braun series 3 3040s review

Braun Series 3 3040s Review | Wet & Dry Men’s Electric Shaver

Values never die. Though the Braun Series 3 is a backward model, the features & performance still steal the heart of the real users. It is not a fun but the reality increases its popularity that we show in this Braun Series 3 3040s Review.

Price not a matter according to performance. That’s why Braun develops their latest model 5, 7 and 9 within a few years. If your choice is an electric shaver then the brand Braun is the first one. It is clear to us according to the customer’s reviews.



  • Model:Series 3 3040
  • Battery:Ni-MH
  • Run-time:45 Minutes
  • Type:Foil
  • Mustache trimmer:Yes
  • Wet/Dry Shaving:Yes
  • Waterproof: Yes

The Box Contains

The electric hair clipper’s box comes with An electric razor, Cleaning Brush & Charging Plug and the below images told the story at a glance and by clicking check out the latest price. 

Main Features of Braun Series 3 3040S

The main important features of the reputed brand Braun series 3 and the model 3040s are given below:

Skin-Friendly Activities

The German brand Braun produces world-class shavers for their customers. They never think about the quantity but they pay to heed about the customer’s reviews and the quality. This trust makes its consumers to buy the products of Braun easily and for the beginners 3040s Pro skin is one of them.

In addition, the good information to you that the Braun shavers are skin-friendly and you get better performance by using the SensoFoil technology which ensures the cutting quality.

Advanced Shaving

Here you find 3 blades system that is very sharp and easily slice your beard without any skin irritation. After all, you get a close, smooth & gentle shave every day.

Micro Comb Technology

The Micro comb technology of the Pro Skin 3040s shaver count more beard at a time and confirm faster shaver in a less time.

Intelligent Precision Head

How it looks when you see a little beard still under your nose or neck after a shave? This is disgusting for you. In this shaver, you get the precision head that easily reaches those difficult areas and gives you proper shave.

In-Built Precision

Another feature of this shaver 3040s is its built-in precision trimmer that is perfect for sideburns.

100% Washable with The Wet/Dry Opportunity

This is a great opportunity for you that you can rinse your shaver under water and you can clean it as you wish. This shaver is totally waterproof and can use for both wet and dry options.

Premium Battery

The NiMH battery of this Proskin shaver is 2x powerful and after a full charge, you can use it for 45-minutes of cordless use. For quick trimming, you can complete one shave just to charge for 5-minutes. Moreover, the LED display shows you the confirmation message after a complete charge.


The shaver cost is similar to other hair clippers and trimmers. This series 3 is the previous version of series 7 and 9. For the instances, the price is higher according to the latest version as well as a lot of new features also add.


  • MicroComb Technology
  • Triple Action Cutting System
  • SensoFoil
  • Use both Wet and Dry
  • 100% Washable
  • Ni-MH battery (Rechargeable)


  • No Charging Stand
  • No travel Pouch

Warranty 2-Years

Customer’s Reviews

Though it is the first time electric shaver produced by Braun, the cutting quality is good. After that Braun now produces a lot of electric shavers with a new technology along with new design. So, the price is higher than previous version because of its quality, performance, and durability.

For better performance, you can use foam, get or any other gliding. And for the latest one like to buy this- Braun Series 9 9090cc electric one.

3 Alternatives of Braun Series 3040

The below 3 alternatives of electric shavers are covers all your grooming needs that gives you smooth and close shaver with more than 3 years.

  1. Braun Series 9 9090cc– Men’s Electric Foil Shaver
  2. Braun Series 7 790cc– Men’s Electric Foil Shaver

3. Braun Series 7 760cc– 4 Electric Foil Shaver for Men

Simple FAQ’s About Braun 3040s Review

Question: Can I use it as a pop up trimmer?

Answer: Yes, you can

Question: Can I use it when plug into charge?

Answer: No, you can’t do it.

Question: Can it use as a trimmer?

Answer: Yes, you can use it as a trimmer.

Question: Can I use it without cord?

Answer: Yes, you can use this shaver both corded and cordless

Final Words about Braun Series 3 3040s Review

Those who are a newbie in an electric shaver, so Braun Series 3 3040s can be the first one. Here you get a training period chance of using electric shaver within the fewer prices.

Compare with the latest and more expensive Braun series 7 790cc and 9 9090cc, this budget electric razor is pretty good.

Decided on skin, the shavers company produces separate shaver for men & women. In most cases, the electric shavers for women are created according the skin sensitivity option.

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