with the top section of hair, and then remove the hair tie from the bottom section and style as desired.

Buyer’s Guide

If your hair is thin you may be able to straighten a wider or section of hair at a time. If your hair is thick you may need to go over the piece more than once. Do not straighten less than an inch at a time in order to prevent burning your hair. This rule will apply to curly hair as well. A foolproof way to get curly hair straightened is to run a pick or comb through it to remove any tangles prior to drying and straightening it.

Final Words

 Overall, learning how to straighten your hair at home with a straightener can be very easy and fun. It’s not about the best straightener or flat iron. You don’t have to know how to straighten your hair naturally or permanently, but be willing to learn how to do it right and as simply as possible.

The previous instructions should allow you to do just that and no longer worry about the salon or product costs hurting your pocketbook. Why not make a short-term time investment that could save you a long-term monetary investment.

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