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6 Best Hair Cutting Shears for Professional Barbers

When it comes to best hair cutting shears, barbers know that there are some ones that are better than others. It’s just like in any other business where you really do get the hair cutting tools with certain brands.

Also, the lines of professional shears that manufacturers design are completely different than what you can get in the mainstream. You cannot just walk into a drug store and expect to get the hair cutting shears that professionals would actually use. 

This article will explore everything about the hair cutting tools including how to find the best ones.


Comparison Table of Best Hair Cutting Shears

Product Name



Check Prize

Equinox Professional Shears

Japanese stainless steel

6.5 inches

Check on Amazon

Utopia Care Professional Barber Scissors

Japanese stainless steel

6.5 inches

Check on Amazon

Utopia Care Hair cutting Shears

100% stainless steel

6.5 inches

Check on Amazon

Kovira Hairdresser Scissors

Japanese stainless steel

6.5 inches

Check on Amazon

Barber’s Choice Shears

Japanese stainless steel

6.5 inches

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HHR Professional Hair styling Scissors

Stainless steel

6.5 inches

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What Are The Best Scissors?

The best professional hair cutting shears will be found in beauty stores. These professional-level stores are not just places that anyone can walk into. They usually require a hairstyling license or at least an apprentice card to purchase the hair cutting scissors types. This means that only professionals in the business get access to the best self hair cutting tools.

These scissors are sharp and require regular sharpening to keep the edges sharp. This is just like any other profession like skating or cooking. These scissors are usually made out of Japanese steel. The blades are so sharp that you cannot run your fingers along the edge without getting cut.

However, hairstylists and barbers are trained to handle the hair cutting scissors types with care. When you hold them with proper technique, you can really prevent them from cutting you. You can keep your clients safe and deliver a top-quality hair cut with the shears.

The Difference between Scissors & Shears

The terms scissors and shears are used interchangeably. They both represent the same tool essentially. However, scissors are generally all-purpose and are not used for hair. These are the type of tools that you would use to open a cereal box if you’re being neat.

You would not use your hairstyling shears to ever do anything but cut hair. The reason behind this is that the premium quality shears are expensive. You can get scissors for five dollars, but you will not be finding any good quality haircutting scissors types for the same price point.

If you want to keep your hair cutting shears in good condition, you will only use the on human hair. This will prevent damage to the blade. Also, you will store your shears in a protective case away from other objects. Ideally, the case should be hardcover and padded.

In this instance, if you transport your shears, the bumps along the way will not cause actual damage to your shears.

Things to Consider When Purchasing Hair Cutting Shears

When it comes to purchasing the best performance shears, you will want to look at five components. I have broken the list down into five components. You will want to consider A to E as a comprehensive guide in purchasing your cutting tools.

  1. Size of The Shears

The size of your shears matters very much. I usually will want between a five inch to seven-inch pair of shears when it comes to haircutting. The general rule of measuring your main pair is that it should fit from the top of your middle finger all the way down to the middle or end of your palm. You can see that what you purchase will depend on the size of your hands and your comfort level. You want to get a blade that cuts a lot in a sweep so you don’t have to keep going over the same area as you would have to with smaller shear blades.

  1. Type of Shears

There are many brands that people associate with quality. You can go into a beauty store and see the main contenders for the professional cutting shears. Also, you can get them at a trade show for hair. Some people really swear by Cricket. Other top contenders include Dannyco, JOHN, Equinox, MACS, Matsui, and Jaguar.

Just because it’s not listed here doesn’t mean though that you shouldn’t consider it. The brands that come out with new and innovative shears change all the time.

  1. Material

This is an easy one. You will want to look for Japanese steel. The stainless steel on these scissors will be rust free. It is a good idea to always dry, clean, and oil your shears after each use to keep them fresh.

  1. The Handle

When it comes to the handle, you will need to get a feel for what you like. It’s best to go into the store and hold them. Make sure you use the proper technique when doing so. Also, you will need to get ones fit for the hand that you are using. If you are right-handed, you will need to use right-handed shears. Use the opposite if you are left-handed.

  1. Tension System

Tension matters when it comes to shears. You can get them tightened too, so don’t worry about them being too loose or too tight. You generally want to be able to close them without a lot of pressure. However, you don’t want them so loose that the blades flap open. This can, in fact, be dangerous. Always get a professional in the store to help you with the tightening process. Don’t be afraid though to go with what feels right to you though as you will be the one that is operating the shears.

6 Best Professional Hair Cutting Shears & Scissors Reviews

The Equinox brand has a reputation for quality in terms of the best professional hair cutting shears. This particular brand is well priced and is one of the best hair cutting tools. These shears are easy to hold and are designed to be ergonomic. They are of course made with Japanese stainless steel.

The blades are sharp and designed so you don’t get hair stuck in between the blades. This means that you can motor through your cut without encountering any hiccups. They only weigh 4.8 ounces, so they are quite lightweight. You can easily adjust the tension yourself with the screw.

This is especially important for stylists that like to get the tension just so. The design is patented so you know when you buy Equinox shears; you are getting a one of a kind experience. Take note though that these scissors are designed for right-handed users.

There are not any finger inserts to use for these scissors so make sure that they fit well to your fingers. The blades are sharp and ready for usage. Everyone that has used these scissors is impressed by the fine cut and that they do not leave any split ends behind.


  • Japanese stainless steel
  • Great for Salon Workers
  • Ergonomic Design


  • Someone complaints about it lifetime

Let’s a video on Equinox Hair Shears Reveiws.

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