Electric Shaver Vs Razor Comparison – Key Differences

If you wonder what man worries about other than choosing the right partner, then the answer would be the constant battle they have about choosing a shaving kit. Electric shaver vs razor: which one to choose?

Dating and shaving kit are more or less similar because unless you get your “the one,” you don’t stop searching for it. Like every other thing in the world, electronic shaver and razor have their own sets of advantages and disadvantages.

So, to clear your confusion for your next shave, we are going to present a brief comparison between electronic shaver and razor. We hope by the end of reading the article, you find your “the one”!

Electric Shaver

The electric shaver is usually renowned as an option that provides men with both flexibility and control equally. The electric shaver has a great feature that offers users to avail different shaving options.

It gives different options to choose rather than going for a completely clean shave. Some may prefer a more chiseled shave. So, next time, if you want to stylize your look, you can go for different options to try on with electric shaver. 

Some suggest that electric shavers are basically the more technologically innovative versions of traditional razors.

With the use of an electric shaver for women, you can easily get a clean shave that is as precise as the regular razors. Nonetheless, an electric shaver is more convenient and efficient in terms of smoothness and performance.

Let's a video for women electric shaver that gives you the right information before buying it. 

Types of Electric Shaver

There are different types of electronic shaver in the market. But, there are two primary types of it, and they are:

  • Rotary Electric Shaver
  • Foil Electric Shaver

The face of the rotary shaver is circular and fat. There are three to four rotating heads on the top of the rotary shaver that circulates when the power is on. It is best suitable for those guys who like to have a thick beard. This shaver helps them to manage their unmanageable beard that grows in different directions.

On the other hand, in foil electric shaver, you can find a thin cover of foil that covers the blades. This cover helps to lift your hair while shaving, and it also gives you a very clear and precise shaving experience as you expect.

Now, let’s look at the pros and cons of electric shaver quickly:


Gives Us Ease and Speed

One of the best advantages of this is it does the regular job very easy. You just have to grab the shaver, set it in automatic cleaning and charge it. You are good to go for the next perfect shave.


As there is the presence of a sharp blade at the traditional shaver, it brings out some risk. On the other hand, an electric shaver provides more comfort, less irritation, and bleeding.


Though the initial purchase may seem pricy, it is a long-term investment for yourself. You can check the Braun shaver for your electric choice.


Less Accurate Than Blade

Electric shaver doesn’t shave as closely as blade does.

It Takes Time to Adapt

For the first time, users may face razor burn or some kind of problems because electric shaver takes time to adapt to your skin type.


When it comes to the more traditional way of shaving, the answer is razors. A huge number of people prefer razors because they are just used to shaving with a razor.

Now, this tool consists of a blade that helps to remove unwanted hair by shaving.

Types of Razors

It has two main categories. Those are-

           1. Disposable Cartridge Razors

           2. Safety Razors

The first one is easily available in supermarkets, and it gives the user different numbers of the blade. There are three and five varieties that are available for the customer.

On the other hand, the safety blade comes with a small device that carries the double-edged blades.

It is often believed that safety razors give customers a superior shaving experience than the disposable razors because sometimes, disposable razors irritate the skin. However, if you use a single-blade razor, then you will have a hard time finding any difference between them.

In comparison, you may find that razors have some benefits over the electric one. As you have more control over the blade, you can decide and control the blade as your preference. Also, it is cheap to buy, as there is no battery or recharging system.

Still confused? Let’s look at the advantages and disadvantages it offers:


Easy to Use

Disposable razors are comparatively easier to use. So, many teenagers learn their first shave with it.

Cleaner Shave

It is no doubt that razors provide a better finishing of the shave. The blades can go very much closer to the hair and cut it cleanly. This provides a smoother texture on the skin.

Easy Replacement

The blades and other equipment of the razor are easily available in the market, and one can replace them with no struggle.

Cost-effective Option

Though the cost can add up in the long run, razors are the cheapest and cost-effective shaving option for all the men around.

Ease of Travelling

As razors come with no additional charging ports and cable. Travelers can easily grab a razor for their entire trip. It is very easy to carry and clean. As this gives a very nice shaving experience, you can easily look good on your travel photos.


Time Consuming

It is more time-consuming than electric shaving options. As it takes more time to groom with shaving creams and other products.

Repeated Replacement of Blade

The blades of the razor become rusty and dull over time, so one has to replace them after 4-5 uses.

Cuts in Facial Areas

As the blades go very close to the hair, it can also cause cutting of the skin and bleeding.

Final Words about Electric Shaver vs Razor

Though we provided all the necessary information about these two, the debate over electric shaver vs razor will still go on for upcoming years to come.

As mentioned, the razor is more of a traditional way of shaving. So, if you can use it carefully and comfortably, then you are good to stick with your favorite one.

On the other hand, those who have decided to make the decision to use electronic shavers; instead, I personally think it is one of the best decisions to make life more convenient.

Wahl Senior vs Oster 76 Hair Clippers: The Difference

You may be familiar with the phrase, “dress to impress rather than to kill.” We often put much emphasis on clothes and forget other things that can add to our look. One such thing that is commonly given less attention is our hair.

Looking neat is always a plus to your look. While many consider being sharp as simply dressing well, we often forget our hair which is certainly crucial.

While many may dispute this, fashion experts will advise that a nicely trimmed or kept hair complements your entire outfit, and in the long run, your general look.

Hence, this article will focus on informing you on two top shaves; the Wahl senior vs Oster 76. Our deep comparison and contrast information for the two will help you get to know which to go for.

Why Oster 76 Is Best for You?

Answering the “why” in many instances eases the tension and you always end up making the right choice. For us, we shall make it much easier and precise.

To begin with, the Oster 76 may be best for you as it comes with a very universal motor that is single powered making it very powerful. Also, it is versatile, as it is best suited for any kind of hair.

Consequently, the machine can shave both dry and wet hair without any difficulties. In addition, it comes with a very long code that helps in easy movement. It is also very durable; thanks to the anti-break housing that makes up the outside.

Importantly, the tool comes with several common requirements for shaving like extra blades, lubricants, shaving cream, blade guards just to mention a few. You are hence going to save a lot as you do not need to spend on extras.

If your choice is another Oster brand then check the Oster Fast Feed for you. 

Why Wahl Senior Is Best for You?

On its part, the Wahl senior electric clippers are another professional tool. The traditional design makes the clippers a want-to-have.

Wahl is attributed to the tapering and fading. Its blades are also adjustable with almost a zero changes overlapping. Consequently, it is also a money saver as it comes with almost all accessories that you will need.

Interestingly, it is very light in weight with a long cord to ensure the minimal limitation and less effort. Again, it is very durable; thanks to the break-resistant outer casing. The bottom part comes coated with an aluminum metal that is stainless.

There is also an electromagnetic motor that is very powerful. It is designed for professional use and can work on almost all types of hair. Amazingly, with all these good qualities, the tool comes at a pocket friendly price.

Here we make another article for you about the Oster fast feed and Wahl senior.

Here a good video for you of Wahl professional senior 8500 hair clipper.

Similarities between These 2 Hair Clippers

Similarity often helps us save. In most cases, the likelihood of famous brands being costly is very high. This is because they have put a price tag on the brand name too. It is hence of the essence to look out at such instances. For the Oster classic 76 vs Wahl senior, there are many common things to note.

For starters, both come with a long code for easy movements and fewer limitations. Secondly, the two are durable; thanks to the anti-breaking outer housing that they come with. In addition, they are light in weight for less effort used to minimize chances of fatigue.

Their motors are very powerful with almost similar voltage. Both clippers come with the necessary accessories needed for shaving. Also, they can be suitable for any kind of hair. The adjustable blade feature ensures that there is no likelihood of overlapping.

The blades also come with a blade guard to limit chances of damaging them or even yourself. These two clippers blades are also detachable, which ensure proper cleaning of the machine.

Last but not least, the manufacturers of the two have provided them in a number of colors to ensure you have a variety to choose from.

Differences: Wahl Senior vs Oster 76

For you to be able to make the right decision on which clipper suits you, the differences are also essential to note. There are, however, key features that distinguish the two clippers. Here are some of the differences to note;

Motor Speed

The Wahl comes with a v9000 motor. This means that it is likely to offer you more working speed compared to the Oster 76, which has a single speed motor.

However, the Oster manufacturers have patented it to make it spin against the comb head. This gives it more room to spin much faster hence make the clipper match the high performers in the market.


Compared to the Oster 76, the Wahl Senior comes with more options in terms of accessories. With the Oster, you will have to spend extra on taper levels, and several other lubricants that you will get in the Wahl Senior.

Again, the accessories in the Wahl are well packaged in a pack with sectioned parts for each. This makes the look neat.


For design, the Oster is a bit advanced compared to the Wahl. For starters, the Oster 76 comes with an ergonomic design which ensures that you experience almost no fatigue. Consequently, its housing is textured to ensure you have the right grip for a smooth and precise cut. Importantly, it is small to fit perfectly on your palm.

Although Wahl Senior comes with slightly similar features, they do not match those of the Oster, and it is much bigger to perfectly fit. It is suitable for people with big hands.


The Wahl vibrates more with roar sounds. On the flip side, the Oster 76 is much noisier. However, most expert’s advice is; it is normal for the Oster to be loud considering that it quite powerful.

Motor Type

The Oster motor is universal while the Senior comes with an electric shunt one. Despite the differences, however, both work perfectly to the task they take.


The Wahl Senior tends to overheat a lot due to the high SPM run of close to 9000. On the other side, the Oster 76 though loud, it does not overheat. Instead, it remains cool but very noisy.

Final Words and Recommendation

From the similarities and the differences, I am certain that it is quite clear for you to choose the right kind of tool.

Remember, when comparing Wahl senior vs Oster 76, you need to understand that the Wahl Senior premium is designed for professionals use mainly while the Oster 76 offers a more versatile design that is not limited to just professionals.

Go for what suits the ideal work you would want to undertake. Otherwise, any of the two will definitely not disappoint.

Conair Vs Revlon Hair Dryer

To enable you to make the most appropriate purchasing decision, you have to know just how two of the major brands compare. In this section, we are going to compare and contrast the Conair vs Revlon hair dryer brands for your consideration.

We are going to look at how they measure up in terms of the various parameters which define a good hair dryer. This we hope shall grant you the head start you badly require to be able to do a good and informed purchasing decision.

For more about these two brand can check the hair dryer list

Comparison Between The Conair and Revlon Brands

Below our expert team produce a lot of features that may help you to understand the comparison between these two hair dryer machines. 

Heating Technology

This refers to the mechanism by which they generate the required heat energy. The Conair exudes heat in the form of the Ceramic Technology. This gives off uniform heat which in turn allow for faster drying outcomes. At the same time, it poses limited damage to your hair.

The Revlon brand, however, makes use of Infrared Heating Technology. This technology produces too much heat which similarly delivers great outcomes. The hair appears shinier and greater to behold. However, the heat output is so hot as to inflict dryness on your hair.


The Conair brand is for the experienced and more endowed users. That is because it is only intended for those professional applications regardless of where exactly you might want to utilize them. You want to stay away from it if you lack the necessary skill.

As for the Revlon brands, their use and applications require no expertise at all. That is because they are intended for the starters who might never even possess any prior experience. You just have to refer to the manual if you are uncertain of your way forward.


As has already been hinted, the Conair brand of hair dryers is mainly suited for professional applications. This is regardless of where exactly you might prefer utilizing them. They are hence great for use in the salon environment as that is where those professional outcomes are necessary.

If all you want is to undertake the simple day-to-day applications, you have the Revlon brands for your use. Being simple and straightforward, it will certainly do you some good in the process of so doing. You also won’t have to possess too much skill.


Versatility is the sum total tasks and chores that these dyers can perform. All factors considered, the Conair brand of hair dryers is more versatile than the Revlon counterpart. This is evidenced by the number of attachments they can pair and communicate with.

It hence follows that your purchase of this brand will guarantee you some unconstrained convenience not to mention higher value for money. What’s more? It is also possible for you to handle all of your hair-related needs at a time.

Energy Rating

By being able to discharge a whopping 1875W of electrical power output, the Conair brand is the more powerful of the two appliances. However, their energy consumption is above average. This translates to higher utility bills on your part.

The Revlon brand consumes limited energy but at the same time yields low power output. You should hence strike a balance between these two parameters as you look for your dryer of choice. The thickness of your hair matters most.

Control Settings

To be able to handle these appliances accordingly, you will have to engage some controls here and there. These controls vary in sophistication and also call for different levels of expertise to engage. By all accounts, the Conair brand of appliances is the more complicated of the two.

This brand has 3-heat, 2-speed settings, true cold shot button, and Rocker switches toggle. The Revlon brand, on the other hand, possesses the 2-heat, 2-speed settings, and the cool shot button only.

Drying Times

With the Conair brands, your drying times stands to be a whopping 50% faster. That is explainable due to the high heat output which takes shorter to bring about the desired outcomes. You will not have to wait for too long to enjoy the accompanying benefit.

Given the longer drying time of the Revlon brand, be prepared to stay on for quite some time. This is not so great because the longer you stay, the more exposure shall there be between your hair and the heating element of the dryer.

Final Thought About Conair vs Revlon Hair Dryer

When the two brands are objectively evaluated, the Conair clearly stands out as the better of the two. It may be expensive and complicated, granted. However, the outcomes are indeed very great. If I were the one searching for the right appliance, I would definitely give it a topmost priority.

Having done a good job in letting you know about the differences between these two appliances, we leave it up to you to now purchase your most desirable one. Drag not your feet because the longer you wait the more you will delay accruing the benefits they bring along.

How To Dye Men’s Hair At Home In Easy Steps

Are you wants to be a smart? You need a new look with different styles.

So, here you get the idea after reading this guide.

But the question how to dye hair men and the easy techniques.

Tools and Materials Required

  • 30% volume developer
  • Powdered bleach
  • Application brush
  • Purple shampoo
  • Gloves
  • Mixing bowl
  • Spatula

Step By Step Procedure

Follow the procedures below on how to dye your hair with professional products:

Step I: Prepare The Various Ingredients

Definitely, you have to start out with the preparation of the various ingredients. Before commencing on this exercise, you have to gather all the ingredients and the tools you will need. After that, you will have to put on a pair of gloves. Then, follow the procedures outlined below:

  • Pour some water in a bowl
  • Mix all the ingredients stated above
  • Stir thoroughly using a spatula until smooth and consistent texture is generated
  • Leave the ingredients undisturbed for some time
  • You are now good to go!

PS: The exact procedure may vary from one dye to another. You have to read through the instructions contained on the label of the dye before doing this. You will also have to rely heavily on the mixing hair color chart for proper outcomes.

Step II: Put On Some Protective Gears

After you have mixed the dye, you now have to prepare your body for the eventual process of applying it on your hair. Put on an apron atop your shirt. In case you do not have it, you may also put on an old t-shirt or dirty clothes which are awaiting laundry.

This is necessary to catch the spills of the bleaches. These, when left unhandled, may often spoil your decent clothes and even inflict some permanent bleachers. Take particular care of the neck region as this is the most vulnerable of the entire body.

Step III: Apply The Dye On Your Hair

This is the crux of the dying process. Apply the dye on your hair. Start out at the tips of the hair down to the roots. See to it that you miss not out of any sections. Vary the amount accordingly depending on the thickness of the hair. Thicker hair requires more of the dye while thinner hair, less of it.

While so doing, check out for any breakages or issues which might require special attention. Multiple bleaching may be needful if the hair is thicker or require some special attention. Leave the hair untouched for some two hours or so. This is to let the dye sink deeper into each strand and fiber of the hair.

Step IV: Shampoo The Hair

After the expiration of the two-hour timeframe, you now have to shampoo the hair. This procedure is needful as it rids your hair of all the bleach. Leaving the bleach on the hair might damage your scalp, break the hair, and also soil your garments and pillows.

Pour some generous amounts of the shampoo on the palm of your hands. Rub the shampoo onto your palms to spread them. Then, apply the shampoo on your hair. Rub thoroughly to impact every length and breadth of the hair. Wash using some clean water to rid the hair of all the shampoo. Dry your hair using some clean towel to rid it of the last trace of shampoo.

Step V: Tone The Hair

You would definitely want your hair to look shinier and healthier. The toner shall come in handy at such a time. Mix your favorite tone with the developer. Apply it to the entire head and strand of the hair. Rub thoroughly to ensure that every strand is impacted for maximum outcomes.

To see to it that you obtain the outcomes that are desirable, comb your hair thoroughly. Thereafter, apply more of the toner and then brush again. Look at the mirror as you do this to ensure that only the best outcomes are achievable at any given time.

Step VI: Deal With Any Issues

Perhaps there is no better time to deal with other issues which your hair or face might be confronting. In particular, look out for any hair breakages, skin issues, pimples, and other problems which might require your intervention at this stage.

The exact course of action to take depends exactly on the issue which you will have identified. If it is a skin breakage, handle it as per the problem at hand. If the hair is broken, you might repair it by bringing in an expert and so on.

Step VII: Style The Hair

Lastly, you have to style your hair accordingly. This is especially essential if you are a lover of styles or a woman worth her salt. The choice of the style is largely left to your discretion. This is to mean that it is you to determine which kind of style you desire.

Needless to say, the choice of the style determines the procedure you have to follow to actualize it. You, therefore, have to find out the procedures applicable to your unique circumstance and then adhere to it fully.

Generally speaking though, you will usually require a mirror, a comb, and a brush. The exercise is also meticulous. As such, you will have to put in much attention and focus to be able to come up with the right outcomes.

Final Thought About How To Dye Men's Hair

After reading the article I think you already known the process of How To Dye Hair Men. Though the steps are fully applicable for the men but a little bit is applicable for the women. They have long hair and it may be plain or curly and it must take some other styles with colors. 

If you've need any hair dryer so check the contents that will help you.

How To Use Coconut Oil For Acne Scars

To get exact result you must follow the rules of how to use coconut oil for acne scars. People who have the acne must use coconut oil for better result. 

You've to follow the following guidelines:

Wash your face first then use 1/4th tea spoon coconut oil or see the manual or your doctors prescription. Moreover, the coconut oil gives you natural moisture and you'll be benefited day after day.

Please read the step by step guidelines below.

Tools and Materials Required

  • Towel
  • Mirror
  • Coconut oil
  • Essential oils
  • Steam faucets

Step By Step Procedure

The discussions below pertain to how to use coconut oil for acne scars:

Step I: Exfoliate the skin

It is necessary to start off by exfoliating the skin. This is to get rid of any hardened dirt and debris which might compromise the efficacy of the coconut oil. The facial scrub is, by all means, the most reliable tool for the accomplishment of this job.

Wash your face with water only. Go ahead to apply some generous amounts of the scrub on your face or skin. Leave it to settle for around 5 minutes or so. The scrub shall harden within the pores.

Thereafter, scrub the face thoroughly using your bare hands. This shall remove the hardened dirt and also open up the sweat pores.

Step II: Steam Your Face

Begin the entire process by steaming your face. This is to soften the skin around your face and to open up the seat pores. At the same time, steaming also gets rid of the debris that may have settled and hardened in the pores to let the sweat flow out unhindered.

First and foremost, you might consider shaving your beard and face for the sake of faster penetration of the steam. Follow this by getting rid of any makeup which might slow down the absorption of the steam by the skin.

Ideally, you require a steam faucet to do this. However, it might not always be that this jet is available. You may hence consider making use of a towel as an alternative. Drape the damp towel over your shoulders and head. This shall create some humidity tent of some kind.

Leave the towel draped over your head for a certain duration of time. Thereafter, lean over the bowl that contains steamy water for quite some time. Remove the towel and then leave your skin to dry naturally, without the use of a towel.

Step III: Apply The Coconut Oil Onto The Skin

You now have to proceed to apply the coconut oil for acne scars onto the skin. For this role, you will have to pour some coconut oil onto the teaspoon. Thereafter, apply this oil onto your face’s skin and then spread it using the palm of your hands in a circular motion.

If you so wish, you might also incorporate some essential oils which fight acne like the clary sage, juniper berry, lavender, and tea tree. These will generally expedite the process of combating acne not to mention that they also minimize the side effects of the coconut oil.

After applying the coconut oil and the attendant essential oils, you ought to leave them intact on your skin for some time. This is to let them settle into the skin and allow for proper interactions with and impacting of the acne scars.

Lastly, you have to massage the coconut oil and the other essential oils which you will have applied to your skin. Do this to all the areas that might be impacted by the acne. These include but certainly not limited to the chin, nose, cheeks, forehead, and the neck region. Leave for some time yet again to settle.

Step IV: Place A Facecloth Atop Your Face For Some Time

Now that you have already rubbed the oils on your face, you have to remove them. You will have to make use of a facecloth to do this. Soak a facecloth in some hot water. Leave it soaked for around 1 or 2 minutes.

At the expiration of the two minutes, remove the cloth, wring it, and then place it on top of your face for around a minute. The purpose of this is to let the hot water suck out the oils and in so doing, expedite their removal altogether.

You might have to repeat the procedure a couple of times for complete outcomes. Do this especially if the amount of the oils you applied were too many. You do not want to leave behind any trace of oil on your face, do you?

Step V: Soak Up Excess Coconut Oils

Chances are that even after the step above, some traces of the oils you will have applied on your skin may still persist. You want to get rid of such oil as well. To do this, use some facecloth in order to soak up any extra coconut oil and its use.

In case your skin feels rather oily, you might have to splash some lukewarm water on the face. Wash the face using some facial cleanser and mild soap. Alternatively, if you can afford a shower gel, by all means, make use of it as it is great at ridding your skin of any oils. Once you are through, pat your face dry using some clean towel.

Final Words-Wrapping It Up

Those have beard in their face, can also use this coconut oil. The natural product will help you to get the smart look along with smooth face. 

If you have any acne in your face, for trimming your beard you must select the best beard trimmer otherwise it may cause to happen destroy your valuable skin.