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I think you are thinking about such a hair clipper which offers you great quality with services and also low price. Our expert team finds out such type of smart clipper for you by the Wahl Color Pro review. The simple and sleek design with easy to use technology makes this product a large number of reviews.

The students, as well as other users, are a fan of this Wahl Color Pro Complete Hair Cutting Kit 79300-400T because it is one of the best hair clippers on the market. The price and the capacity of the hair cutting of the clipper make it popular. This Wahl Color Pro offers you a 5-year warranty.

About the Product

  • Color coded guide combs: Right here you receive a set of color corded guide combs. All these combs offer everyone’s preferred hair length when you trim.
  • Color Corded Keys: Color corded keys simply match the appropriate comb to the correct setting.
  • Self-Sharpening Blade: The cutting blade made from stainless steel. The precision ground quality of the high carbon blades keeps sharp for a long time.
  • Grip: The clipper holds with a smooth touching grip with regard to coziness handle.

Suitable For

The clipper which is appropriate for slicing and cutting hair all around the entire body, The Wahl 79300-400 Color Professional 20 Piece Complete Haircutting equipment is one of them. You can use for your complete head shave plus facial beard and mustache manscaping.

Best Budget Home Hair Clipper

All-time budget is the first priority. At fewer than 20 dollars, the Wahl Color Pro 20 piece complete hair cutting kit is definitely the best budget hair clippers available on the market. In this product, the less price not negotiable for its performance.

Wahl Color Pro 79300-400 Review Haircutting Kit

In this Wahl color pro clipper kit, you find an exclusive feature like color corded combs. This characteristic causes it to become fast and simple to get the perfect comb size. In this clipper kit, there is a color code manual which is hassle-free to use in settings. After all, it helps you simple to determine the perfect size in addition to comb color within a second.

wahl color pro clippers

For slicing all types of hair, the Wahl color pro carries a high-quality motor. The self-sharpening blades continue to be well-defined much longer. Additionally, the clipper features a comfortable and an adaptable taper button. Using this taper lever one can get effortless slicing together with tailored trimming lengths.

Attractive Features into the Wahl Color Pro Hair Clipper Kit 79300 400

For those who have any kind of concerns or questions relating to any Wahl Product or service, get in touch with Customer Service & Support Center of Wahl. The kit consists of self-sharpening as well as precision ground blades. For this reason, it helps to slice through every type of hair and also remain razor-sharp for a longer time as professionals demand.

Product Description

Are you are searching a clipper which is a great choice for performing professional grade haircut at your home?

No doubt, you can buy the Wahl color pro 20 pieces complete haircutting kit. With regard to effortless handling, the particular clipper incorporates with an ease and comfort grip. It also comes with a flexible taper control unit plus Wahl distinctive components.

The package consists of the following essential features:

MC clipper: This hair clipper know as an MC Clipper.

Blade guard: Guide Combs: Here you find the total set guide combs that are in 11 coloreds. It helps you to obtain a multitude of hairstyles and even lengths.

Barber comb: Barbers are need to such an extra ordinary comb that is suitable for cutting hair as user demands.

Styling comb: This helps you to cutting for different hair styles as you required.

Scissors: This hair clipper kit comes with necessary scissors as needed.

Cleaning brush: Clean the comb and blades with the cleaning brush.

Blade oil: Oil to the blades after every use for better and long performance.

Warranty: The warranty of this Wahl complete haircutting kit is for 5 years. Instructions Book: English/Spanish instructions/styling guide.

Storage case: 6 inches handled storage case.

At a Glance of Wahl Color Pro Review




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Price on amazon.com

9 x 6.2 x 10 inches

 2 pounds

 5 years


Wahl 79300-400T: Performance & Haircut Quality

In general, you need to oil your hair clipper for each and every 2-3 haircuts. On the other hand, you need to remove hair from the clipper blade after every use. If you maintain these rules, you will obtain the maximum performance from the Wahl color pro clipper.

This is more important if the cutting blades weren't the quality of the self-sharpening model. According to the performance of the blades and motor, it is perfect for simple cuts and buzz cuts. For barber quality haircut as well as professionals you must go to the Wahl color pro clipper.


  • Handy colored combs
  • Low cost
  • Rubberized grip intended for effortless controlling


  • Not perfect for beards trimming
  • Quite noisy

Maintenance of The Wahl Color Pro Clippers

For long lasting and get better output, you have to clean the clipper in every haircut and use blade oil every 3-4 haircuts. This extra care ensures the wall color pro 20 piece complete haircutting kit’s optimal performance.

Though this clipper has the self-sharpening cutting tool but for the long lasting and better performance, you must clean the clipper on a regular basis and also oiling it regularly. As a result, maintenance of the hair clipper provides you longer lasting of the clipper.

Simple Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Question: Can it trim beard?

Answer: Definitely, you are able to cut your facial beard as well as mustache beard with this. Without worrying about affixed the combs, you can acquire an alternative best grade trim through the use of the adjusting button that you find on the left-hand side of the clipper. Moreover, for your preferred trim, you may adapt the actual combs attached along with lever.

Question: Are the blades of this clipper replaceable?

Answer: Yes, it is. Question: What is the # of the blade? You can easily replace with the blade model 1045-100. These are available on the amazon.com as "WAHL Professional 2 Hole Precision Clipper Blade".

Final Verdict

The people who have not enough budgets and would like a straightforward hair clipper for use in the home, the Wahl color pro review 79300-400 is perfect for them. Also, the different types of colored combs give you the accurate and lucrative cut that gives you a smart look. 

Moreover, the self-sharpening blade provides you the easy and smooth cut. It is not a professional clipper but with its price range, it is ideal for students or newbie’s.

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