hausbell r3 cordless hair clippers pro reviews

Hausbell R3 Cordless Hair Clippers Pro Rechargeable Trimmer Reviews

At present we live in the age of cordless and we all are used to about mobile-friendly services not to telephone or corded. So the company should produce their product to bear in mind that the maximum usable time for wireless use. In this Hausbell R3 cordless hair clippers pro reviews you find the utmost 75-minute wireless use of this trimmer which uses powerful motor including 7200 rpm.

Those who have thicker hair it is best suited for them because the cutting blades of this Hausbell R3 Cordless Hair Clippers Pro Rechargeable Hair Trimmer Haircut Kit are wider than another clipper. Also, it is skin friendly with the absence of any irritation and one can use for pet’s hair.

It is the recent version of Hausbell R2 Cordless Hair Clippers Pro Rechargeable Hair Trimmer Haircut Kit.


Why People Buy This Cordless Hair Clipper?

People buy a clipper for their own interest with different purposes. It depends on their choices, design, features, performance, skin friendliness, etc.

Design, Performance & Features

A lucrative design of a product can easily make it to the customer, ‘love at first sight’. Along with the various types of features shows its real performance as a consumer really desire. The Hausbell R3 cordless hair clippers pro reviews try to show all of these features for your happy trimming.

Highly Effective Motor

The motor which is used in this hair trimmer is turbo strong that slice faster with desired style haircut and works at 7200 rpm speed. This diverse cutting tool trims on thick hair along with zero pulling there with no skin irritation. On the other hand, one can also be used this trimmer for their pet’s hair trimming.

Sustainable Power

When you fully charge this trimmer, you can trim with it 75-minutes trustworthy cordless hair slicing that makes it differ from another trimmer.

Risk-Free trimmer

The main goal of this hair trimmer is risk-free technology because of the fine ceramic clipper blades organized in an exceedingly perforate stainless steel chamber that helps to well trimming not to hamper any skin irritation.


Another good feature of this trimmer are no doubt, the adaptability that works with cordless for a great deal more contoured appearance and straight-forward slicing feel without any complicated tangle.

What’s containing the Box?

  • Hair Trimmer
  • 2 Guide-Combs
  • Barber Scissors
  • Styling Hair Comb
  • Cleansing Brush
  • Barber Cape
  • Hair Guide

In a Brief – Master the Art of Home Barbering

Handy Device

The Hausbell R3 Cordless hair device is quite handy and fully control by the hand and from the practical experience it is a good trimmer for trim all types of hair styling. 

Super Quiet and Minimal Vibration

Whenever you go to trim kid’s hair it is not an easy task both for you and barber. In this case, you have to select children friendly hair clippers and trimmers that pretty assist to feel the child ease. The handy device with 7200 rpm easily cut more hair with desire hair style.

Durable Self-Sharpening Blades

The titanium ceramic blades are well known to all for its long-term sharpening strategy. This technology makes it possible to gain a perfect edge by using this long lasting, high-quality modern cutting blades.

Adjusting the Taper Management

For slicing hair in the front area is easy but whenever focusing on some other places like the backside of the body or behind ears it is tough to trim. To make it easy the taper can be easily handled and adjust allows you to maintain the cutting tool as close as you position the trimmers.

2 Guide Combs, Permits 16 Length Settings 

In this Hausbell hair clipper, you find 2 adjustable guide combs that give you any types of length configurations for your targeted hairstyle. In addition, there are 16 different length settings can be done by this 2 guide combs. Just select and lock the length that your desire and design and style your hair for a hassle-free trimming experience.

Cord/Cordless Use

The Hausbell R3 comes with a 2000 mAh powerful battery that is fully rechargeable and work for 75 minutes. This is done by this clipper cordless hair cutting without any complexity.


  • 75 minutes cordless use.
  • 7200 rpm powerful motor
  • Skin Friendly trimmer
  • Both Corded or Cordless use


  • Make quiet noise

3 Alternatives of Hausbell R3 Cordless Hair Clipper

Following 3 are the related alternatives of Hausbell R3 Cordless Hair Clipper and Trimmer for you to take another good decision.

1. Wahl Clipper Lithium Ion Cordless Rechargeable Hair Clippers

 2. Wahl Clipper Color Pro Cordless Rechargeable Hair Clippers

 3.  Philips Norelco HC7452/41 7100 Hair Clipper

Final Words about Hausbell R3 Cordless Clipper

This hausbell r3 is a good hair clipper for trimming barber type haircut at home. For more other good hair trimmer you can check here best cordless hair clippers in 2018 for find out the best one that will be well suited for you. Because before buying a good hair clipper you have to consider a lot of things that are really related to your hair and skin plus the products design, styles and performance.

That’s why we think that Hausbell R3 Cordless hair clippers pro reviews gives you the perfect solution.

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