Conair Vs Revlon Hair Dryer

To enable you to make the most appropriate purchasing decision, you have to know just how two of the major brands compare. In this section, we are going to compare and contrast the Conair vs Revlon hair dryer brands for your consideration.

We are going to look at how they measure up in terms of the various parameters which define a good hair dryer. This we hope shall grant you the head start you badly require to be able to do a good and informed purchasing decision.

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Comparison Between The Conair and Revlon Brands

Below our expert team produce a lot of features that may help you to understand the comparison between these two hair dryer machines. 

Heating Technology

This refers to the mechanism by which they generate the required heat energy. The Conair exudes heat in the form of the Ceramic Technology. This gives off uniform heat which in turn allow for faster drying outcomes. At the same time, it poses limited damage to your hair.

The Revlon brand, however, makes use of Infrared Heating Technology. This technology produces too much heat which similarly delivers great outcomes. The hair appears shinier and greater to behold. However, the heat output is so hot as to inflict dryness on your hair.


The Conair brand is for the experienced and more endowed users. That is because it is only intended for those professional applications regardless of where exactly you might want to utilize them. You want to stay away from it if you lack the necessary skill.

As for the Revlon brands, their use and applications require no expertise at all. That is because they are intended for the starters who might never even possess any prior experience. You just have to refer to the manual if you are uncertain of your way forward.


As has already been hinted, the Conair brand of hair dryers is mainly suited for professional applications. This is regardless of where exactly you might prefer utilizing them. They are hence great for use in the salon environment as that is where those professional outcomes are necessary.

If all you want is to undertake the simple day-to-day applications, you have the Revlon brands for your use. Being simple and straightforward, it will certainly do you some good in the process of so doing. You also won’t have to possess too much skill.


Versatility is the sum total tasks and chores that these dyers can perform. All factors considered, the Conair brand of hair dryers is more versatile than the Revlon counterpart. This is evidenced by the number of attachments they can pair and communicate with.

It hence follows that your purchase of this brand will guarantee you some unconstrained convenience not to mention higher value for money. What’s more? It is also possible for you to handle all of your hair-related needs at a time.

Energy Rating

By being able to discharge a whopping 1875W of electrical power output, the Conair brand is the more powerful of the two appliances. However, their energy consumption is above average. This translates to higher utility bills on your part.

The Revlon brand consumes limited energy but at the same time yields low power output. You should hence strike a balance between these two parameters as you look for your dryer of choice. The thickness of your hair matters most.

Control Settings

To be able to handle these appliances accordingly, you will have to engage some controls here and there. These controls vary in sophistication and also call for different levels of expertise to engage. By all accounts, the Conair brand of appliances is the more complicated of the two.

This brand has 3-heat, 2-speed settings, true cold shot button, and Rocker switches toggle. The Revlon brand, on the other hand, possesses the 2-heat, 2-speed settings, and the cool shot button only.

Drying Times

With the Conair brands, your drying times stands to be a whopping 50% faster. That is explainable due to the high heat output which takes shorter to bring about the desired outcomes. You will not have to wait for too long to enjoy the accompanying benefit.

Given the longer drying time of the Revlon brand, be prepared to stay on for quite some time. This is not so great because the longer you stay, the more exposure shall there be between your hair and the heating element of the dryer.

Final Thought About Conair vs Revlon Hair Dryer

When the two brands are objectively evaluated, the Conair clearly stands out as the better of the two. It may be expensive and complicated, granted. However, the outcomes are indeed very great. If I were the one searching for the right appliance, I would definitely give it a topmost priority.

Having done a good job in letting you know about the differences between these two appliances, we leave it up to you to now purchase your most desirable one. Drag not your feet because the longer you wait the more you will delay accruing the benefits they bring along.

How To Use Panasonic Wet Dry Shaver

The Panasonic wet/dry shaver, by its sheer nature, scope and construction, may be used to get rid of hair both while wet or dry. We are therefore going to break down the procedures and discuss them one at a time.

Below the process about how to use Panasonic wet dry shaver that you need to know.

How To Use Panasonic Wet Dry Shaver

A. Wet Shaving

Wet shaving basically means getting rid of the hair while they are damp and the skin is similarly wet. The shavers have to be pretty resistant to corrosion to prevent them from developing wrinkles, pimples, and other ugly marks. Below are the steps to follow:

Step I: Cut Your Hairs Shorter

Start off by trimming your hairs shorter. Use some pair of scissors to do this job. The aim of this procedure is to prevent your hair from jamming the blades of your shaver. Be sure to trim them as short as you possibly can.

Step II: Soak Your Hair Or The Portion To Be Shaved

Next, move on to soak your hair or the portion of your skin to be shaved. Simply dip it into a bowl of water for some time. Alternatively, you might sprinkle some water there and let the water stay in for several minutes.

This one softens the hair. Though not a must, you might also condition and shampoo the hair. This is advisable if the hair is coarser or denser in thickness.

Step III: Apply Some Shaving Foam

As part of preparing for shaving, you have to apply some shaving foam on the hair. Squeeze some dollop of the shaving foam on your hands. Thereafter, work it into some lather by rubbing against your hands.

Step IV: Allow For Some Time To Settle

After applying the foam on the area you intend to shave, you have to leave it intact to let it settle. This is to allow the foam to yield the highest levels of impacts possible. You want to make your shaving a breeze.

Step V: Shave The Area

You have now come to the most crucial component of the entire process. It is at this stage that you shave the area of your body you are interested in. The exact approach you will use will depend on the exact portion of the body. Below are some recommended steps:

  • Shave the legs in some long strokes and against the grain
  • As for your face, use some long up-and-down strokes. While at it, conform as nearly to the contours of your face as possible.
  • For the armpits, use the side-to-side strokes to shave in short up-and-down steps.
  • The pubic areas are impacted in upward strokes for best results.

NB: At all times, hold the shaver at angles of 45° for best outcomes. Do not forget rinsing the blades of the shavers from time to time during the shaving process. You might have to immerse them completely in water to rid it of all the dirt.

Step VI: Rinse, Dry And Pack The Shaver

After you are completely through with shaving, rinse your shaver, dry it and then pat it to rid it of any debris. Thereafter pack it and return it to the charger for future use.

B. Dry Shaving

Dry shaving is the elimination of unwanted body hair when the skin and the hair are both dry. It is mostly useful in events or circumstances in which there are water shortages. Given that the hairs are shaved dry, this technique is most suited for the extremely coarse or short yet stubble hairs. It is also great for frequent and repeated shaving.

Step I: Dust The Area To Be Shaved

Dust the area of your skin to shave. Use some shaving foam or baby powder to cover the area prior to the dusting process. These two items soothe the skin and also ensure the smooth gliding of the shaver’s blade across the skin.

Let's a video for how to use Panasonic wet dry shaver. 

Step II: Shave The Area

You have now come to the crux of the entire exercise. You have to shave the area to be impacted. The specific approach you use depends mostly on the exact portion of your skin to be impacted. Below are the steps to follow:

  • Shave your legs in some long strokes and typically against the grain
  • Use some long up-and-down strokes to shave your face. Be certain to follow your face’s unique contours for finer outcomes.
  • As for the armpits, do some side-to-side strokes which ideally should alternate with some short up-and-down strokes.
  • Upward strokes are best for the pubic areas

PS: At all times, hold the shaver at some 45° angle.

Step III: Clean The Shaver When Done

When you are completely done with shaving, clean it completely. Brush it to eliminate all chaff and dirt. Thereafter, use some clean towel to wipe off excess hair from its blades. Return it to its packaging for future use.

Step IV: Eliminate the leftover baby powder

After you have concluded the shaving exercise, eliminate the leftover baby powder or the shaving foam. Use some towel. While at it, refrain from rubbing the skin too much. You do not want to irritate your newly shaved skin. Conclude the exercise by applying an after-shave to your skin.

What is The Best Panasonic Shaver?

You can choose Panasonic Arc5 Electric Razor ES-LV65-S or the later version for getting your desire look.

Moreover, you can check Braun or Philips electric shaver to serve your demand.

How To Use Gillette Styler Trimmer | Step By Step Guide

Sometimes trimming beards in and of itself is not enough. You want to go ahead and generate some styles. That is when you need a styler. Of all the gadgets of these kinds in existence, the Gillette Styler stands out.

Our discussions hereunder revolve around the use and applicability of this styler trimmer. Stay on till the end of the discussions to know how to utilize this wonderful piece of hair care product.

Step By Step Guide of How To Use Gillette Styler Trimmer

Step I: Shower Or Wash The Hair You Want To Style

Start off by showering or washing the hair you intend to style. It is no secret that wet hairs respond well to the shaving blades of the machines. They are also agile enough to allow for easy manipulation and subsequent handling.

For quick shaves, soak the hair in some water for quite some time. This will weaken the coarse strands and allow for great agility of the hair altogether. Though not necessary, you might also consider using some shaving foam at this stage.

Below you see the total reviews of this Gillette Fusion Proglide Styler.

Step II: Brush Out Your Beard

After washing your beards, you now have to brush them. The aim of this brushing is to detangle any knots which might have formed on the hair. In the process, it allows the blades of the shaver to glide smoothly and do a better job conveniently.

Use some plastic brush which has straight blades. They are the ones that are more likely to yield the required great outcomes. Insist on brushing along the grains to allow the strands of hair to stand up straight and as long as possible.

Step III: Acquire an All-Purpose Gillette Styler®

Even though you are free to use any Gillette styler, the All Purpose Gillette Styler® has been noted to generate the best outcomes imaginably. They do deliver trims that are even and consistent. That is mainly because they do possess some three guide combs.

To achieve the best trimming outcomes using this styler, pull your skin tight. Thereafter, trim the hair in a manner that is sweeping and in the direction that is further away from your face. It is this way that the strands will come out straight and fully stretched out.

Step IV: Set The Parameters

It may not normally be possible to undo any bad trimming. That is why you have to get everything right during the trimming process. To guarantee this, start out by setting the requisite parameters beforehand. Your guide comb should be longer to enable this.

As a general rule, your beards should be shorter at your cheeks and your neck. At the same time, the hair at your chin should generally be longer to leave behind some fade. Lastly, the hair should be of uniform length to guarantee some great appearances.

Step V: Brush Your Mustache

Once you are through with your trimming exercise, you are advised to brush your mustache. This should be in a downward direction. Proceed to get rid of the guide comb in order that you may buzz your hair. This should let is extend over your lips.

Use some soft brush with bristles that can pierce and run through each strand of hair. This way, you will obtain some outcomes that are consistent and great at the same time. Always insist on brushing along the grains of your hair.

Step VI: Make Some Final Touches

Even though this procedure is not mandatory, you are also advised to make some final touches. Use some pair of scissors to confront any stragglers if and when they indeed do exist. While at it, be mindful of the need to maintain some consistency.

See to it that you maintain the final lengths of the hair at the same heights as the remaining stands. This is to prevent some ghastly appearances in the process. Needless to say, you have to use a mirror to be able to attain this fair degree of accuracy.

Step VII: Apply Some Beard Oil

After you have styled your beard as need be, you have to apply some beard oil. This is necessary to maintain your beards in some soft and healthy manner possible. Do prioritize the lightweight oils as they are great at maintaining high moisture levels in your beard.

At the same time, they also make some contribution to taming unruly mustaches and beards. Be thorough in your applications. Apply sufficient amounts of the beard oil on the beard for maximum impacts.

Final Thought About Gillette Styler Trimmer

It is necessary that you adhere to all the laid down pieces of instructions that are contained in the manufacturer’s manual of your styler. This is to prevent any unnecessary hassles and guarantee great outcomes. You also want to maintain your styler in the best shape and form all the time.

Adhering to the instructions will guarantee this. Practicing every now and then will endow you with the expertise needed for best results.

Remington Ionic Ceramic Hair Dryer D3190 With Tourmaline Technology

Are you a woman worth her salt who wishes to make the most of their hairs? Well, we recommend this Remington ionic ceramic hair dryer for your consideration. It is intended for those two tasks well given its incorporation of all the various accessories and tools needed for the job.

With it, you will be able to generate straight hairstyles and flowing curls at a time.

Remington D3190 is basically work as Damage Protection Hair Dryer as well as you like- 1875w of Revlon Hair Dryer tools.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

The most common attractive features of this Remington D3190 are given below.

Damage Protection

Topping the charts among the list of its most awesome features is the effective damage protection. The dyer is equipped in such a way as to confer to you three times more protection than the ordinary appliances. It also possesses some micro-conditioners as well as advanced coating technology to make the job a reality.

You may hence rest easy knowing that you will not counter those harsh and ghastly outcomes others do.

3 Heat + 2 Speed Settings + Cool Shot

The major mechanisms for the heating and styling of your hair may be summarized as three heat, two-speed settings, and one cool shot.

These features let you identify and find the most suitable parameters for handling your unique type of hair. These include the air flow rate, and performance you prefer for your hair.

1875 Watts Max Power

With the ability to produce an impressive 1875 Watts maximum power, this appliance comes second to none with regards to the suitability to handle the most daunting of chores. This awesome ability also further guarantees you faster drying times as well as the ability to handle the roughest or coarsest strands of hair.

The pleasure of limited wastage of time is hence yours to leverage.

Removable Air Filter

A removable air filter does exist to facilitate your use and handling of the appliance altogether. It plays the role of keeping the dryer working at peak performance and efficiency. The filter does so chiefly by eliminating all kinds of clogs and other debris which might impede the smooth functioning of the dryer at all times.

Cool Shot Button

After you are through with working your hair, you have the cool shot button for your use. With the button, you will be able to lock in those gorgeous styles to see to it that they do not disentangle. Instead, the styles will become permanent and hold true regardless of how much impacts and disturbances are thrown against them.

Concentrator and Diffuser Attachments

Some concentrator and diffuser attachments also accompany this hair dryer. These two attachments are fitted strategically to enable you to easily style your hair with utmost precisions.

They do so by constructing some volumes and lift in the course of drying your hair. For this reason, you are assured some fair degree of elegance in your hair styling undertaking.

Proprietary Micro-Conditioner Technology

Apart from merely drying your hair, this appliance also conditions it, albeit slightly. This stems from its possession of the Proprietary Micro-Conditioner Technology. It hence follows that by placing your bet on this machine, you get to enjoy much more benefits than you actually pay for. You also stand to accrue some fair degree of convenience in the process.

Ceramic + Ionic + Tourmaline Technology

In all, this hair dryer is an embodiment of all the ideal traits of a machine of its kind. That is because it possesses the ionic, ceramic and tourmaline technologies, all ‘under one roof!’

Moreover, it grants you the power and leeway to switch back and forth between any of these technologies. This also goes a long way in enhancing your overall experience.

Advanced Coating Technology

It is not uncommon for your hair to become desiccated in the course of it being dried. This is not the case with this Remington particular dryer. That is because it does possess an advanced coating technology which exists for the sake of shielding your hair from excess heat. 

You may hence rest easy knowing that both your hair and scalp will emerge safer and intact at the tail end of the drying period.

Awesome Outcomes

The combination of all the features listed above gives rise to some awesome outcomes indeed. These include reduced incidences of frizz, variable styles outputs, smooth textures, great shines, and faster outcomes on the whole.

With these advantages to your access and easy reach, why would you even wish to look elsewhere for your hair drying? Aren’t you truly better off with this appliance?

Final Words About Remington D3190 Ionic Hair Dryer

There you have it! This appliance indeed is a great possession for your ultimate experience in matters hair drying. If I were in your shoes, I would not even contemplate looking elsewhere for my hair drying needs.

Instead, I would prioritize it in my search for the right kind of hair drying equipment. What are you waiting for? When are you buying your own appliance?

Revlon 1875w Infrared Hair Dryer Reviews In 2019

Revlon Hair Tools is a beauty company which is dedicated to assisting women in achieving beautiful hair they would naturally love. It hence goes without saying that you have this hair dryer for your consideration in case you happen to be a woman of that kind.

All its range of products have some unique and outstanding features which are almost exclusively geared towards matters beauty. This particular hair dryer is no exception to this rule. As you are about to conclude, it is an appliance for your choosing if you desire beauty.

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Outstanding Features and Benefits

Infrared Heat Technology

Unlike your standard hair dryer, this one utilizes the infrared heat technology to discharge the heat needed to dry your hair. For this reason, it generates some soft, shiny, and properly impacted outcomes. Also, it does not at all interfere with your hair’s moisture balance.

That is because its heat output is moderate enough to spare your hair from the likelihood of desiccation. It is this moderate heat output that is responsible for the discharge of maximum shines and warding off of the over-drying of the hair while in use.

Tourmaline Ionic Technology

To straighten and style your hair, this appliance makes use of the tourmaline ionic technology. The technology is pretty effective in the sense that it eliminates frizz and also enhances the overall appearances of your hair. This is not to mention that it impacts the texture of your hair output.

By using this appliance to impact your hair, you are assured some smooth outcomes which also appeal to the sights of those who behold it. It eliminates any entanglements which may interfere with your combing and styling later.

3X Ceramic Coating

Its dryer has some three layers of ceramic coating which are purposely fixed in place for your hair to incur the least possible damages. The coating minimizes the direct heat which is dissipated by the dryer and subsequently absorbed by your hair.

revlon 1875w

The end result of this is that the strands of your hair remains intact and are unaffected by desiccation. Further to this, the strands also retain their luster. If you plan to dry your hair every quite often, this is the machine to consider looking up to.

Variable Settings and Controls

As you use this appliance, you will note that it is pretty easy to control on the whole. This is due to the fact that it possesses some two heat and two-speed settings as well as a cool shot button. They enable seamless transfers between the various heating requirements.

Other than this, they also allow for maximum controls and mastery of the entire drying process. With these arrangements, you may be certain to obtain precisely the outcomes you so desire and yearn for. Chances of missing your steps and having undesirable outcomes are thus heavily suppressed.

Concentrator and Diffuser Attachments

Further complementing the settings and controls above are the concentrator and the diffuser attachments. They basically extend the range of the functionality of this dryer by giving it more power and leeway than it would ordinarily possess. This way, you get to obtain so much more than you actually pay for.

In particular, these two attachments give you that power to leverage maximum precision which in turn leads to truly customized hairstyle outcomes. You hence get to eliminate any forms of ambiguity while working your precious hair.

Latest Technology

All factors considered, this Revlon appliance features only the latest technology. This is mainly due to the fact that it comes in the form of the Innovative Pro Collection. By placing your bet on this appliance, you hence get to obtain the best kinds of outcomes imaginable.

These latest features all combine to give you the desired outcomes within the shortest time possible. You will not also have to struggle too much to obtain the desired ends. This means some conveniences on your part on the whole.

Impeccable Operability

As you make use of this dryer, one fact will stand out. That it is very easy to utilize. This is because all its operations have been simplified in such a way as to be easy to handle by just about every other person. Regardless of your skill level or expertise, you will be sure to achieve the most desirable of outcomes.

What’s more? The appliance also guarantees you some unforgettably beautiful blowouts! With these two armories at your fingertips, you have all you might want to guarantee great outcomes.

Final Words About Revlon 1875w Hair Dryer

Wow! Irrespective of what you anticipate from these appliances, you may be certain to find your answer. The appliance is indeed great for performing striking straight locks, enviable waves, and gorgeous blowouts. It is hence your perfect fashion accessory necessary for completely decent appearances.

Why would you even drag your feet to acquire it? Run for it as fast as you possibly can. Share this information with many of your peers to also let them leverage the same advantages. Best of luck in your use of this appliance later!

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