Top 6 Best Rotary Shaver Reviews For Men in 2019

As 2019 comes to a close and the holidays are rapidly approaching you may be looking for the perfect gift for that special guy in your life. We took the time to review the top 6 best rotary shavers for men in 2019 to take the hassle out of shopping for your next shave.

The shavers that we reviewed include cordless shavers, rotary shavers, and foil shavers. We learned which shavers offer the best value for the price and give the inside scoop on Remington electric shavers, Philips Norelco 4500 and Phisco shavers.

Keep reading to see which rotary shavers made the cut.

Types of Shaver's

At first, you have to know about the types of shaver that helps you to take the final decision easily.

Electric Shaver

As the name suggests, the electric shaver derives its power from mains electricity. It possesses an oscillating or rotational set of blades. These are subsequently attached to a metallic guard. Owing to their electrical power, these shavers are super powerful and reliable enough. They can rid the body of the dreads and other tough strands of hairs. They also exude comparatively smooth and consistent outcomes. This is not to mention that they do not diminish in reliability or efficacy with time.

Rotary Shaver

The rotary shavers have their blades mounted on an axis. In most instances, it has three blades at a time. This kind of shaver is mainly used to get rid of medium coarse hair as it is not too tough as to be able to handle extremely thick hair. It is also used for occasional hair shaving applications. It requires fewer cleaning and maintenance when compared to other kinds of shavers.

Here a video of foil vs rotary shaver review.

Foil Shaver

Lastly, comes the foil shavers. These kinds of shavers have straight heads that have blades that oscillate back and forth. They are also called cutters and are mainly used to get rid of thin hair. This kind of shaver is also designed for everyday use owing to the durable and easy to use design. If you are looking for one to rid your beards of hair, this is it. You will, however, make arrangements for regular cleaning and maintenance.

Now that we have known some basic facts regarding the three kinds of shavers in vogue today, we now want to go ahead and explain them in finer details below. We are going to consider their advantages, downsides, uses, and relevance alongside all other pertinent issues in the proceeding segment of our discussions.

Product Name





Star Ratings


Philips Norelco 4500

2.2 x 2.2 x 5.8



Phisco Electric Shaver




Remington R5100

2.5 x 2.5 x 5.8



SweetLF 3D


3.2 x 4.3 x 7.5

12 ounces


MAX-T Electric Shaver

6.2 x 2.9 x 2.4



Philips Norelco 2100

3.5 x 5 x 9.6



Why People Use This Shaver?

Smoothen Cheeks

The shaver smoothens the cheeks. Its finer blades soften the skin that is located in and around the beard region. This leaves behind soft, tender, and healthy outcomes. It further enhances the state of the health of your skin.

Remove Residual Hair

As noted, the shaver also gets rid of residual hair from the skin. Its blades are capable of getting into too close a contact with the skin. This also enhances the appearances of your cheeks in the long run.

Fine-Tuning Your Grooms

You may also use the shaver to fine-tune your grooms. Being compact and light, you may carry it around and use it to groom your beard just before attending an interview or a meeting.

Benefits Of Using This Rotary Shaver

The following benefits you can take from this rotary shaver reviews.

Cordless and Battery-Powered

These shavers are cordless and battery-powered. This is to mean that they are not constrained by the electric cables as is the case with the electric shavers. They, therefore, give you the leeway to use them just about everywhere you might want. This design also allows for use in remote locations.

Compact Size

Generally speaking, the rotary shavers are compact in size. They are small and can fit just in every other available storage space. This expedites the process of transportation and handling. By reason of this, you will yet again be able to handle it conveniently and without much hindrances.

3-in-1 Blades

As stated, the typical rotary shaver has three blades that are independently mounted on the head. These blades are further designed in such a way as to rotate about an axis. This arrangement allows the shaver to conform to the contours of your face. This leads to smoother and more reliable outcomes.

Simple To Operate

On the whole, the rotary shaver lacks any sophisticated parts and components. As such, they are easier to master and comprehend. You do not have to possess any technical skill and expertise to be able to operate them at all. This is yet another reason why you badly want to incorporate it into your armory.

Close Shaves

They too are able to bring about extremely close shaves. This is because their blades are shorter. This arrangement is great as it leaves behind no residual hair at all. It is also great for ridding the skin of any unnecessary dirt and debris. This is yet another reason why the rotary shavers are great for grooming.

Several Kinds of Hairs

With this rotary shaver, you can get rid of just about every other kind of hair. These range from the short, thick, thin, and coarse hair, to mention but a few! You will not have to acquire numerous hair removal tools and will hence enjoy higher returns on investments.

Why Philips Norelco Takes First Place?

The Philips Norelco Shaver 4500 with Frustration-Free packaging tops our list of the best electric rotary shavers on the market for men in 2019.

This shaver stands out from the crowd compared to similar foil and rotary shavers in its class. The Philips Norelco 4500 provides men with wet or dry shaving options and a built-in pop-up trimmer for precision styling of beards, sideburns, and mustaches all in one. The dual precision heads are specially designed to be able to tackle shaves for both long and short hair making this an ideal choice for all around shaving.

The Philips Norelco 4500 is great to use if you have sensitive skin or problems with shaving. The built-in Lift and cut shaving systems lift hairs from the shaft for a gentle shave that doesn't cause irritation or razor cuts and burns like foil shavers and other similar shavers can and still provide you with the close clean cut that you're looking for.

1. Philips Norelco Shaver 4500 (Model AT830/46)

-Frustration Free Packaging

Best Features of the Philips Norelco 4500

Pivoting Heads allow for close shaving along the hardest to reach contours of your face.

Pop Up Trimmer for quickly detailing sideburns, mustaches, and beards

Smooth Shave with the built-in dual precision shaving system for a close smooth shave

philips norelco rotary

Wet or Dry Shaving capabilities for flexible shaves in or out of the shower or bath

3-minute Quick Charge for 1 cordless shaves on the go when time is of the essence

Dual Precision Blade System for cutting long hair and short stubble resulting in reduced skin irritation

Pivot, Flex, and Float System for contoured shaving

Frustration-Free Packaging for easy opening and getting right down to business

Replaceable shaving head

Battery Life: The Philips Norelco 4500 provides fifty minutes of shaving time per eight-hour charge

What's Included In The Packaging?

  • Lithium Ion Rechargeable Battery
  • Included Accessories
  • 2-year manufacturer warranty
  • Accessories: Popup Trimmer, Protection Cap, Power Cord, Cleaning Brush


FAQ's About This Rotary Shaver

1. Question: Does this shaver require shaving cream or powder for best use?

Answer: For best results, you will want to include cream or powder in your shaving regimen.

2. Question: What is ​​​​frustration free packaging?

Answer: Frustration-free packing is just that! Easy open, no muss no fuss.

3. Question: Does this shaver come with self-sharpening or replaceable blades?

Answer: Yes. This shaver comes with easy to replace blades that could be found at most department stores or online for an easy replacement.

Downsides of This Shaver

This shaver takes 8 hours to charge for only about 50 minutes of use. The shaving heads are replaceable and the manufacturer recommends replacement every 12 months.

If you're looking for a smooth shave using a popular budget-friendly shaver that is able to get the job done on wet or dry skin without the need for additional products and precision trimming, this shaver is definitely your best bet.

2. Phisco Electric Shaver For Men 2 in 1

Coming in at a close second is Phisco Electric Shaver Razor for Men 2 in 1 Beard Trimmer Wet Dry Waterproof Men's Rotary Shaver with USB Quick Rechargeable Shaving Razor.

This Phisco shaver is probably the most highly rated rotary shavers in its class and boasts a whisper quiet motor for a pleasant shaving experience.

The shaver comes equipped with fully functioning LED indicators that let you know when your shaver needs charging, cleaning or is unlocked and ready for use. Its stylish sleek design makes this shaver look and feels like a million bucks in your hands while providing you with a smooth precision shave.

This razor can be utilized with regard to wet or dry shaving and comes with a few major new age features like the built-in LED indicator and USB charging port making it perfect for home or business travel. The best feature of this shaver is that along with clean precision shaving the built-in USB port means that you can literally charge and shave anywhere! You can connect your shaver to any compatible USB port for a quick charge and groom on the go.

This razor is great to use for precision shaves as it comes fully equipped with a pop-up trimmer and extended battery life that lasts up to 120 minutes per one hour charge.

Best Features of the Phisco Electric Shaver Razor For Men

Waterproof for shaving in or out of the shower

Sleek and Stylish Design makes shaving fun as you can admire your shaver while grooming

Lightweight 14.4 ounces makes it easy to carry this portable plug and charge shaver on the go

phisco rotary shaver

Extended Battery Life means that you should never unexpectedly run out of battery

USB Charging Port - Best new age feature, this shaver is keeping up with the pace of technology

Precision Shaving Heads let you get an ultra close shave without irritating sensitive skin

Budget Friendly - This is one of the best budget-friendly rotary shavers in its class


What's Included in the Packaging?

  • Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery
  • 15 Month Warranty

Downsides of this Shaver

You may need to buy shaving gel or foams to get the closest possible shave.

FAQ's About This Shaver

1. Question: What are the benefits of the LED display?

Answer: The LED display keeps track of your shaves and alerts you to when your shaver needs charging, cleaning, or is unlocked and ready for use.

2. Question: Why would I need a waterproof shaver?

Answer: Having a 100% waterproof shaver gives you greater flexibility in your grooming routing by allowing for shaving while bathing or in the shower.

3. Question: What makes this shaver the best option for me?

Answer: If you're looking for a stylish grooming tool with a whisper quiet motor that you can literally take anywhere and charge using your USB port this is the shaver for you.

3. Remington R5100 Series Electric Rotary Shaver

Next up we have the Remington R5100 Series Electric Rotary Shaver with Quick Charge Capability & Titanium Blades, Gray/Black, PR1362 that comes in at number three on our list.

This Remington electric rotary men's shaver boasts dual titanium blades that are intended to give you the closest shave possible with its precision cutting system and Power Flex 360 contouring system that allows the shaving head to reach even the hardest to reach areas of the face and neck for a close clean shave.

Best Features of the Remington R5100 Series Electric Rotary Shaver

A lot of features we shows below:

Quick charge It has a quick charge option (5 minutes)

Self-Sharpening Titanium Blades -ideal for close shaves

Quick Shave on a budget with the 5-minute quick charge feature

Power Flex 360 - allows for close shaving at any angle with close shaving for hard to reach areas

Anti Microbial - additive to prevent the growth of bacteria preventing or reducing skin irritation and inflammation

Easy cleanup this Remington shaver comes apart making detailed cleaning and maintenance a breeze

Good Battery Life - 90 minutes of charging time provides 60 minutes of use

Included self-sharpening blades extend the life of the blades and reduce the need to buy replacement blades saving you time and money.

What's Included in the Packaging?

  • Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery
  • 2 Year Manufacturer Warranty
  • Accessories: Popup Trimmer for precision grooming of beards, mustaches, and sideburns
  • Battery Life: 60 minutes of shave time per complete charge



This shaver has a seemingly extended charge time for the amount of use that it provides compared to the similar shavers in its class. While this shaver is capable of proving a clean bacterial free shave one of the major downsides of the shaver are that it doesn't include some of the updated features like USB ports or extended use that other rotary shavers in its' class provide.


1. Question: What are the benefits of the antimicrobial additive?

Answer: The antimicrobial additive prevents the growth of bacteria preventing skin irritation or infection while shaving this is an ideal feature for groomers with sensitive skin needs that are prone to inflammation and irritation while shaving.

2. Question: What are the best features of this shaver?

Answer: The built-in antimicrobial features and titanium blades make this one of the best shavers around for a completely clean and bacteria free shave.

If you're looking for a shaver that provides a clean, close cut shaves that require minimal blade maintenance then you'll definitely want to consider this Remington shaver. This shaver may be short on technology but makes up for it by providing a close cut shave and self-sharpening blades to reduce the amount of time that you spend getting ready to shave and increase your grooming time to make sure that you're putting your best face forward.

4. SweetLF 3D Rechargeable IPX7 Electric Shaver 

Wet & Dry Rotary Shavers for Men Electric Shaving Razors with Pop-up Trimmer, Blue 

The next mens shaver up for review in the lineup for the best men’s rotary shavers of 2019 is the SweetLF 3D 100% rechargeable waterproof shaver.

The Sweet LF rechargeable waterproof shaver is a cordless men's rotary shaver that promises to deliver a smooth and quick shave. This shaver features a USB quick charging port and 5-function LED informational display.

The Sweet LF comes fully equipped with 4 direction floating heads and touts itself as a 3D shaver for one of the closest and smoothest shaves around. One of the coolest features of this rotary shaver is the one-hour fast charging capability for quick charging and shaving on the go!

Best Features of the SweetLF 3D Rechargeable Shaver

100% Waterproof - can stand being fully submerged in water for up to thirty minutes

Sleek Design - easy on the budget and on the eyes

Quick Charge USB - gives up to 120 minutes of use per one hour charge

LED Display - provides important information and alerts you to when your shaver needs charging

4 Direction Floating Heads - for close shaves and full coverage close shaving in any direction

Wet/Dry Shaving - allows for shaving in the shower or bath with a fully submersible capability

Quiet High-Speed Shave - provides you with a quick, quiet, clean and pleasant shaving experience

Self-Sharpening Blades - make it an ideal candidate to outlast other blades and reduce blade replacement costs while saving you time on running to the store or shopping online

Universal Voltage - means that you can take it anywhere and charge using your USB port for a 5-minute quick shave whether traveling domestically or abroad.

3D Floating Head - provides 360 degrees of contoured shaving capability ensuring the cleanest shave for face and neck

What's Included in the Packaging?

  • Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery
  • Accessories: Popup Trimmer, USB Charging Cable, Cleaning Brush, Portable Bag, User Guide
  • 15-month Warranty
  • Battery Life: The SweetLF provides you with one hundred and twenty minutes of shave time per one hour fast charge.



In order to achieve the closest and cleanest shave with this feature-filled shaver, the manufacturer recommends that you add shaving gels or foam to your grooming regime for the best shaving experience.


Simple FAQ's About This 

1. Question: What are the benefits of the Extreme Shaving System?

Answer: The Extreme Shaving System is designed to extend the life of your shaver and blades by including a self-sharpening feature so that you spend less time shopping for replacement blades and more time shaving.

2. Question: Is this shaver good for close shaves?

Answer: Yes! This shaver is ideal as it includes a built-in close to face cutter which increases the amount of contact time that this shaver has with your skin without causing irritation.

3. Question: Can this shaver be used while plugged in to charge?

Answer: Yes! This is one of the few shavers in its class that allows you to charge and shave simultaneously

5. MAX-T Electric Shaver USB Quick Charge Rotary Shaver 

with Pop Up Trimmer 100% Waterproof Wet & Dry Electric Razor (7109 with USB Cable)

Rounding out our next review of the best foil and rotary shavers for me is the feature-packed MAX-T Electric Shaver USB Quick Charge Rotary Shaver with Pop Up Trimmer 100% Waterproof Wet & Dry Electric Razor with included USB cable and charging capability. This shaver comes with an eye-catching 5 Function LED display that indicates when your shaver needs charging or cleaning at a glance.

Best Features of the MAX-T Electric Shaver

3 Floating Heads - that allow for 4 directional shaving and close contouring of the face, neck, and jaw without pulling or causing unnecessary irritation of the skin while shaving

1 Minute Quick Charge - allows you to complete a full shaving session when using the USB one-minute quick charge feature. This is excellent for unexpected shaves or quick touch-ups on the go.

Advanced IPX7 Waterproof System - provides 100% Waterproof capability allows for shaving in the shower and bath and deep cleaning as this shaver is fully submersible in water

max t

Detachable Heads - make for ease of cleaning

Extended Battery Life - provides 120 minutes of shaving time per one hour charge making this ideal for long-term or extended shaving use. The in-use shaving time is relatively long compared to similar rotary shavers in its class and is one of this shaver's very best features

Bonus Feature: The USB charging functionality included with this shaver means that you can charge your shaver with the same charging cable that you charge your cell phone with so you'll never be without a charge!

What's Included in the Packaging?

  • Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery
  • Accessories: Popup Trimmer, USB Charging Cable, Carrying Case, Cleaning Brush, User Guide
  • 15-month warranty
  • Battery Life: 120 minutes of shaving time per one hour charge



While the features of the shaver make it a great choice this shaver is not quite as sleekly designed as some of the others that we've reviewed. What it lacks in beauty, it makes up for in usability.


1. Question: What is the benefit of Deep Shaving?

Answer: The deep shaving feature of this razor allows for closer contact with your skin using the 3 floating heads that rotate in 4 different directions. This system is sure to leave you with a closer, cleaner cut.

2. Question: Does this shaver have self-sharpening blades?

Answer: Yes! This shaver is designed with automatic grinding and shaving technology that will allow for extended use of the blades and cut down on the cost of buying replacement blades.

3. Question: What happens if I lose my USB Charging Cable?

Answer: The great news is that this shavers USB port is universally compatible with Android devices, so if you lose your cable you can simply grab the charging cable for your Android device and get back to the business of grooming!

6. Philips Norelco Electric Shaver 2100, S1560/81

The Philips Norelco Electric Shaver 2100, S1560/81 is in a class all it's own compared to other rotary and foil shavers for men. This is the last shaver on our list of the best electric rotary and foil shavers for men in 2019.

While the Philips Norelco 2100 is last on the list it is certainly not least. This entry-level rotary shaver offers the best in shaving simplicity and promises to deliver a clean close shave for a reasonable price. This shaver features self-sharpening blades which further adds to its desirability and holds its own as one of the best shavers for close shaving in its class of entry-level rotary and foil shavers.

Best Features of The Philips Norelco Electric Shaver 2100

Close Cut Blade System - This shaver promises to deliver the closest electric shave - based on comparisons of similar models in its class

Self Sharpening blades - reduce the amount of time spent on maintenance and replacing used blades

4 Directional Heads - for contoured shaving to make sure that you reach all of those tricky curves along the face, neck, and jawline

philips 2100

One Touch Open - for easy cleaning, rinsing, and daily maintenance

Corded or Cordless Operation

Optional Replaceable Shaving Head Available

Charging Indicator - tells you when your razor is in the process of charging and has completed a charging cycle

Battery Life: 35 minutes of cordless use per 8 hours of charging time.

What's Included in the Packaging?

  • Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery
  • 2 Replaceable AA Batteries
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Accessories: Popup Trimmer



This shaver comes with a battery life of 35 minutes of use for an 8-hour charge. It also doesn't include a docking station compared to similar shavers on the market and also requires 2 AA batteries for use.

While this trimmer doesn't boast some of the fancier features of the other rotary shavers reviewed like built-in USB charging or extended battery life, this shaver holds its own and is manufactured by Philip Norelco that touts itself as being "America's Number One Shaving Brand."

Simple FAQ's

1. Question: Is this shaver ideal for wet or dry use?

This shaver is water resistant and shower proof so while it can be used near water it is mainly intended for dry use.

2. Question: Does this shaver come with replacement blades?

This shaver comes with self-sharpening blades that extend the life of the blades that are included with the initial packaging. Replacement blades are available if needed.

If you're looking for a close and quick shave on a budget this shaver is able to meet your basic shaving needs by providing you with the basics of a quality rotary shaver and simplicity of use that has come to be synonymous with the Philips Norelco brand of rotary shavers for men.

Final Thought About The Best Rotary Shaver

We hope that you've enjoyed our review of the best rotary and foil shavers for men in 2019. Now that we've provided you with some insights into the best shavers available you should be able to make an easy comparison to determine which shaver is the best for you and your special guy.

We've learned that there are some really great shavers available out there this year. Who knew that a rotary shaver can be charged with an Android cable or fully submerged in water and still work? Close shaves, long hair, contoured shaving, these shavers have it all.

The shavers reviewed here have earned their place as being heads above the rest and this is why we chose to review them. 

We want to acknowledge all of the manufacturers for putting together excellent products and making our list of the best shavers for men in 2019.

Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium Portofino Hair Dryer Reviews In 2019

Babyliss pro hair dryer is a popular brand credit to its salon quality results, particularly the Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium Portofino hair dryer. This powerful hair dryer is a perfect blend of speed and speed designed to offer heavy-duty 2000-watt-performance. Though it is only a weight of about 1.8 pounds and a slightly larger than normal. It measures 4 inches by 11.5 inches by 10 inches. The compactness and lightweight design of this dryer makes it quite easy to travel for journey.

Why It Is The Best?

From the various Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium reviews by straight and curly- haired consumers, the hair dryer provides an average drying speed and has an ergonomic handling making it easy to use. As far as the ease of use is concerned, the dryer stays cool even after long hours of use, meaning that you won’t burn your fingers nor scalp while in use. Moreover, the dryer comes with a long cord, giving flexibility and ease of use when styling. The Babyliss pro hair dryer also comes with three concentrators and a Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium dryer diffuser ideal for users with curly hair.

Things To Consider Before Buying Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium 


Putting into consideration the amount of power a hair dryer uses in its operation is crucial since it lets you know how much electricity it will consume. You don't want a hair dryer with a powerful motor that will result in spiked up electricity bills. On the other hand, the more powerful the motor is, the less time it will take for you to dry your hair. It is therefore important to strike a balance between the wattage of your preferred dryer the efficiency of drying your hair.

Simply, do not go for a dryer with a way too high wattage or a dryer with a low wattage. Even though the Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium hair dryer, has a powerful motor of 2000 Watts, it allows you to regulate the power consumption with its six adjustable heat and speed settings. This gives you more control power consumption as well as the time spent drying your hair.

babyliss hair dryer


The weight of a high dryer greatly affects the styling of your hair. The heavier the machine, the more tired your wrist and shoulders will feel thus affecting your styling techniques. You need a light machine that is easy to manipulate as you style your hair. A lightweight hair dryer also guarantees ease of use. As such, titanium hair dryers tend to be a good choice if you can’t keep your hand up for long.

Key Features Of The Babyliss Nano Titanium Hair Dryer Reviews

1. Nano Titanium Technology

One of the most unique features that set this hair dryer apart from the rest is its incorporation nanotechnology with titanium parts. The biggest advantage of the Nanotechnology is its ability to manipulate atoms and molecules in a hairdryer and is used to remove odors and microbes on the scalp.

Moreover, Titanium helps to maintain a constant temperature and dries the hair faster. Compared to Babyliss Pro ceramic hair dryer, the titanium hair dryer is much lighter making it suitable for styling. Moreover, the titanium model provides a smoother and silkier texture and eliminates frizz better than ceramic models. However, it is important to note that the titanium model heats your hair faster and thus may damage your hair. It is, therefore, suitable for those with thick hair.

2. Powerful Motor

Similar to the Babyliss pro titanium extreme hair dryer 2000 watt, the two Babyliss hair dryers are built to provide heavy-duty performance. With the 2000 wattage motor, it means that you will spend less time drying your hair since it heats the hair quickly. As much as this may also translate to power consumption, leading to high power bills, the manufacturers did put this into consideration.

This is why the hair dryer has a titanium model to ensure an even regulated distribution of heat. Additionally, the motor comes with an Anti-wrap fan designed to regulate the heat of the hairdryer. To further reduce power consumption, you may opt to control the heat with the 6 heart and speed setting controls.

3. Lightweight and Ergonomic Handling

No would love to hold a heavy hair dryer especially if it takes a significant amount of time to dry your hair. It only gets worse if the handle of the dryer is designed in a way that makes it difficult to hold. You will end up drying your hair partially thanks to the weariness from the weight of the dryer which can even cause stiffness and strain pains on your shoulders.

As for the Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium hair dryer, its ergonomic handling and lightweight makes it one of the best hair dryers for styling. On top of it all, its light weight combined with its design dimensions, make one the best Babyliss hair dryer that is compatible enough for carrying around.

4. Three Concentrator Nozzles and a Diffuser

The concentrator nozzles of the Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium are well designed to smoothen and strengthen your hair quickly and easily. This is through focusing the heat and airflow on a particular area of your hair making it easy to style the hair.

The nozzles are narrow enough for spot drying as well as drying hair from the roots to the ends, quickly and evenly. The diffuser comes in handy in minimizing frizz especially if you are styling a curly hair. In the event that may lay flat due hair’s weight or growth, you can also use the diffuser to ‘boost’ the curls.

5. 6 Heat/ Speed Settings

Given the powerful motor and the titanium make of this Babyliss pro-2000 watt hair dryer, it is expected that the dryer is subject to serious heating. All this heat can damage your hair especially if it's the thin type. This is why the manufacturers in-cooperated the 6 heat and speed control, aimed at balancing the heat at less harmful levels, as well as lock more moisture in the hair.

With this controls, you can now take charge of your hair styling since you will be the one to moderate the heat. Nevertheless, it is always a good idea to also use a heat protectant product, to protect your scalp from heat.

6. Ionic

Ionic hair dryers like this one- the Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium hair dryer- helps dry your hair faster as well making it look shinier and healthier. This is simply because ionic dryers emit ions causing globs of water molecules in your hair evaporate faster.

Consequently, your hair dries faster allowing the conditioner to interact freely with your hair without hindrances from water molecules; meaning that your hair will look sleek and healthy. Although ionic dryers tend to be more expensive than the traditional ones, the same results can be achieved when using traditional dryers only if you are not worried about the drying time of your hair.

Final Words-Wrapping it Up

Generally, Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium reviews are majorly positive. For a hair dryer with such compactness and technology, surely it's a value for money. When compared to its other models in the same series, such as the Babyliss Nano titanium Portofino full-size review, users tended to tip towards the Pro Nano titanium 2000 watt mainly because of it is available at an affordable price, in addition to its unique features.

You can check top 5 best hair dryer from this check list that our reviewed team make for you.

Panasonic Er-Gb40s Vs Panasonic Er-Gb80s

Panasonic is a great brand. The company is involved in the manufacture of lots of electronic products. Panasonic ER-GB40s and Panasonic ER-GB80s are among the greatest clippers on the world. There is no doubt that many people are interested in choosing between Panasonic ER-GB40s vs Panasonic ER-GB80s. If you are finding it hard to choose between the two great products, this review information will be of great value.

We have dissected the two products, reviewed all its features, and functions. These can assist you in making a decision as to which of the products is the best. Several factors make good clippers such as reliability, quality, comfort, and even cost. These two products are to be compared using these great attributes.

Panasonic ER-GB40s vs Panaso​​​​nic ER-GB80s​

Here our experts describe the main basic difference of both hair cutting tools.

Body and Design

The cordless trimmer is for dry and wet mustache and beard. It is for easy grooming of beard right in your home. You can adjust the trimmer in a way that suits you most. It features an adjustable dial and the settings are 19, 0,5, and so on millimeter.

The settings include 1-10 mm and the aim is to prevent the use of many clipper combs attached to it. Furthermore, it is a question of removing the comb attachment and having a good trimming in your arms, chest and so on.

The trimmer is to make you look very good and you can do that right in your home. Its design is such that it can cut at 45 degrees and it can cut very well. The blade is equally durable and designed with a good quality stainless steel material. It is also composed of hypoallergenic blades.

Clipper equally features a cordless and corded design. If you want to use it cordless, it will not go beyond fifty minutes, but if you want to use it for an extended use, then you can use it corded.


Furthermore, it features three combs attachment. Both the trimmer and clipper are for adjustment, you can adjust it the way that suits you most. The design is such that you can use the product as a hair clipper and facial trimmer.

It is a question of adjusting the setting appropriately. The trimmer was designed with non-rustic materials. After use, it is easy to maintain and clean. Even if you run it or wash it under running water, it will remain clean and it may not rust.

The Basic Difference Besides Design

It appears that there are no much differences between these two products in terms of design. They feature almost the same items, but ER-GB80S looks good for more than one use. ER-GB40S is a compact design and you can use it in such a way that you avoid putting those accessories like combs and so on.

From all indications, these are great products and records, it looks like these products have won great awards in the past for their superior performance.

Blades and Motor

Panasonic ER-GB40s consists of super sharp and durable blades. From the design, it appears that the blades are good and efficient mustache trimmer and a precision cutting. It appears that the blades are efficient and cuts fast.

The system uses a battery that does not charge fast. It can take more than fifteen hours for the battery to be charged fully. If the battery does not charge full, it cannot serve below an hour. The blade of this product is very light. Because of the lightweight, it can be considered a perfect beard trimmer and works very fast.

On the other hands, Panasonic ER-GB80s is another precision based clipper, and that can be attributed to its precision blade. Furthermore, many people use it for their eyebrows and even their hair. It works on a battery, which many users observe is light. Once you charge the battery, it can last for a long time, and you can use it anywhere you go.

Furthermore, many users reveal they are happy with the voltage, as you do not need to worry about the voltage rating. It appears that the product uses universal voltage.

Comparing Panasonic ER-GB40s vs Panasonic ER-GB80s it appears the later has an edge in terms of blade and the cutting efficiency. Though the blade is light, it takes plenty of time for the battery to charge.

Noise and Heating

Both Panasonic products do not heat very fast. This is because they are both cordless. However, ER-GB40s does not remain cordless most of the times. If you want to use it for less than an hour, you can use it cordless. If on the other hands that you want to use the cord, this means that you have to use it for an extended period.

Because of the extended use, it can easily heat and it can make more noise. In the same way, ER-GB80s is cordless and you can use it on the go. It does not make a lot of noise and because it is cordless, which means that it is not always connected to electricity. It does not heat up easily.


One can infer from discussions above that these seem to be good products in their own rights. There are great benefits of using them. They are portable and you can use them on the go, but if you are looking for a product that can you can use for a long time without connecting to the power source, then you have to think of the latter. On the other hand, the former can be cordless, but if you want to use it for a long time, it can be connected to electricity.

Price and Accessories

ER-GB40s is cheaper than the ER-GB80s counterpart. The cost of the product is $39.99 as against ER-GB80s price of $69.99. The difference in price is understandable. If you are looking for better value for money, it appears that you will be better off with ER-GB80s. When you order ER-GB40s, it comes with important accessories such as electric trimmer, AC charging stand, cleaning brush, mustache and beard trimmer as well as the power source.

ER-GB80s as you are already selling for $69.99 and it comes with all the necessary accessories you require to use it such as three comb attachments, AC adapter, and charger, as well as universal voltage and so on. ER-GB80s is more expensive than the other. It is also more durable and can clean faster and cleaner. It tends to be quieter and more eco-friendly.

If you are more interested in fast, trimming, and shaving, you can consider the product. If on the other hands that you are budget conscious, you can opt for the ER-GB40s. One thing is certain and that is that you can get value for your money for any of the items you buy.

Which One is The Best?

These are great products in their own rights. The products as you can see from the reviews above perform very well in all departments of review. In terms of design, it appears that they are fantastically designed and they look attractive. You have seen that the two Panasonic models are affordable, as they are within reach. However, ER-GB40s is more cost effective. If you are strictly on a budget, you can consider ER-GB40s as it is cheaper than the other.

The other aspect is the noise level and heating. ER-GB40s is both cord and cordless. When you plug it to the electricity source and use it, it can generate heat and the noise can be disturbing. ER-GB80s on the other hands is not corded, it is cordless, and this means that you need not plug it to electricity before you begin to use it.

ER-GB80s makes less noise and it does not heat fast as the ER-GB40s counterpart could do. It appears that ER-GB80s is more user-friendly. When it comes to noise level and heating ER80s seems to have an edge. If you are more interested in performance, you can consider ER80s. It takes ER-GB40s longer time to fully charge compared to ER-GB80s. Moreover, if it is not fully charged, it will not last beyond one hour.

Final Words

Panasonic products are leading brands as most of its electronic products are rated high. Two of the highly rated clippers and trimmers on the market today include the ER-GB40s and ER-GB80s. These products are not only cost effective they are cordless as well. Furthermore, they are designed to provide efficient trimming services.

The models under review here are cordless. ER-GB40s is corded and cordless. Once you charge the product, it can serve for at least one hour. In addition, they come with the necessary accessories. These are great hair trimmer products, you are going to derive a value for your money.

Oster Fast Feed vs Wahl Senior-The Basic Difference

You have heard much about the best clippers on the market and you are finding it hard to choose between Oster fast feed vs Wahl senior, which one will you choose?

If you do not read the review, it is likely you make a wrong choice. The two popular products look familiar. We are sharing information about two most popular models on the market today, which is the OSTER Fast Feed Adjustable Pivot Motor Clipper 76023-510 vs Wahl Professional Senior Clipper #8500 – The Original Electromagnetic Clipper with V9000 Motor – Great for Barbers and Stylists – Perfect for.

Body and Design

Perhaps the most striking differences in the Oster feed vs Wahl senior comparison is in terms of body and design of the two products.

If you watch closely at the two products, you will notice that Wahl Senior is slightly bigger than the Oster fast feed counterpart. It weighs 1.3 pounds, which is bigger than the Oster Fast feed which weighs 1lbs. This makes Oster lighter and many people who will be traveling with this kind of product always consider the issue of weight. Some people could prefer to use it because of the less weight and this makes more portable. Moreover, ergonomic design of Oster makes it perfect for your cutting purpose.

From the shapes, the producers want to make it easy for cutting. Furthermore, its textured housing is to ensure good and easy gripping. The design is such that you may not find it hard to use it. It is tailored to delivering efficient cutting. The clipper also measures 6 by 3 by 10.5 inches, and as pointed above, it doesn’t weigh more than 1 pounds. This makes it balance and perfect for your hair cutting. 

The Wahl senior clippers on the other hands measure 2.5 by 2 by 7 inches. It weighs 1.3 pounds and this makes it heavier than Oster product. The product is chemical resistant because of the type of materials used to produce it. It equally uses the chemical resistant cord. To ensure that it is fast and efficient, it uses V9000 electromagnetic motor. Furthermore, it operates at 120 volts and 60 Hertz.

Because Oster has less weight, it looks like it has better and more vantage look compared to the Wahl senior counterpart. If you look both of them from the outside, they may not look awesome, but they both appear solid. Both are powerful clippers and deliver fast result in no time as you will see in the course of this review.

The two clippers appear durable and can cut fast. Oster fast feed for instance is a product of steel blade. When you order the product, you get cleaning brush, lubricating oil as well as blade guard and three guide combs. This means that they arrive with the most important accessories.

Blades and Motors

Another interesting aspect of this review that can assist you in knowing the difference between Oster Fast Feed vs Wahl Senior is the blades and motors.

Wahl senior uses the most powerful V9000 electromagnetic motor which is the best suited for the barbers & stylist. Because of the power, it can cut through hair very fast. Even it can cut most difficult hair with ease. Moreover, it is efficient; it doesn’t pull nor choke the hair when you use it.

Most importantly, it uses all-purpose blades, and to enhance the efficiency, you can easily adjust it, and you can do that by pushing its slide lever.

This lever controls the clipper’s cutting length. Furthermore, the blade is very sharp and it can glide very well. When you use it, you are sure of achieving a smooth and superb cut. For those seeking to achieve zero gap close cut, it appears that the machine is good at that.

Oster Fast Feed on the other hands is a powerful product but it is not as efficient as Wahl senior counterpart is. The motor is efficient and more powerful than most other clippers on the market. It uses a whisper pivot motor, which is very quiet.

The product is more powerful when compared to any magnetic motor clipper. It has other blade sets, which you can use it and they include the #76913-506 as well as the #76913-536. It also uses an adjustable blade. Many people consider the blades strong and durable. The blades are equally stainless. If you want to cut any type of hair whether it wet or dry hair, this product is a perfect option for you.

Noise and Heating

While Wahl Senior is more efficient because of the motor capacity, Oster Fast Feed, on the other hand, is more users friendly and it is more environmentally friendly. In terms of noise level and heating efficiency, it appears that Oster clipper has an upper hand. One big challenge that accompanies high capacity motor is that it can heat up fast. This is what you expect because of the fast moving parts.

You should expect that the motor is going to heat very fast and this can impede the cutting efficiency. There is also the problem of heating noise. This is not the case with the Oster Fast Feed counterpart. Oster hardly makes noise. In terms of noise and heating, Oster has an edge.

Another thing that can impede the heating efficiency is the metal chrome in its bottom part. It can burn your hands because of the way it transmits heat. Bottom chrome can transfer heat to your body. Many users prefer Oster when it comes to safety. If you know this minor deficiency, you may not find it hard to use Wahl Senior.

Oster uses pivot motor, which is less powerful. Apart from that, the body is plastic materials. Because of this, it does not heat so fast. Wahl motor is very powerful and when it heats, you can expect a loud noise from the system. Oster counterpart does not heat that way, and you do not expect to get that kind of loud noise.

Price and Accessories

Oster Fast Feed sells for $59.37. This is affordable compared to $77.33, which is the price for Wahl Senior. The variation in price is understandable. Wahl product appears to be rugged in terms of design it is heavier. It could be that more materials were deployed in producing it compared to feed counterpart. 

Oster Fast Feed has the following accessories: they include blade guard, three guide combs, lubricating oil/ as well as a cleaning brush. It appears that it has everything you want to use the clipper. Furthermore, it contains 8 feet power cords.

Wahl senior clipper sells for $77.33. This is a bit higher than Feed product. For ease and convenience of use, it arrives with the most important accessories needed to use it. Here are some of the accessories it comes with and they are as follows: three attached combs, cleaning brush, oil, instructional manual, as well as a red blade guard. You can see that these accessories have those things that can assist you to use in using the clipper.

In terms of accessories, these clippers come with the needed accessories. All these make it easy for you to use them. If there are other accessories that you require, which are not available, you can procure them yourself.

Which One is The Best?

Between Oster Fast Feed vs Wahl Senior, which is one of the best? It depends on what you are looking for. When it comes to the conveyance, it appears that many people will rate Oster product higher because it is the weight is lighter than Wahl senior. If you are looking for the best performing clipper, consider the motor efficiency. Wahl Senior uses a more powerful motor and this can translate to better cutting efficiency. Wahl can deliver faster and quicker results. Many people rate higher in cutting efficiency. 

If you consider the noise level, Oster makes less noise and you may feel safer using it as it does not transmit heat to your hands. This model makes less noise and it cuts fast as well. If you consider the noise level above any other factor, then you can opt for Oster Fast Feed clipper. 

Affordability is a critical factor in using this kind of product. For many users on a strict budget, they have to consider the cost. Oster Fast Feed is cost effective and cheaper than Wahl. Oster Fast feed is the winner in this aspect.

In view of the analysis above, Oster Fast Feed seems to be better Wahl Senior clipper. If you are looking for a product to recommend between the two, it may be wiser selecting Oster fast feed. For more about top 10 best hair clippers you can check the clippers list here.

Final Words

It will no longer be difficult for you to make a choice between Oster fast feed vs Wahl senior. You have seen the features as well as the good attributes of both clippers. In the same way, you have seen the negative aspects of these two products. One can easily tell which of the product is better.

You can see from the reviews above that these are two front-runners and they are good for the purpose you want to use it for. It appears that many people are satisfied with the products. You will get real value for your money for any of the products you buy.

How To Use Hair Trimmer For Shaving And Cut Hair

The most economical way to obtain a cover for body hair is to trim the hair with a hair trimmer. At present, many men begin to consider whether they should remove body hair for hygiene reasons or not. In the opinion of most men, they find it difficult to shave the body. So, to do all the task in an easy way it is better to know first how to use hair trimmer.

The whole process is straightforward and can be completed in a short period. Let me share some practical tips to get rid of unwanted hair:

How To Use Hair Trimmer To Cut Hair

Hair Trimming Process

Shaving consists of 3 parts that is, preparation, and shaving and after shaving. Each section is essential, and you should not miss the steps.

Prepare For This Process

Before you start the hair trimmer, you must prepare well with the necessary tools. Since bathing is your daily routine, we recommend you devote an additional 10 minutes to this task. Before flying, remember to cut your hair by shaving the first ones. You will not be able to shave gently if your hair is too long. Your hair will become clogged with cut hair.

Cover Your Body With A Wet Towel

After trimming the hair, you can cover your body in a warm and humid environment for a few minutes. That is to soften your hair. After the warm bath, remind her to apply cream or shaving gel to the sensitive area before shaving.

It's Time To Shave

After applying the shaving cream, you should start trimming with a trimmer to trim the hair. We suggest you use fine hair. Hold the skin with one hand with the other side with the machine to thin the hair. Shave slowly and soft without pressure. Keep in mind that you should only shave the skin and not the body. To get rid of the hair on your body, you should use hair trimmer. Do not fly your body because you could hurt her by mistake. At the same time, you need to clean your hair trimming device after a few strokes to prevent the hair from getting stuck.

Use The Mirror To Get Better Results

To make sure you can get rid of your hair thoroughly, suggest using the mirror. It helps you get a better view of the hidden areas.

Clean Your Body

After completing the shave, you should clean your body with warm water again. That is to make sure that the shaving area is clean and hairless. Next, you must clear the sensitive area of the dry tower. When it is dry, it is suggested to apply aloe vera gel or talcum powder. Aloe vera gel or powder can help prevent skin irritation.

Mechanism For Trimming Hair

Shaving with a hair trimmer is not very difficult and, as long as you apply the right strategy, you can eliminate unwanted hair without problems. The benefits of these hair trimmers are easy and simple to operate. Just guide them into the grooves of the nose, and you can trim the protruding hair.

The mechanism used or the technique used varies from one nose to the other. Some brands include stainless steel blades that pull hair without touching the skin. That is very useful because those who want to cut their noses.

It would be very prudent to conduct a thorough investigation and read about the different features and functions of the different hair trimmers. Some hair cables are superior in one way, but they may not exist otherwise.

Perhaps the biggest dilemma is whether to buy a battery or a hand. The option is more difficult than you think because each offers something that the other does not.

If you are interested in your appearance and also appreciate comfort, this product could be useful. Knowing which product is right for you will help you ensure your satisfaction with your purchase.

Difference Between Trimmers And Clippers

Trimmers and clippers are closely related. The main difference is the manual or the size and length of the blade. Hair clippers are used to cut hair longer and most come with accessories to regulate the height of hair. The squeaks may or may not contain attachments and have thinner sheets for fine details and shorter hairs. They are also used around the neck and chin.

Hair trimmer is usually used to cut hair and are not cut very carefully. However, they are also used to increase the growth of the new beard to make room for a razor or shave for smooth shaving. This work, yet, can also be done with a trimmer that comes with a larger accessory. The hair guides will help prepare the final cut and the smooth finish along with difference between shaver vs trimmer.

The scraper was not designed to work with thick hair, but for precise details. Some stylists can cut hair very close. When I grow up in my neighborhood for a long enough time, after a short break from the shaving routine, I usually use the hair loss tool before picking up my hair. For best results, I remove the protection to cut hair length in 5-micron shades. That makes it easier to wash the blade.

Special Instructions

A lot of good brand hair clippers and trimmers are in the shop like-Wahl, Braun, Panasonic, Philips, Remington,etc. It is your duty to find out which one is the best suited for you.

The circuit breakers can work efficiently, but not soon enough to avoid the use of a razor if you want to look well shaved. In addition to the mustache and the beard cut, you can also use its parts as an alternative to the razor if you have sensitive skin, sleepy hair or skin with acne. Using a hair loss tool is the best way to overcome these problems, but the result will not be close to the shaver. Of course, some men love the idea of getting a little glimpse of straw and use a lawn mower instead of a shaver to achieve that result.

What To Look For in a Trimmer?

Look For The Hypoallergenic Code

As mentioned above, many men use razors in very closed blades due to sensitive skin, acne or hair. Therefore, stylists come with a hypoallergenic edge for anti-irritation. Look for a machine to reduce hair that helps reduce irritation and the effect of friction. The blades made of titanium or stainless steel will give the best results.


Look for a wet and dry function with a single clippers attachment. Some have 19 sets of length with a unique clippers attachment that gives you the problem of changing accessories and allows you to get wet or dry.

Avoid complications

You may want to buy a disposable beard shaver, which is the best hair cutting tool on the market for a bright and uncomplicated appearance.

All in one

Some people do not have adjustable clippers. It is always better to have a pruning tool that allows you to control what you want. Look for an adjustable trimmer to design your beard efficiently, sharpen your hair or keep a short cane all the time according to your needs.

Get everything in one package

You may want to consider a hair cutter that comes with a pruning tool for greater efficiency and accessories such as ring protectors and blades.

Save Some Money And Buy For Yourself

It is difficult to obtain money these days since many of us have discovered the most challenging way. With the financial system barely out of its lowest level in years, everyone is feeling the effects. It is no wonder at this moment to realize that even once prosperous people among us tighten their belts. Whether it's smarter to spend at the supermarket or reduce the luxuries we can afford before, you need to get away to save money.

Through a range of good quality clippers and little training, you can put aside your trust in the designers and save that expensive visit to a hairdresser or beauty salon. Now, you may feel that hair builders are costly and that the price does not come from the quarterly cost to cut your hair professionally.

These hair trimmer or clippers are supplied in large quantities for professional use. It is a world famous brand with its innovative design and excellent standards. The price range It varies from economical to expensive, depending on its use and choice. They understand the importance of poetry in the life of an individual. Therefore, these trimmer or clippers are designed to give you the best style of hair without damaging your hair. The manufacture of these trimmer or clippers includes high-quality technical engineering and high-quality trimmer or clippers to offer you the best.

Final Thought about Hair Trimmer Buying Guide

Trimmer or clipper details and price are available online for consumers. In case you are satisfied with the trimmer or clipper you want to buy, you can follow simple steps to order your trimmer or clipper. The delivery date and time will be provided, and the trimmer or clipper will be delivered to you during this period.

For any questions related to any trimmer or clipper, service or other information that you may send in another email, you can also call the available numbers and assistance will be offered at any time.