Top 5 Best Barber Chairs Reviews in 2024

Did you just open a barbershop? Or are you only getting into the profession? Well, either way, what you need right now is a barber chair.

Other ordinary chairs can’t possibly match the features and benefits of this one. Hence, getting one of these is necessary.

But, we do understand that the process of getting one can be a little hassle-some if you have little to no knowledge regarding them.

That is why we are here to provide ample information regarding these amazing tools. With the right directions and access to the best barber chairs, finding an apt one will only be a piece of cake!


Top Most Barber Chair for Hair Stylist

In every Hair Salon Shop you can find this Styling Heavy Duty Hydraulic Pump Barber Chair which is best suited for the Women and Man. So, you can check it from here on Amazon- Heavy Duty Hydraulic Pump Barber Chair.

Product Name


Load Capacity

Price on Amazon

1. ARTIST HAND Barber Chair

43x28x39/43 inches

440 lbs

Check Price

2. Beauty Style Hydraulic Salon Chair

Seat width: 18.5” 

 300 lbs

Check Price

3. FlagBeauty Styling Chair

Seat width: 18.5” 

 300 lbs

Check Price

4. Merax Hydraulic Recliner

23″(W) X (39.5-43.3″)H

400 lbs

Check Price

5. Funnylife Hair Salon Chair

Seat width: 18.5”

400 lbs

Check Price

How Much Do Barbers Pay for Their Chair?

Barber chairs are usually quite expensive, and hence not affordable for everyone. Especially for the ones who are just beginners in the business. Now, purchasing used ones is not a good idea because it does not leave a good impression.

So, what they do is rent the chairs. The cost of renting the chair weekly is about 100-250 dollars. This is a good deal for barbers who make at least 500-700 dollars per week.

However, they can also opt for chairs that come within the price range of 150-300 dollars. Those are quite affordable and practical.

If they want to go for fancier options, then they tend to spend about 1000-2000 dollars on a chair. These chairs not only look fashionable but are very functional as well.

Why is it Called a Barber Chair?

When you hear the term ‘barber chair,’ the first thing that should pop into your head is that barbers use it. And that is pretty much what it is. Hence, that is where the name comes from.

These tools are usually made for shaving, hair styling, and haircuts for men. They are often mistaken for salon chairs. And although both of them are similar in some ways, their names and uses differentiate their main purposes.

They come with a lot of features that visibly set them apart from other similar products. Of course, these features and their practicality is what gives them the name – barber chair.

5 Best Luxury Barber Chairs Review

With so many different types and options out there, you will probably have a hard time picking a suitable one for you. That is why we have made a list of all the remarkable ones, which will only impress you.

1. ARTIST HAND Black All Purpose Hydraulic Recline Barber Chair

The Artist Hand is the best quality luxury barber chairs come with a lot of aspects that make them convenient and extraordinary in their ways. Two of those aspects happen to be comfort and sturdiness. And luckily, this product includes these two, along with a lot more.

While getting started, you will face no trouble at all with this tool. That is because it is easy to assemble. Even a beginner will feel at ease with this ARTIST HAND Barber Chair.

Speaking of convenient aspects, this chair includes quite a practical height adjustment feature. Thanks to its heavy-duty hydraulic pump, you will face no hassle in this sector.

This 360-degree swiveling chair has much more to offer. For instance, the seat can be reclined to at least 145-degrees, for the utmost comfort of the customer.

It comes with other facilities that provide comfort. The footrest is one of the examples. But that’s not all – its stainless steel armrest and PVC leather cover do the trick as well.

On the other hand, the product includes a double-reinforced saddle sticking, which prevents wear and tear. Hence, you can rest assured about the chair lasting for quite a long time.

Let’s enjoy a video of this Hydraulic Recline barber chair.

You might notice one inconvenience, which is, the product is not stable. It might rock back and forth when being used. Furthermore, the instructions included are written in Chinese, and hence, are a little hard to understand.

This all about artist hand barber chair review.


  • Effortless to assemble
  • Height can be easily adjusted
  • 360-degrees swiveling and 145-degrees reclining
  • Footrest and armrest for added comfort
  • Long-lasting


  • Unstable
  • Instructions are written in Chinese

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