Philips Norelco 3100 vs 2100 | Pick Your Electric Shaver

Philips is a brand known to most people out there. When it comes to purchasing electronics, the products of this brand are almost always the number one choice of most people. And why should it be any different in the case of trimmers?

That is why we have reviewed and compared two of Philips' best trimmers. In this Philips Norelco 3100 vs 2100 review, you can choose the most suitable one for yourself.

Trust us when we say this; they are both great in their ways. But, in case you need to find the one more apt for your needs, we have provided all the information right here.

Why People Choose Electric Shaver?

A lot of people often prefer electric shavers. They come with a lot of benefits, and using them is easier in general. If you compare them with other razors, you will realize how much more efficient the electric ones are.

Such razors include a rotating or oscillating blade. They are usually powered by a small DC motor, which in turn uses batteries or mains electricity to make the tool work.

This aspect makes them very convenient to operate. For instance, you will not need shaving foam, soap, or even water to trim with it. All you have to do is turn the power on, and it will start working just like that.

On the other hand, they shave faster and reduce the risk of cuts or burns. Along with your time, you will also be saving your money because they last longer than their counterparts.

Moreover, they are versatile. You can shave your head, as well as your beard with them. All of these facilities are not included in a lot of razors. Hence, users can put their trust in electric shavers for men and women as well.

So, in short, these are reliable and worth the investment. That is why people tend to choose this over other options.

People’s Review about America’s No. 1 Brand Philips

It is no secret that Philips is doing well as one of America's well-known electronics brands. Every product that this brand produces seems to leave a good impression on the customers.

For instance, most reviews about the brand mention how reliable and trustworthy it is. All of its products include incredible features, which allow customers to use them without any worries whatsoever.

Furthermore, the reviews also mention how long-lasting and user-oriented the tools are. Hence, you can trust them blindly because they will never disappoint you. Rather, as per the reviews, they will exceed your expectations.

Features Overview – Philips Norelco 3100 vs 2100

Let's dive into the main part – the overview of their features. Down below is everything you need to know about these products.

The Similarities

Charging Time

Both Philips Norelco 2100 and the 3100 versions have the same charging time. That is because both of them come with rechargeable lithium-ion batteries. The batteries provided are the same in both of the products. Hence, there's no difference in their charging rate.

Moreover, these deliver the power of a corded shaver without the trouble of the cord itself. So, charging both of these will provide similar experiences.

Blade Type

If you are worried about these shavers not being suitable for the curves of your face and neck, then stop fretting right away. The type of blades included makes sure you get the best shave, on every part alike.

They come with four direction flex heads, which move in 4 directions while adjusting to every curve and surface. As a result, all parts of your face and neck will get a proper shave. This aspect makes them quite reliable as Philips head shaver.

Pop-Up Trimmer

The term ‘pop-up’ already gives an impression of how the trimmers work. Technically, you can pop them open with one touch. The benefit of this feature is that it allows you to shave and maintain your mustache or sideburns perfectly.

Hence, the tools get to be versatile and suitable for multiple purposes.

Shaving Type

With their unique shaving system, your skin will remain protected at all times. These shavers are designed to give you a close shave. They can work with curves very efficiently, and so, you will be getting a shave without any sort of injuries or cuts.

Easy Cleaning

The cleaning part always seems to be troublesome when it comes to shavers. And sadly, that's the part most of us usually like to avoid. However, you will not be facing that issue with these tools.

Both of these are designed in such a way that makes them effortless to clean. All you have to do is leave them under the tap, and they will get cleaned in no time whatsoever!

Battery Status Light

Battery indicators are a must-have when it comes to chargeable products. That is why both of these tools come with an LED battery indicator, which lets you know the status now and then.

This aspect prevents the tools from overcharging and also notifies when the charge is almost drained.

Ergonomic Design

An ergonomic grip makes the process of using a tool much more convenient. That is because this feature ensures maximum comfort and minimal exhaustion. Hence, both the tools have an ergonomic design on the grip.

So, you can pleasantly work with them without facing any sort of hassle or irritation.

Power Button

If the tool is difficult to get started with, then the entire process of operating it might get a little frustrating. Hence, both of these electric shavers include convenient power buttons.

All you have to do is switch it on and start the shaving process. Turning the shaver off is just as hassle-free.

The Dissimilarities

Battery Life

Even though charging these tools take the same amount of time, their batteries don’t seem to last similarly. While Philips Norelco 3100 can last for about 45 minutes after full charge, its 2100 counterpart can only last for 35 minutes.

Although the difference is not that major, it still tends to play a role when people are choosing between the two.

Shaving with the Cord Plugged in

Although it is highly recommended not to use trimmers when they are charging, you can still do so with the 3100 shavers. Since it can be used when corded, you can charge the tool by connecting it to the mains electricity and then start shaving.

However, you cannot do that with the 2100 trimmer.

Charging Stand

Both the tools may have the same charging rate, and they may include the same type of batteries, but their charging stands are far from similar. They are very different and cannot be used interchangeably.

However, both of the stands are convenient and ideal for each of the shavers, so you won't face any trouble when charging these.

Cleaning Brush

Although they both have similar designs, they are not entirely the same. Hence, their cleaning brushes are quite different from each other as well. For instance, a brush that might clean one of them efficiently might not work with the other.

But, they can be cleaned without the brush from time to time, so this particular tool should not be a matter of concern.

Blade Technology

While the 3100 shaver comes with a comfort cut blade system, the 2100 one includes a close cut blade technology. As a result, the 3100 trimmer focuses on giving its users a very smooth and rounded cut.

However, the 2100 razor focuses on giving the users a close and fast cut. But, they both avoid cuts and nicks as much as possible.


Both of the tools come with similar structures and construction. Hence, they have the same operation process. However, there are some notable differences. For instance, the 3100 trimmer can be operated with or without a cord.

But, the 2100 one can only be operated without a cord.

Travel Lock

Another notable difference that you should not overlook is that one of them contains a travel lock, and the other does not. This feature of the 3100 shaver makes sure it won't turn on automatically while it's in your bag.

Hence, this one is comparatively safer as a travel companion than its 2100 counterpart.

Final Words

After comparing both of the tools thoroughly in this Norelco 3100 vs 2100 review, we will recommend Philips Norelco 3100 trimmer for you.

Of course, both of them are amazing, but the 3100 one includes a few more benefits than its 2100 counterpart. For instance, Philips Norelco 3100 has a longer-lasting battery life.

Moreover, it is more comfortable to use and is more versatile even in operation. This tool includes a travel lock, which makes it safer to carry.

Hence, we believe that the 3100 shaver is a little more advantageous than its 2100 counterpart.

Benefits of Using Beard Oil And The Disadvantages

Just like women and men use specific kinds of products to take care of their hair, the beard of man has to be groomed and cared for well too. In fact, to keep a man’s beard conditioned properly is not only a matter of washing it regularly but also using the best beard products for moisturizing. This is one of the main reasons why beard oil is a good solution for keeping your beard healthy and shiny.

What Is Beard Oil?

As a man's beard grows out, it begins to extract oil from the skin. When this occurs, a man's face becomes dry, irritated and flaky. The only way to combat these problems is to replace the moisture back. This is one of the primary reasons why men use beard oil.  

Benefits of Using Beard Oil & How it Works

A. Benefits of Beard Oil

A. According to the latest statistics on beards, 1/3rd of all men in America have beards and they are continuing to grow in popularity today. Therefore, as this trend rises, the need for the best moisturizes like beard oil is essential.  Some of the more notable benefits of using beard oil

include soothing dry itchy skin, getting rid of damage, eliminating problems with patchy looking beards, making it easy for men to style their beards, giving the beard a nice smelling aroma, and controlling sensitive skin and problems with acne. All of which are considered to be excellent sandalwood beard oil benefits for men.

B. Beard Oil Moisturizes Facial Hair and The Skin Beneath

Now that you know all of the great benefits of using beard oil, it is also important for you to know how this oil works.   Since there is more than one product that men are using all of the time, you may find that some of these products may work differently than others. However, the primary concept of its basic use is often the same or similar. For instance, the best beard oil products on the market work to do the following achieve the following:

- helps to hydrate the skin underneath the beard

-  helps to soften and tame thick beard hair types

-  styling agent to groom the beard so men can wear their beard the way that they like

-  provides a coating for every hair.

- beard growth oil

C. The Best Time to Apply Beard Oil 

When you decide to use beard oil on your beard, you need to know how and when to apply this oil too. You want to know this part of the process to ensure you achieve the best results possible.

For instance, one of the best times to apply this oil to a man's face is right after they have bathed or stepped out of the shower. This is the best time since your beard will actually be its cleanest, while also you find that your pores in the skin are opened up to the dehydration and moisture that is needs.

Before you apply beard oil, should make sure that you have dried your beard with a towel.  A little moisture in the beard should be left behind. To achieve the best results, the beard cannot be too wet before you apply it.

Let's a video for you.

D.  Make Face Flake-Free and Smelling Fresh

Another benefit of using beard oil is an extra that many men and their women like the most. And, that is the fresh smell that beard oil leaves behind in the beard. The fragrance can differ based on the product used so it also by preference.  It is also important that the ingredients in these oils are designed to ensure a man's face and beard is free of dandruff. 

Some Brands of Beard Oil and Benefits of Beard Oil Options

If you are interested in using beard oil on your skin, it is important that you do your research first on barbershop beard oil recipe and other related topics.  When you do your research, you may find that there are some beard oil brands that tend to be more commonly used than others. Here is a list that provides you with 8 of the top options on the market today. 

1. Bossman Beard Oil Kit

2. Brickell 1 oz Beard Oil For Men

3. Jojoba Oil (Beard Oil

4. Jack Black Beard Oil

5. Leven Rose Beard Oil

6. Best Sandalwood Beard

7. Mountaineer Brand Beard 

8. American Beard Company Beard Oil

9. Honest Amish Beard Oil

Choosing the right brand for an individual usually based on the ingredients contained in a particular brand, the fragrances added and a variety of other things that help men to choose one over the other.  

Some of the brands are made with different ingredients including those that are made up of synthetic versus all natural oils that come from things like almonds, grapeseed, hazelnut, and coconut.  Also, if an individual is concerned about buying the best type for them, they may need additional information to assist them with making an informed decision. 

For instance, for more information about the best brands, you should check out beard oil review sites like the cremo beard oil review, lanthome beard oil review, caveman beard oil review and others that can tell you the benefits of each. 

Disadvantages of Beard Oil

As with any product that you may use today, there are some pros as well as some drawbacks to choosing this kind of product. This is also the case with beard oil since not all men can wear these oils. For instance, in some cases, men may have an allergy to the essential oils used in these ingredients. Some men not like the smell because the oxidation process may make the oil rancid in the storing or aging process. When synthetic fragrances are added, some people will not like the smell and they are not always the healthiest products. 

Final Words on Benefits of Beard Oil 

More and more men are growing beards on their face today. This is also why beard oil has become increasingly popular to those men who want to keep their beards well-groomed and looking attractive at all times. 

While the look of the beard is important to those that like to wear them, many men are using these beard oil product to get rid of dry flaky skin underneath the beard that can be irritating and frustrating.  

By using this oil as a moisturizer, it is also considered to be an excellent styling aid that conditions and makes the beard easier to manage.

How To Use Panasonic Wet Dry Shaver

The Panasonic wet/dry shaver, by its sheer nature, scope and construction, may be used to get rid of hair both while wet or dry. We are therefore going to break down the procedures and discuss them one at a time.

Below the process about how to use Panasonic wet dry shaver that you need to know.

How To Use Panasonic Wet Dry Shaver

A. Wet Shaving

Wet shaving basically means getting rid of the hair while they are damp and the skin is similarly wet. The shavers have to be pretty resistant to corrosion to prevent them from developing wrinkles, pimples, and other ugly marks. Below are the steps to follow:

Step I: Cut Your Hairs Shorter

Start off by trimming your hairs shorter. Use some pair of scissors to do this job. The aim of this procedure is to prevent your hair from jamming the blades of your shaver. Be sure to trim them as short as you possibly can.

Step II: Soak Your Hair Or The Portion To Be Shaved

Next, move on to soak your hair or the portion of your skin to be shaved. Simply dip it into a bowl of water for some time. Alternatively, you might sprinkle some water there and let the water stay in for several minutes.

This one softens the hair. Though not a must, you might also condition and shampoo the hair. This is advisable if the hair is coarser or denser in thickness.

Step III: Apply Some Shaving Foam

As part of preparing for shaving, you have to apply some shaving foam on the hair. Squeeze some dollop of the shaving foam on your hands. Thereafter, work it into some lather by rubbing against your hands.

Step IV: Allow For Some Time To Settle

After applying the foam on the area you intend to shave, you have to leave it intact to let it settle. This is to allow the foam to yield the highest levels of impacts possible. You want to make your shaving a breeze.

Step V: Shave The Area

You have now come to the most crucial component of the entire process. It is at this stage that you shave the area of your body you are interested in. The exact approach you will use will depend on the exact portion of the body. Below are some recommended steps:

  • Shave the legs in some long strokes and against the grain
  • As for your face, use some long up-and-down strokes. While at it, conform as nearly to the contours of your face as possible.
  • For the armpits, use the side-to-side strokes to shave in short up-and-down steps.
  • The pubic areas are impacted in upward strokes for best results.

NB: At all times, hold the shaver at angles of 45° for best outcomes. Do not forget rinsing the blades of the shavers from time to time during the shaving process. You might have to immerse them completely in water to rid it of all the dirt.

Step VI: Rinse, Dry And Pack The Shaver

After you are completely through with shaving, rinse your shaver, dry it and then pat it to rid it of any debris. Thereafter pack it and return it to the charger for future use.

B. Dry Shaving

Dry shaving is the elimination of unwanted body hair when the skin and the hair are both dry. It is mostly useful in events or circumstances in which there are water shortages. Given that the hairs are shaved dry, this technique is most suited for the extremely coarse or short yet stubble hairs. It is also great for frequent and repeated shaving.

Step I: Dust The Area To Be Shaved

Dust the area of your skin to shave. Use some shaving foam or baby powder to cover the area prior to the dusting process. These two items soothe the skin and also ensure the smooth gliding of the shaver’s blade across the skin.

Let's a video for how to use Panasonic wet dry shaver. 

Step II: Shave The Area

You have now come to the crux of the entire exercise. You have to shave the area to be impacted. The specific approach you use depends mostly on the exact portion of your skin to be impacted. Below are the steps to follow:

  • Shave your legs in some long strokes and typically against the grain
  • Use some long up-and-down strokes to shave your face. Be certain to follow your face’s unique contours for finer outcomes.
  • As for the armpits, do some side-to-side strokes which ideally should alternate with some short up-and-down strokes.
  • Upward strokes are best for the pubic areas

PS: At all times, hold the shaver at some 45° angle.

Step III: Clean The Shaver When Done

When you are completely done with shaving, clean it completely. Brush it to eliminate all chaff and dirt. Thereafter, use some clean towel to wipe off excess hair from its blades. Return it to its packaging for future use.

Step IV: Eliminate the leftover baby powder

After you have concluded the shaving exercise, eliminate the leftover baby powder or the shaving foam. Use some towel. While at it, refrain from rubbing the skin too much. You do not want to irritate your newly shaved skin. Conclude the exercise by applying an after-shave to your skin.

What is The Best Panasonic Shaver?

You can choose Panasonic Arc5 Electric Razor ES-LV65-S or the later version for getting your desire look.

Moreover, you can check Braun or Philips electric shaver to serve your demand.

How To Use Gillette Styler Trimmer | Step By Step Guide

Sometimes trimming beards in and of itself is not enough. You want to go ahead and generate some styles. That is when you need a styler. Of all the gadgets of these kinds in existence, the Gillette Styler stands out.

Our discussions hereunder revolve around the use and applicability of this styler trimmer. Stay on till the end of the discussions to know how to utilize this wonderful piece of hair care product.

Step By Step Guide of How To Use Gillette Styler Trimmer

Step I: Shower Or Wash The Hair You Want To Style

Start off by showering or washing the hair you intend to style. It is no secret that wet hairs respond well to the shaving blades of the machines. They are also agile enough to allow for easy manipulation and subsequent handling.

For quick shaves, soak the hair in some water for quite some time. This will weaken the coarse strands and allow for great agility of the hair altogether. Though not necessary, you might also consider using some shaving foam at this stage.

Below you see the total reviews of this Gillette Fusion Proglide Styler.

Step II: Brush Out Your Beard

After washing your beards, you now have to brush them. The aim of this brushing is to detangle any knots which might have formed on the hair. In the process, it allows the blades of the shaver to glide smoothly and do a better job conveniently.

Use some plastic brush which has straight blades. They are the ones that are more likely to yield the required great outcomes. Insist on brushing along the grains to allow the strands of hair to stand up straight and as long as possible.

Step III: Acquire an All-Purpose Gillette Styler®

Even though you are free to use any Gillette styler, the All Purpose Gillette Styler® has been noted to generate the best outcomes imaginably. They do deliver trims that are even and consistent. That is mainly because they do possess some three guide combs.

To achieve the best trimming outcomes using this styler, pull your skin tight. Thereafter, trim the hair in a manner that is sweeping and in the direction that is further away from your face. It is this way that the strands will come out straight and fully stretched out.

Step IV: Set The Parameters

It may not normally be possible to undo any bad trimming. That is why you have to get everything right during the trimming process. To guarantee this, start out by setting the requisite parameters beforehand. Your guide comb should be longer to enable this.

As a general rule, your beards should be shorter at your cheeks and your neck. At the same time, the hair at your chin should generally be longer to leave behind some fade. Lastly, the hair should be of uniform length to guarantee some great appearances.

Step V: Brush Your Mustache

Once you are through with your trimming exercise, you are advised to brush your mustache. This should be in a downward direction. Proceed to get rid of the guide comb in order that you may buzz your hair. This should let is extend over your lips.

Use some soft brush with bristles that can pierce and run through each strand of hair. This way, you will obtain some outcomes that are consistent and great at the same time. Always insist on brushing along the grains of your hair.

Step VI: Make Some Final Touches

Even though this procedure is not mandatory, you are also advised to make some final touches. Use some pair of scissors to confront any stragglers if and when they indeed do exist. While at it, be mindful of the need to maintain some consistency.

See to it that you maintain the final lengths of the hair at the same heights as the remaining stands. This is to prevent some ghastly appearances in the process. Needless to say, you have to use a mirror to be able to attain this fair degree of accuracy.

Step VII: Apply Some Beard Oil

After you have styled your beard as need be, you have to apply some beard oil. This is necessary to maintain your beards in some soft and healthy manner possible. Do prioritize the lightweight oils as they are great at maintaining high moisture levels in your beard.

At the same time, they also make some contribution to taming unruly mustaches and beards. Be thorough in your applications. Apply sufficient amounts of the beard oil on the beard for maximum impacts.

Final Thought About Gillette Styler Trimmer

It is necessary that you adhere to all the laid down pieces of instructions that are contained in the manufacturer’s manual of your styler. This is to prevent any unnecessary hassles and guarantee great outcomes. You also want to maintain your styler in the best shape and form all the time.

Adhering to the instructions will guarantee this. Practicing every now and then will endow you with the expertise needed for best results.

How To Use Coconut Oil For Beard Growth & Its Benefits

Those have beard and they love it must know about how to use coconut oil for beard growth.

In the present day, the demand of coconut oil increase day by day. Moreover, people like the natural foods for their better health as well as hair therapy. 

This coconut oil really works good for beard growth with proper vitamin.

Tools and Materials Required

  • Coconut oil
  • Brush
  • Mirror
  • Comb
  • Towel
  • Mild soap
  • Essential oils

Step By Step Procedure

This is how to use coconut oil for beard growth:

Step I: Clean Your Hands

Obviously, you have to prepare for the application of the coconut oil as a first step towards using the coconut oil for beard growth. Clean your hands to remove any stains and dirt which may have accumulated and settled there. After cleaning your hands, dry them clean using a piece of towel.

Do the same to your beards. Clean your beards using warm water and mild soap. Rinse using very clean water. After you are through, wipe off the beard using some clean towel to rid it of any extra moisture. You might also have to comb the beard to make the strands straight for the sake of easy absorption of the oil.

Step II: Melt the Coconut Oil

For the sake of easy spreading and faster absorption, you will have to melt the coconut oil. You might achieve this through a variety of ways and means. You might rub it in between your hands. The heat that is so generated shall melt the oil and make it more fluid.

coconut oil beard

Alternatively, you might also place the container out in the sun to have it melt using the heat of the sun. Lastly, of course, you may also hold the container which holds the oil atop a stove and let the heat melt the oil. If you opt for these two approaches, take care that the coconut oil is not excessively hot.

Step III: Apply The Oil

You now have to apply the coconut oil on your beard. Pour some oil on the palms of your hands. Rub thoroughly to spread it out evenly on your hands. Apply the oil on your beards. You are advised to start out with the tips of your beards. Leave the oils to settle for some time before proceeding.

While at this stage, be mindful of the thickness of the hair strands. Those areas that are too thick will definitely want more of the oil and vice versa. You will have to pour in more oil at such places. Work the roots of the hair and the skin as well.

Step IV: Massage The Oil

Now massage the oil for a couple of minutes to be certain that the entire beard is impacted. Use the palm of your hands to accomplish this task. Rub thoroughly to see to it that the entire skin is reached and taken care of. You might yet again have to add some more oil at this stage.

After the first round of massage, you are advised to leave the skin untouched for quite some time to see to it that the facial hair receives adequate nourishment and hydration. This should take around five minutes, give or take. Thereafter, massage the beard to allow for proper impacts.

Step V: Condition The Hair

Though not a must, you might also want to condition your beards. This procedure is necessary though as it makes your beards easier to comb and handle later. It does so by minimizing friction and making each strand of hair stand apart from one another.

You need not necessarily buy and use a separate conditioner for the job. You may as well use this same coconut oil as the conditioner. Massage some modest amount of it onto your beard. Thereafter, comb it thoroughly using a comb or a beard brush.

Step VI: Smooth Your Skin

After you have already handled your beards well, you might now want to take care of your skin. This requires the application of a couple of relevant essential oils. Top examples of these include the almond, jojoba, coconut oils, or peppermint oils. Simply pour some on your palms and rub thoroughly on your skin. These essential oils smooth the skin, unclog the hair follicles, prevent dryness, and itchiness.

Step VII: Treat Some Beard Issues

In case of your beard issues, it is also necessary to tackle them at this stage. The unrefined virgin oil is your best bet for this role. Apply them using the very same steps and procedures outlined above. Pour a little of the oil on your skin and then rub gently to spread out.

After doing this, apply the oil on the beard and then massage thoroughly. Leave the oil to settle for quite some time to let the oil have the maximum impact on your beard and skin. It is also at this stage that you may have to style your beard if you have to.

Step VIII: Put The Final Touches In Place

After you are entirely through with the processes mentioned and outlined above, you should lay the final touches. Comb and brush the beard consistently using the most suitable brush for the job. This shall pull out the dry and brittle hair while at the same time leaving behind healthy hair.

Final Words About How To Use Beard Oil

Finally, we can say that oil is very necessary for grow hair and you must use coconut for the better performance and longer outcome. 

Coconut oil works same as for the acne of human face