braun series 7 790cc infographic

Braun 7 790cc Infographics For You in This Year [2023]

The Braun comes with a new Pulsonic Shaver System produces from well reputed German electronics that makes it more popular. With a view to the design, technology, and features, Braun series 7 790cc is a number one choice for the consumers. That’s why here we show the graphical representation of braun 7 790cc infographics for you.

Researching the market by a top research institute, this Pulsonic Technology referred to as “World’s number 1 shaver brand”. Those who are finding the best seller on amazon and best electric hair clipper this that one.

braun series 7 790cc infographics


What are The Main Features in It?

  1. Pulsonic Shaver System
  2. Ergonomic and Smooth Grip
  3. Customized Settings System
  4. 100% Waterproo 
  5. Worth the Price
  6. Cleans Itself

What is Pulsonic Shaver System?

What shaver actually you need? Is it well designed and well equipped with a high-performance? Yes, this is such type of hair shaver for you. The pulsonic shaver system offers you a close cutting shave and it dries itself means very responsive with easy command.

Some major features of Pulsonic Shaver Technology:

  • This is the latest technology
  • This is dries itself that means it is impressive for easy manage the command.

Is it Support Customized Set System?

The most general system in this series is the customized settings system that allows you to set and get a closer shave from it. Another reason is that the 3 distinct configurations help to personalize the electric shaver for your facial hair or even intended for whenever your facial beard has different growing lengths. Moreover, the 3 customization methods differ from delicate on track, in order to intense.

Waterproof Technology

You can wash this shaver with water and it is fully waterproof. That’s why you can easily wash it and reuse like a new one.

Is Braun Shaver Cleans Itself?

Yes, the Braun series 790cc can do it by its additional cleaning system i.e. the Pulsonic Shaver System.

Is the Series 7 Worth the Price?

You may think about the price is less high than average trimmer but if you think carefully about all the equipment’s that you get with this package, that is more than any other shaver. So, finally, you win considering the price of its shaving value.

At a Glance

Full Charge

Quick Charge

Shaving Time

60 Minutes

5 Minutes

50 Minutes

Final Words About Braun 7 790cc Infographics

Last but not least, you have checked the complete review for getting sufficient knowledge about the Braun Series 7 790cc. As a matter of fact, this full review provides benefits for the customer for selecting their best and quality product. Overall, this the best shaver with best performance. 

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